03/18/18. Results Vologda

We continue to compare the results of the presidential elections in the regions. Today we consider the Vologda region.
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On the territory of the region 626363 people participated in the elections, or 66.14% of the total number of voters. Turnout has increased since the last campaign. In percentage terms, the increase was 4.52%, in absolute terms - 17,768 people, or 2.92% compared to 2012. It should be noted that this growth took place against the background of a decrease in the list number of voters in the region: in 6 years there were less by 40,508 people, or 4.10%.
Experts from the Vologda region took part in our election special project “Election of the President of Russia 2018. Voting on March 18”, but could not predict what the turnout would be in the region. Recall that we selected 50 regions with the largest number of voters. In each of them, three experts were interviewed twice (in February and March). Based on their opinions, a consensus forecast was developed for the turnout in a particular region. For the Vologda region, these forecasts amounted to 58% in February and 55% in March. As you can see, the difference is significant.
Against the background of data on voter turnout in the presidential elections of previous years, the received turnout looks quite traditional.For comparison: in 2004, 62.40% of voters came to the polling stations, in 2008 - 66.86% and in 2012 - 61.63%. Those. turnout in the area continues to be maintained in the same range of 62-67%.
Presidential candidates in the Vologda region showed the following results: Vladimir Putin - 72.41%, Pavel Grudinin - 12.08%, Vladimir Zhirinovsky - 8.71%, Ksenia Sobchak - 2.13%, Grigory Yavlinsky - 1.28%, Boris Titov - 0.85%, Sergey Baburin - 0.83%, Maxim Suraikin - 0.73%. All figures are quite expected and do not differ much from the results of elections in other regions of the North-West.
The final percentage of the votes for Vladimir Putin is typical enough for the level of support for "Kremlin candidates" by the residents of the region: in 2004 and 2012, the incumbent president scored 75.77% and 59.44%, respectively, in 2008, Dmitry Medvedev was 68 , 64%.
The representatives of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Liberal Democratic Party have different voter support dynamics. Vladimir Zhirinovsky added a bit (in 2012, he was 8.13%), while Pavel Grudinin had a relatively small “subsidence” compared to the result of Gennady Zyuganov six years ago (15.35%).
Summing up the results of the campaign, the Chairman of the Vologda Oblast Election Commission Denis Zaitsev noted: “The elections in the Vologda Oblast took place.The company was held in a good mood, we see this because of the high activity of the population, which is very pleasing. During the elections, we didn’t have any excesses or abnormal situations, all the services — the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Emergencies Ministry, and the precinct and territorial election commissions — worked very well, and no violations were found on the territory of the Vologda Oblast. Yes, there were appeals, the hotline telephone worked almost around the clock, but all the issues were resolved. We coped with the tasks. And the most important of them is the holding of open, legitimate elections in accordance with the law. "
The head of the region, Oleg Kuvshinnikov, was also pleased with the way the elections took place: “I am completely satisfied with the election results. <...> The regional election commission, territorial and divisional commissions worked perfectly. Thanks to smooth and efficient cooperation, the voting day passed without failures level. "
The election results are assessed by Mikhail Nozdrachev, a deputy of the Vologda City Duma: “We have a rather inert, stable region. Therefore, the presidential election was calm and standard. The turnout was good.Special scandals or pronounced excesses were not. Of course, the turnout was raised in all ways permitted by law, called for state employees. <...> There were no scandals connected with bribery, non-admission, any kind of prohibitions. As elsewhere, there was a ban on holding public events by alternative candidates. This is probably the only obstacle to this election. Basically everything went well. "
Political analyst Sergei Zelenin also spoke positively about the level of organization of the elections: "I watched these elections personally, because I was a member of the precinct election commission at that time. I think the election organizers managed to achieve their goals. There were a lot of people, they went to the polls with pleasure. ...> There were a lot of people who used the voting service at the place of stay. I believe that voting day really became a holiday. "
Well, something like this.
The full version of the material with detailed comments of experts can be read here.
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