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President of Chile - Michelle Bachelet - went down in historyas the first woman to occupy this high post in her country. Being a fragile representative of the weaker sex, she successfully launched a new position, which, four years after the end of the term, again became head of state. What did you have to go through this woman on the way to power? What were the years of her reign in one of the countries of Latin America? Read all about this in the article.president of chile

Michelle Bachelet: childhood and youth

The future president of Chile was born 29September 1951. The girl's parents were: Alberto Bachelet - a soldier, Heria Angela - an archaeologist. Father Michel, after his appointment to the military attaché at the Chilean embassy in the United States, moved his family there to a new post. So, about 2 years old girl studied in one of the American schools. Returning home, Michelle entered the women's lyceum. This institution she graduated with honors. In addition to her academic success, she was recognized as an active participant in the social life of the Lyceum.

With his father Michelle had a special, warm relationship.As a military man, Alberto Bachelet gave his daughter Colt and taught him how to use it. It was he who insisted that the girl continue her studies at a university in Chile at the Medical Faculty. Michel took the most active part in the public life of the university. University, as well as the Lyceum, she also graduated with honors. It seemed that only happy years were waiting for her. However, what happened in the country changed the course of events for Michel.

The coup

Family Bachelet during the reign of the thenPresident, Salvador Allende, thanks to his father, was on top of power. Alberto Bachelet served as general aviation. He supported the president-socialist in everything. However, in 1973 there was a coup in the country. The power was seized by Augusto Pinochet. Chile's incumbent President Salvador Allende was deposed, and the head of the Bachelet family for his support is exiled to prison.

chile on the world mapAlbert Bacheleta was accused of state treason.Soon he died in prison dungeons from a heart attack. The death of his beloved father contributed to the fact that Michel became a member of the youth socialist party. Together with their mother, they organized a resistance movement and engaged in underground activities. Illegal actions could not go unnoticed for the head of government. On the orders of Pinochet, the obstinate girl was arrested and sentenced to the most important Chilean prison for a year: "Villa Grimaldi."


The Australian government intervened in the situation.Thanks to this, Michel was released in 1975. With the support of Erich Honecker, the country's leader, she was able to move to the GDR. In this power, the future president of Chile learned German. She successfully engaged in medical practice.Eduardo Frey Ruiz TagleYears spent in the GDR, brought Michelle and changes in his personal life. She married Jorge Davolas and became a mother.

The first steps in the political arena

1982 has come.It was marked by the fact that the woman became a certified surgeon. Augusto Pinochet was still in power. Therefore, for "political reasons" in public hospitals, Becelet did not have the right to work. She directed all her activities to help people who suffered from the dictatorship of the incumbent president. In 1987, the situation in the country began to change. The Government of Chile was compelledmore loyaltreat the opposing regime. Repression gradually began to stop. And in 1990, when Patricio Azokara became president, Michelle began to work for the state.

chili salvador alendeHer career began with a womanconsultant of the World Health Organization. She quickly climbed the ranks. Soon she took the post of adviser to the Deputy Minister of Health. Despite the fact that until 2004 Chile was banned from divorce, Michelle broke off relations with her husband. And combined with the marriage of Hannibal Enriquez. From the union of these two people a girl appeared - Sophia. After her birth, Bachelet again plunged into the party activities with her head. The post of the president of the country at that time was occupied by Eduardo Frei Ruiz Tagle, who, like the past leader, was a supporter of the Christian Democratic Party.constitution of chileMichelle Bachelet in 1996 was elected chairman of the Socialist Party. She ran for the mayor of one of the Chilean cities. However, the woman lost her first elections.

Work in government

Defeated, Michelle went to the United States, wherebecame a student of military college. Returning home, she immediately began to work in the government. Ricardo Lagos, the new president and member of the Socialist Party, appointed her Minister of Health. This was the first time in Chile when a woman took such a high position.

In 2002 Michelle declared herself for the wholeLatin America. After all, she was appointed Minister of Defense, thus becoming the first woman in this position. In this post, she made every effort to ensure that the fairer sex had the right to serve in the army.

A nationwide love Michelle received,as serious problems in the form of floods fell on Chile. This woman commanded the troops, who were thrown to eliminate the consequences of the elements, moving on the tank. A poll of the Chilean population in 2004 showed that Michelle Bachelet became the most beloved and most revered minister in the history of the country. President of Chile - this was the next goal of the woman.

At the presidential post

Already in 2006 she brought her the desired post of president. Thus, she was the first among women in her country and the fifth among women in Latin America, holding such a high post.

government of chileThe beginning of the board was overshadowed by demonstrationsstudents. They demanded free education from the government in universities. Schoolchildren, in turn, began to advocate the abolition of classes, which lasted in schools for 9 hours.

The demonstrators were dispersed. But the new president immediately assembled parliament deputies to announce the reform of the educational system. She promised to provide financial support from the government of low-income students. Thus, thanks to her support, funds have been allocated to finance schools. As president, Bachelet paid great attention to the social sphere. It was she who conducted the pension reform.

Break in presidential activity

The Constitution of Chile states that no one in this countrycan not serve as president for 2 consecutive terms. Therefore, in early spring 2010, the country began to rule Sebastian Pinier. Michel decided to devote this time to gender policy. In 2010, she took up the post of executive director of the society called "UN-Women". Only thanks to her efforts, all countries that are part of the United Nations supported the declaration on the protection of the weaker sex from violence. This meant that no religious principles or traditions could no longer justify this crime.

Bachelet again becomes president

In 2014 for the new presidential electioncandidacy Michelle Bachelet (photo in the article) put forward a coalition called "The New Majority." It included the Socialist Party as well. It is worth noting that one of the rivals of these stages was the childhood friend of Michelle - Evelyn Mattei. However, Bachelet had already considerable experience. Moreover, she promised that in case of her election, the country is waiting for new changes. It is therefore not surprising that in the second round of the electoral process she received 62% of the vote. Michelle Bachelet is the current president of Chile. Its priority task is to combat inequality.

Michelle Bachelet photoChile on the world map, figuratively speaking, is onedge of the world. This country, overcoming obstacles in the form of a military dictatorship, has come a long way to "breathe a loose breast." Michelle Bachelet was able to give residents the belief that each of them can play a worthy role in the life of the state. Most importantly, she was able to prove that a soft, humane style of government can overcome many obstacles.

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