A telegram is what is it?

Modern technologies allow you to transmit any information quickly and efficiently, so the telephone message is not the most popular type of message today. Nevertheless, this method of informing is still relevant. For what purpose is the telephone message? How to receive and arrange such a telephone message?

What it is?

What is a telephone message? This is a method of prompt transmission of a service message by telephone. How does this method of informing differ from a simple telephone call? First of all, the fact that the reception and transmission, as well as further storage should be properly documented and registered. Only in this case the message can be considered a telephone message and have legal force.

phone message is

The information that a telephone message can contain is a notice, a business message or an order from the management (higher organization). The possibility of notification in this way is fixed not only in the rules (instructions) of the enterprise’s document flow, but also in the legislative acts regulating the procedure for legal proceedings (the agroindustrial complex and the civil procedure code of the Russian Federation).Thus, a telephone message is not just a conversation, but a brief and extremely accessible form of transmission of service information.

What information can I send by telephone?

As a rule, with the help of a telephone message it is customary to transmit information and inquiries necessary for a quick resolution of production issues and organization of the labor process:

  • Information about the appointment, cancellation, postponement of the time and date of the event. This category includes notification of the place and time of the court hearing, provided for by procedural rules.
  • Requests for the urgent provision of information, reporting and so on.
  • Invitations to events: meetings, conferences, methodical associations and so on.

telephone message design

  • Requests and proposals to delegate representatives of the organization on business trips, to field work.
  • Summary reports, research results, surveys and more.

How to send a phone message?

How to send a phone call notification? Preparation and transfer of information in this way includes the following steps:

  • Preparation of a draft. You will need to write the text of the future telephone message.It should be written in an accessible, concise language, avoiding complex, slang or obviously common verbal expressions, ambiguities, difficult to pronounce phrases. The volume of the text should not contain more than 50 words. If necessary, the telephone message is agreed with the person on whose behalf the information is transmitted.
  • A telephone message is issued in accordance with the rules of document circulation established in the organization: on paper with the assignment of a date and an ordinal individual number. The person on whose behalf the message is being sent should read and sign the telephone message.
  • In a situation when the message is sent to several subscribers, in addition to the telephone message, a list-application is made with the name and telephone number of each organization.

telephone notification

  • The telephone message is registered in a special journal (if such is kept in the organization) or outgoing correspondence.
  • Transfer of the telephone message: to call the subscriber, to ask to receive a telephone message, to report the full name. and their position and the person on whose behalf the information is transmitted, your phone number.
  • Clearly and legibly dictate the text of the telephone message. Ask the subscriber to re-read the recorded to avoid errors in transmission.
  • Find out and record the incoming number, under which the telephone message is registered in the organization of the subscriber.

How to take?

How is the telephone message received? This process includes the verbatim recording of the message, the subsequent design and registration in accordance with the rules in effect in the organization, as well as the prompt transfer of the received message to the work.

  • Having received a request by telephone to accept a telephone message, first of all, it will be necessary to make a draft, that is, literally, write down or type the transmitted text on a computer.
  • Verify the correctness of the recorded message, that is, re-read the text to the employee transmitting the telephone message.
  • To find out from the caller the full name, the position of the person on whose behalf the message is transmitted, the outgoing number under which the telephone message is registered and information about the employee transmitting the information (position and name
  • Report the incoming number, under which the telephone message is registered in the host organization, as well as the position and full name employee who received the phone message.
  • After that, it is necessary to arrange the received information in the form of a document and register (an example of a telephone message is shown below).

telephone message sample

General requirements for registration

Currently, there are only recommendations on how to arrange a telephone message, so the rules for the transfer and reception of a telephone message are established by the instruction on records management adopted in the organization. There are general requirements according to which the telephone message should be written:

  • The received message is issued either on a separate blank sheet, or on a special form approved by the organization. It is allowed to have in the host organization approved by the instruction "Telephone reception log", containing sections for recording all the necessary details of this type of information. The telephone message itself is entered directly into the journal, a sample of which can be seen in the article, while no additional design in the form of a form is required.
  • The legal validity of the document is confirmed by the mandatory details: incoming and outgoing registration numbers, information about the person who sent the telephone message and accepted it (position, full name, personal signature).In addition, the name of the organization from which the telephone message is transmitted and the date of admission should be indicated.
  • The specific time of receipt of information can also be specified in the form.
  • The date of the telephone message is the day when the message was received by the subscriber (unless otherwise approved by the organization’s instruction manual).

telephone message design

Who should sign?

As a rule, a telephone message is compiled in one copy (a different number of copies may be approved by the instruction on records management in an organization) and is not transmitted to the subscriber’s organization on paper. In this regard, the question may arise: how should the document be signed by employees who have received and transmitted such a message, as well as the persons on whose behalf the information is transmitted?

When making a telephone message by the employee of the transmitting organization, the document fully specifies the details for putting three signatures:

  • transmitted the message.
  • accepted the message;
  • the official on behalf of whom the telephone message is being sent.

how to make a telephone messageIn this case, only the officials of the organization transmitting the telephone message sign the document.The recipient makes his copy in a similar way, but only the receiving employee signs it.

check in

When registering telephone messages, you should also be guided by the rules approved by the standard instruction manual for the organization. If the procedure for assigning a number to this type of document is not regulated, the following options are possible:

  • The most accessible and common way is to record the received telephone messages in the general journal of incoming correspondence. Allowed with the serial registration number is the assignment of a letter index indicating this type of correspondence.
  • Create a separate journal in the organization, in which the registration of telephone messages will be conducted separately.

example telephonogram

How and how many telephone messages are stored?

According to the currently existing lists that regulate the procedure and terms for storing archived documents, the log for recording outgoing or incoming telephone messages should be charmingly stored in the archive of the organization for 3 years. For telephonograms themselves a clear order of storage is not established.Therefore, the management of the organization has the right to independently determine how to hand over the completed telephone messages to archival storage. It is permissible, for example, to file a document for cases related to the subject of the transmitted information, and then to archive it in the manner applicable for storing cases of this type.

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