52 Moscow City Hospital: departments, doctors, address, how to get there and patient reviews

In the event of various accidents, doctors know that in the 52 Moscow City Hospital patients will be able to provide highly skilled care as soon as possible. The state-of-the-art equipment, experienced specialists, the latest medical developments, which make it possible to cure even the most complex diseases - all this gives an excuse to turn here in case of health problems.

52 city hospital department

How did one of the best clinics of the capital?

For Moscow, the city clinical hospital 52 was a real rescue in the mid-1950s, its opening coincided with a period of active scientific research in the field of nephrology. At that time, kidney diseases were very poorly studied, so special wards soon appeared in the medical institution, where patients with similar pathologies were examined and tried to provide them with the most comfortable and convenient treatment.

The efforts of doctors were not in vain, in the mid-1960s their development and discovery were actively used in the formation of the general nephrological service of the USSR, which was tasked with significantly reducing the incidence of this type. Even in the crisis years of the nineties, the hospital worked steadily, it even began to keep special lists of residents of the capital suffering from renal disorders. Since then, local doctors have been constantly analyzing the situation in the city in order to understand whether all of its residents can get timely help with a sharp exacerbation of various diseases.

In the late 1990s, 52 city hospitals acquired their own intensive care unit, where doctors daily save the lives of dozens of nephrological patients. Specialists working here are constantly looking for new medical techniques that make life easier even for patients whose diseases are considered to be hopeless. Today, a medical institution is the basis for many research institutes, which allows physicians to significantly reduce the time to create drugs.

Why should kidney problems be addressed here?

As of August 2018, there are more than 30 branches in the city’s 52 hospital, all of which are part of the larger entities - services. The most popular of them is nephrology, it consists of five divisions, in which work is done daily on the diagnosis of pathologies and the development of treatment plans; with its help, doctors manage to help a huge number of patients. Transplantation of the kidneys and carrying out supporting immunotherapy are common here, so there is no need to be afraid of these operations - local doctors have “filled their hands” in their conduct for a long time.

52 city hospital Moscow

It is worth noting that only in this hospital treatment of the kidneys that have been transplanted from a donor to another person is carried out, such medical service cannot be obtained in Moscow anymore. Due to the large amount of experience with local doctors and state-of-the-art equipment, it is possible to establish the correct diagnosis, diagnose and prescribe the correct treatment in the shortest possible time.

One of the departments of the 52nd Moscow City Hospital is actively developing innovative methods of treating diseases in transplanted kidneys.In parallel with this, in a medical institution there is a division where patients with acute manifestations of renal pathologies enter. Quite often, patients from especially severe cases are transported here from other clinics, since only here is there the possibility of providing comprehensive care and treatment.

What help can HIV-infected patients provide here?

Since Moscow's 52 city hospital is the flagship in the treatment of various diseases, the most modern medical equipment is supplied here. Thanks to this, it became possible to open its own hemodialysis department, where up to 250 people receive highly qualified assistance every day. Quite often, patients with human immunodeficiency virus are treated here, because this disease affects the renal system in 80% of cases.

Great attention is paid to patients with hypertension, especially in uncontrolled cases. Almost all patients in the hemodialysis unit have a severely disturbed metabolism, which is why doctors try to help them with phosphate and calcium therapy.In most cases, patients are allowed to be treated on an outpatient basis, but if an emergency situation arises, each of them can be hospitalized for treatment and to save life.

Is it possible to get the services of a gynecologist?

Quite often, future moms who have no idea how to act in this or that situation seek help from the city clinical hospital 52. There is also the possibility of hospitalization in the event of a clear life threat to the mother and her baby. LCD at the hospital has its own diagnostic laboratory, a school for future mothers, as well as a major scientific base, which allows to identify the causes of miscarriages, various problems during pregnancy, as well as infertility.

52 city hospital of Moscow

For primary care, it is enough to have a passport and a medical policy. Each patient has the opportunity to choose the attending physician, this choice is made by agreement with the head of the unit. If you want to attach to this medical institution, in addition to the above documents, you will need to provide SNILS.The card, which contains all the data on the patient's state of health, is kept in electronic form and can be issued to her on demand.

Separately, chronic diseases are considered here, which tend to worsen at the most inopportune moment and cause tremendous discomfort to both the mother and the child. If the patient’s condition is worried about her attending physician, he will hospitalize her without any hesitation until her future mother’s state of health returns to normal. In this regard, the doctors here are merciless, it is useless to ask them to postpone, because they are responsible for the life of the mother and her baby.

What other questions you can contact the clinic?

All 52 services existing in the Moscow City Hospital are focused on providing the highest quality medical services. As of August 2018, there are only 7 of them: general, surgical, therapeutic, admission department, consultative-diagnostic, nephrology, as well as the department of female consultation. Specialists from various fields work in the institution: resuscitators, hematologists, allergists, rheumatologists, etc.

52 city hospital patient reviews

At the hospital there is even its own pharmacological department, where the development of new medical preparations is actively underway. Quite often here appear experimental techniques that are used in the treatment of patients with rare or very neglected diseases. A part of the specialists of the unit monitors the physiological conditions of the patients, and is a kind of supporting link for physicians who save lives every day.

Who do patients trust in taking care of their health?

The city hospital number 52 acquired at its opening in 1955, and since then its name, like the high quality of treatment, has not changed. When recruiting staff, the management of a medical institution pays special attention to its qualifications, since it is often the life of the patient that depends on it. As of 2018, more than 2 thousand specialists work here, of which about a third have a qualification category, and one tenth have academic titles.

Special responsibility for the condition of the patients is borne by the doctors of the emergency room, on whom the initial diagnosis and further distribution to other departments of the hospital depends. Therapist F. Yu. Has been working here for over 25 years.Sadykkhodjaeva, who has helped thousands of patients during this time, it is to her that all the most difficult cases fall, and less experienced colleagues and representatives of the junior medical staff often come for advice.

52 city hospital reviews

The nephrology service of the 52nd Moscow City Hospital is a special pride of the medical institution. An experienced head of the first department - L. Yu. Artyukhina, who holds a position for more than 10 years, has the title of candidate of medical sciences, as well as the highest category. She owns a large number of new methods of treating patients in need of kidney transplantation, Lyudmila Yuryevna constantly takes part in Russian international congresses related to the state of modern nephrology, therefore she is aware of all the new products and actively shares them with her colleagues and subordinates.

The second department for more than 7 years has been headed by N. F. Frolova - Candidate of Medical Sciences, a nephrologist of the highest category. Nadia Fyatovna is actively involved in scientific research, in 2012 the metropolitan government awarded her the “Nephrologist of the Year” award for outstanding achievements in the field of health.Specialists of this department are constantly undergoing additional training in order to keep abreast of all modern discoveries in their field and be able to use them in practice.

Special attention is given to the division, where doctors have to work with allergies and various immunity disorders. It is headed by D.S. Fomina, who graduated from Kazan Medical University, but in 2010 moved to Moscow, the city clinical hospital 52 became for her a platform for conducting various medical studies. Today Daria Sergeevna is a member of the European and Russian academies involved in allergology and immunology. Thanks to her publications in foreign periodicals, we learned about the medical institution and its employees all over the world.

Why do patients recommend the hospital to their friends?

The city clinical hospital 52 annually serves more than 90 thousand people, most of whom are satisfied with the help provided. Local doctors, according to patients, have a huge amount of knowledge that allows them to establish the diagnosis as soon as possible and prescribe the correct treatment.Special thanks to those who have ever been treated in this medical institution, express the nursing staff who are most involved in the life of their wards and seeks to facilitate it during the period of stay in the hospital.

Comfortable atmosphere, psychological support, timely treatment - all this is the reasons why patients recommend this medical institution to friends and relatives. Quite often, patients experience post-traumatic syndrome, with which a professional psychologist on the staff of an institution helps them cope. The large amount of experience gained by the doctors also makes it possible to expect that high-quality operations are performed here, after which the patient can return to the former rhythm of life in the shortest possible time.

Patients undergoing treatment here can at any time obtain the necessary documentation: prescriptions, extracts, as well as detailed data on their own health. Medical courses used by doctors undergo approbation and certification, thanks to which one can count on a successful recovery.For children in need of treatment, teachers work here who teach for them and help them not to launch school material that can accumulate in large numbers during the absence of students.

What can be improved?

According to some patients, there are too many intern practitioners in 52 city hospitals, making it difficult to make a timely diagnosis. Acting professionals have to re-examine work and spend extra time to prescribe treatment. In addition, the medical facility is rather inconveniently distributed among the buildings, which are located at a distance from each other. Some patients have to move between them only by their own car or taxi, because their health does not allow using public transport.

Repeatedly, patients complained about the long wait for help with admission to a medical institution, according to them, doctors are not particularly in a hurry to receive. However, it is worth noting that quite a lot of patients come here every day, but there are often not enough specialists, therefore, there is a queue, first in the emergency departments and then in other departments of the institution.

The shortage of specialists is one of the main reasons for the negativity associated with the 52 city hospital; in a review, patients note that they have to make an appointment in a few weeks. Quite often, patients cancel their own records, so you need to periodically “monitor” the queue to the specialist you need, which also adds trouble. It is worth noting that the management of the medical institution listens to reviews of patients and tries to correct all the shortcomings as far as possible.

Where is the clinic?

52 city hospital building

If you are going to go to the Moscow City Hospital 52 for treatment, the address of the medical institution and the ward in which you will be staying is better to specify in advance. The emergency department is located at Infantry, 3, building 4, where you can receive medical care around the clock, it is there that patients with the most severe exacerbations of nephrological diseases often arrive.

The availability of even minimal information about 52 city hospitals - addresses, enough to form a route to the medical institution. If you are traveling by public transport, keep in mind - you cannot do without transplants.First you need to use the metropolitan metro, trains will take you to the station "October field", then you will need to go outside and find the same name stop. Bus routes №100, 105, 253 will take you to the stop "52 city hospital", you can also use the routes of buses №681 and 800. However, they run irregularly.

It will be quite difficult for those who are restricted in movement due to illness to get to the 52nd city hospital, how to get to it by car will not be out of place. As a guideline, you can consider Academician Kurchatov Square, from which you will need to continue on Marshal Biryuzov Street towards Alabyan Street, go to the 3rd Volokolamsky Passage, and turn onto it. Near the hospital there is a large number of parking spaces where you can leave the vehicle. If you find it difficult to drive, it is best to take a taxi.

52 city hospital: how to get in another way?

To get to a medical facility, you can first get to the metro station "Schukinskaya", and already there you can transfer to the above mentioned bus routes.This option is suitable for travel card holders with the possibility of transfers. If you feel relatively well, you can go on foot from Schukinskaya across Kurchatov Square, it will take you about 30 minutes to overcome this route. When you know the address of Moscow City Hospital 52, it becomes much easier to get to it. For those who like to travel on foot, there is another option - a trip through the ISC to Panfilovskaya, and from there you can walk to the building of a medical institution. To overcome the route will take about 25 minutes calm step.

It should also be borne in mind that some units of the clinic may be located at a considerable distance from the main building. In particular, we are talking about female consultation 52 city hospital in Moscow, the address of its location - st. Shturvalnaya, 7, building 1. You can reach it as follows: take the metro to Skhodnenskaya station, then go along Khimki Boulevard towards Svoboda Street, and opposite the Kaleidoscope shopping and entertainment center turn to the desired street. The entire route will take about 15-20 minutes in a slow pace.

How to get to the maternity hospital?

The place where little Muscovites are born is one of the most sought-after at the 52nd city hospital, its address is ul. Pine, 11. It is relatively close to the main premises of the medical institution, you can get there using bus routes No. 105 and 800 from the Oktyabrskoe Pole metro station, you can get off at the stops at 1st Infantry Lane or Kindergarten, the first of them runs frequently, but the second sometimes has to wait for 15-20 minutes.

City Clinical Hospital 52

Please note - public transport often runs here only in the morning and evening “peak” hours, the rest of the time, on many routes there are intervals of 15-20 minutes. You can use the taxi service, but it can fly into a pretty penny, especially in those cases when you need to get to the opposite side of the city.

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