Abkhazia, Gagra. Sights and entertainment

Abkhazia is a fantastic country. Behind every river and hill, temple and bridge there is a beautiful and instructive legend: about light and dark forces, love and hate, friendship and betrayal. Ancient legends and myths hide Gagra, photos with a description of which can be found in any guidebook, are the soul of this mysterious, sunny and sea land.

City of Dreams

This settlement is a pearl by the sea, which hospitable Abkhazia can proudly boast. Gagra, the sights of which open to the gaze of a tourist at every turn, are located on the shore of a calm bay. There is a subtropical climate, lush green vegetation and high mountains that almost come close to the coast. It is these peaks that protect the city from the penetration of cold winds, while simultaneously keeping warm sea air within its borders. Along the coast stretches stunningly beautiful promenade, planted with plane trees, eucalyptus trees and oleanders.

Abkhazia gagry sightsThe city is conventionally divided into two parts: the old and the new.Each of them is characterized by a certain color, which is fully endowed with Abkhazia. Gagra, attractions and entertainment which are so loved by visiting travelers, offers leisure activities for every taste. If you come here for a tour, go to the old quarter, where you can explore the majestic fortresses and churches. When the purpose of the visit is to relax and have fun, concentrate on the new part of the city. There are many water rides, as well as a race course, a stadium and tennis courts.

Seaside Park

This is the first place to go. The park was founded in 1902 by the sea. The project, developed by the architect Vladimir Shervinsky, envisaged landscaping this area with agaves, cypresses, palm trees, as well as entire areas of lemon and orange groves. In total there are about 400 species and varieties of plants, most of which are imported from Australia, New Zealand, South Asia and America. Rare exotics attract special attention of tourists: tulip and candy trees, blooming sakura and magnolias, Japanese maples and quince, camphor laurels and sprawling plane trees.

Abkhazia Gagra attractions and entertainmentThanks to the Primorsky Park, the treasure which Abkhazia owns is famous all over the world - Gagra, the sights of this place, its sea and hilly landscapes. At the beginning of the 20th century, not only the Russian nobility came here to rest, but also rich nobles and representatives of royal dynasties from various European countries. Emperor Nicholas II visited Gagra in 1912 and just fell in love with this park. In the shade of its trees, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Ivan Bunin, Maxim Gorky, Vladimir Vysotsky loved to relax and read poetry. At various times, such famous films as “Jolly Fellows”, “Star of Captivating Happiness”, “Duel” and others were filmed here.

Fortress Abaata

It is located on the territory of the Primorsky Park (Abkhazia, Gagra). Photos of attractions, which can be found in any encyclopedia, amaze with the beauty of this ancient defensive structure. The fortress was built in the IV century to protect the approaches to the city from the side of the Joekvarsky gorge. Periodically, it was destroyed by enemies, then restored by local residents. At the beginning of the last century, the Prince of Oldenburg ordered to demolish part of the wall facing the sea.Its remains gradually washed away the waves of the surf, while the remaining fragments of Abaat are well preserved to this day.

Abkhazia Gagra photo attractionsOn the territory of the defense complex is the temple of Hypatius of Gagra, which the Christians erected at the beginning of the VIII century. This is one of the oldest three-dimensional basil of Abkhazia, which survived the period of Turkish domination and Genoese trading posts. Despite the different peripetia, the building has retained its original appearance and unique forms. In 1958, the Museum of Arms was opened within the walls of the temple. The Church of Hypatia keeps many secrets that are still unsolved. Locals tell the legend of a dungeon with countless treasures, the entrance to which is hidden under the foundation of the sacral buildings.

Pitsunda relic grove and Lake Ritsa

Be sure to look around these places - these are the "raisins" that Abkhazia has long been famous for. Gagra, the sights of which will interest even the most seasoned traveler, no doubt, will surprise visitors Pitsundskoy grove. Its feature are pines with very long needles - rare specimens of the ancient Pontic flora. In addition to Abkhazia, these trees can be found only on the coast of the Caucasus.Relic grove, which stretches along the cape for 7 kilometers, was declared a protected area. Now this territory is under state protection.

rest in abkhazia gagra sightsAs for Lake Ritsa, it is no less beautiful. The spectacular views of the blue surface of the reservoir and the picturesque green surroundings are simply amazing. The source area is 67 square kilometers, the maximum depth is 115 meters. Back in the XX century, only people living nearby knew about this lake. But in 1936, a road was built here: tourists began to flock in large numbers to admire the unique panorama. But it was not only she who caught their attention: the water in the Ritz was considered healthy. Also in the area there are many mineral springs with healing and rejuvenating properties.

Circassian waterfall

What to see in Abkhazia? Sights of Gagra, of course, should be for you the so-called category must see. Especially Circassian waterfall, which is also called Gegsky. Its length - 350 meters, height - 40 meters. The reservoir is located on the Gagra Range, rising above sea level by half a kilometer. Tourists can find the source in the valley of the river Gegi, which passes on its way many gorges and turns, forming numerous rapids.The water in the waterfall is just icy, often at the foot of the mountain from which it falls, the snow lays almost the whole year.

what to see in abkhazia sights gagryAdmirers of Arthur Conan Doyle will especially like the rest in Abkhazia (Gagra). Attractions in this city, without exception, eclipse for them Circassian waterfall, which starred the famous scene of the struggle of Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty. The source will win their hearts with their magnificence, grandeur and beauty. Starting in a karst cave, the stream erupts from a barely noticeable crevice. This stunner is best seen on a hot summer day, when the sun’s rays and the splashes of the source, interweaving together, produce a rainbow.

Joekvar Gorge

Another popular place among those tourists who are interested in Abkhazia, Gagra, attractions and color of these places. Zhoekvarskoe gorge attracts visitors with its picturesque landscapes: walks along its sparkling waterfalls, overhanging cliffs and dense thickets of chestnuts are remembered for a lifetime. It is on its territory that the famous fortress of Abaat is located, the huge gates and the high stone arch of which are visible from afar.

Sights of Abkhazia Gagra photo with descriptionIn the gorge, people have laid many paths that run in different directions, in particular - to the North Caucasus. To the gaze of tourists, various facilities are opened here, the most famous among which is the Watchtower. Built in 1814 from boulders, it is located near the Gagra Fortress. A friend of Alexander Pushkin, Konstantin Danzas, who was the second of the poet in his fatal duel with Dantes, also had a hand in building the object. In addition, historical materials describe this building as the Marlinsky Tower, with which many important battles for Russia are associated.

Business card

This is the colonnade, located near the Seaside Park. The complex consists of four graceful towers that are interconnected by small arcades, which include eight arches. The object became popular after the movie "Winter Evening in Gagra." Nowadays this place is the most favorite among tourists. First, here you can see a beautiful building. Secondly, not far from it there is a mass of souvenir shops and shops where you can buy trinkets as a keepsake about sunny Abkhazia. Prices here are reasonable, so the flow of buyers never runs out. Thirdly, in this place there is an opportunity to book a tour of Gagra and even throughout Abkhazia.

Abkhazia gagry sightsIt offers a wonderful view of the sea. Located near the building of the old cinema, which is also interesting from an architectural point of view. It is old and gloomy. Guests love to be photographed against the backdrop of its abandoned walls, rifle stairs and stone statues of lions. Join them. And then in all its glory, Abkhazia, Gagra, the sights and entertainment of this fertile land, its natural beauty and the spirit of history that lies in every pebble of the ancient city will open before you.

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