The Templar Greed Middle Ages. Holy Land. 1153 The troops of the kingdom of Jerusalem besieged the city of Ascalon, which the Saracens stubbornly hold. And the city would have been captured, if not for the greed and greed of the Knights Templar. Near..

12 quotes from movies Eldar Ryazanov 04.12.15 Yes Yes. You are not mistaken. It is "New Blood". The American FOX channel has just ordered a script for a new series about the son of the famous John Rambo (I never knew that Rare photos..

Top 7 events of the Volga Federal District in August 2018 1. Release of Mikhail Babich from the post of plenipotentiary in the Volga Federal District. 2. The arrest of the mayor of Orenburg, Evgeny Arapov. 3. The arrest of the vice-mayor of Yoshkar-Ola..

Embassy Compound on Ilyinka, 8 - Volga-Kama Bank Back in the seventeenth century, the territory between Rybny Lane and the church in the name of Dmitry Solunsky, where today stands the building on Ilyinka Street, 8, p. in which all the ambassadors who arrived..

Extraction and import of oil in the USA for 100 years Since January 1920, the United States produced 214 billion barrels of oil on its territory. For comparison, the current global demand is about 34 billion barrels per year, and the leading countries in..

Love is an extremely subjective feeling and notion, but anyone who is in his network can confidently say that there is nothing more beautiful and desirable in the world. However, how not to be mistaken in their feelings and recognize the first "symptoms" of..

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