$ 135,000 per trip or plane gourmet hotel

Would you give 8 million rubles for a 23-day world tour?
If you have a few extra millions, there is a cool way to spend them.
Plane hotel, which carries around the world.
Jet linerFour Seasons Private Jet- This is an ultra-modern Boeing 757 for those who love to travel with luxury, and this is also the world's first plane-class hotel.
It was designed so that travelers could enjoy the flight no less than their destination. And just take a ticket and fly from one city of the world to another will not work - only a tour of the full program and not for the poor.
What includes and how much it costs to travel to the Four Seasons Private Jet

The upgraded aircraft is equipped with handmade leather seats with tablets and Wi-Fi.

Passengers can order special spa treatments and special menus. Their services - personal concierge and photographer.

The International Guest Services Manager is always in touch before, during and after the trip,to help with any tourist requests: from booking spa treatments in the Maldives and drinking tea in Hawaii to choosing souvenirs in Thailand.

The on-board Four Seasons Concierge helps personalize the itinerary and plan private excursions, and the concierge team of each hotel and resort, from Bora Bora to Beijing, provides the same round-the-clock service on the ground.

In the plane can travel up to 52 people.

Haute cuisine, national cuisine delights, specialties of the company - it's all run by the permanent chef Four Seasons Private Jet Kerry Sira.

He owns innovative aviamenyu, based on only fresh local products delivered on board throughout the trip.

In addition, each meal necessarily takes into account individual preferences and dietary restrictions of guests. “The only real difference from a regular restaurant is that sometimes during turbulence we have to literally juggle in order not to drop the prepared dish,” he says.

In collaboration with the Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, a private airliner offers gourmet itineraries - Culinary Discoveries.For example, as part of the May tour, the guests were introduced to the culinary traditions of cities in Asia and Europe, the journey took place along the route: Seoul - Tokyo - Hong Kong - Chiang Mai - Mumbai - Florence - Lisbon - Copenhagen - Paris.

Another spring journey of Global Getaway, including the futuristic gardens of Singapore, Samui Island in the Gulf of Thailand, the Formula 1 Grand Prix race, was held in the cities: Singapore - Koh Samui - Dubai - Budapest - Nice - Lisbon - Nevis - Bogota - Miami .

During the current International Intrigue tour in September, Four Seasons customers also visited the northern capital of Russia, following the route: Seattle - Kyoto - Beijing - Maldives - Serengeti - Budapest - St. Petersburg - Marrakesh - Boston. The program includes a balloon flight over savanna, meditation on the top of a hill in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and a gala dinner at the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest. In St. Petersburg, they were given a private tour of the Hermitage, a visit to the Faberge Museum, a private tour of the Russian Academy of Ballet. Vaganova ...

The duration of each tour is 23 days.
The cost is $ 135,000 per person.
By the way, my last year round-the-world tour of the same duration cost about 500 thousand rubles.

Four Seasons Private Jet is owned by the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts hotel chain, and made its first flight in 2015. It is not so easy to see it, since landings take place at small civil airports, avoiding megababs as much as possible.

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