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This girl became famous in 1983, immediately after the release of the film “The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkin, Ordinary and Incredible”. Perhaps half of that huge country was in love with her cinema heroine — pretty, with huge eyes — an excellent student, Masha Startseva. She played her regular schoolgirl Inga Ilm. Who was she and how she lives now? This can be found in the article.

Her childhood

The future star of children's cinema was born in December 1971 in Leningrad. The family then lived on the banks of the Fontanka. The parents of the girl were very friendly, hospitable people (mother is a hairdresser, father is a doctor who had already become a candidate of science in the incomplete 30 years), guests who were representatives of various professions often gathered in their home. There were even actors. All played preference, football, volleyball. In general, everyone had fun as best they could, kindly.

Inga Ilm, actress

One day, one of the guests suggested: “Or maybe your Ing was filmed in a movie?” In confirmation of these words, a picture of the girl was transferred to the Lenfilm film studio. And six years later they called from there ...

And at this time in ordinary life ...

Inga Ilm, whose photo can now be seen in various glossy magazines, decided in her childhood that she would become a biologist or a medical doctor. While still a preschool girl, she attended the Yunnat circle at the local Palace of Pioneers. Later, victories began at various Olympiads, including the All-Union. In addition to studying the life of insects, Inge liked to engage in equestrian sports.

After receiving a school diploma, Inga Ilm was a student at the Moscow Art Theater School and after her graduation she moves to the United States to study at the Lee Strasberg school. The refined girl did not like the pragmatic and rather rigidly planned life in America. She returned home.

Now she served in the theater, led the transfer to television and even starred in candid photo shoots.

A Moscow University actress graduated, but a little later. True, the faculty was historical - the department of the theory of art and history.

The same Masha

When Vladimir Alenikov began making his own film about the adventures of two friends in the 83rd, the boys quickly found the main roles. These were friends in real life - Yegor Druzhinin and Dima Barkov. But for the role of the excellent student Masha Startseva, the candidate did not manage to find everything. Once the director laid out on the table in front of the boys pictures of the pretenders for the role of Masha, and at the same time they pointed to Inga.

Inga Ilm still remembers the shootings with special warmth. She says that in the conventional plan of filming was not. Everything was very interesting, light and fun. Each new story guys just lived in front of the camera. It was quite difficult for them to take the filming process very seriously, because they saw many people near the cameraman, each of whom was chewing a pie, scratching his ear, quietly talking to a neighbor.

Inga Ilm as Masha Startseva

Immediately after the release of films about the adventures and holidays of Petrov and Vasechkin, people of all ages turned out to be their audience. There was no surprise: the heroes were not standard at that time neatly combed by the pioneers, but normal, living kids who lived their own lives; they could fool around, fall in love, rejoice, grieve.

Inga Ilm, Egor Druzhinin and Dmitry Barkov

In an instant, children became popular.They were recognized on the street, asked to sign on calendars and photos. Inga later recalled that because of these shots, her performance dropped dramatically. And yet, for two boys and one girl, this time was one of the most fun and happy in childhood.

Her filmography

Later, as a student, Inga Ilm was approved for the role of the servant of the Duchess de Chevrez in the continuation of the adventures of the Gascon and three Musketeers. Later, in the 91st, there was a work in the mystical short film “Bus”. Then there was the film "Eyes", in which the actress played a girl who was deprived of sight.

And in 1993, the filmography of the actress was replenished with one of the best films in her acting career. It was a picture of "You are." Inga played the daughter-in-law of the woman (actress Anna Kamenkova), for whom the whole world in the window after the death of her husband is her son Igor. Once he brings an orphanage girl to the house (the actress played it), and in the morning she informs her mother that they are married. The famous conflict between the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law begins. Some time later, due to maternal jealousy, the newlyweds leave home. And a few days later the tragedy happens: they get into a car accident.Igor is fine, and Ira, his wife, becomes disabled. She cannot walk, sit, move a little, talk. The young husband, who had previously considered himself a completely independent person, turns to mother for help.

Inga Ilm in the movie "You are"

And here begins the real miracle of transformation: the mother-in-law, who had recently perceived the daughter-in-law with bayonets, began touchingly taking care of her, giving the necessary medicine for a minute, looking for new opportunities to help her daughter-in-law. But Igor - on the contrary, is gradually moving away from his wife, gets himself a mistress. And if at the beginning of the film he evokes sympathy, in the last frames - only, to put it mildly, bewilderment. But his mother, a seemingly grumpy woman, is transforming into a very soft, kind and caring woman who is trying to do everything for her daughter-in-law.

About 10 years later, Ilm appeared in another tape. It was a Russian remake of the famous TV series “Friends”. But the idea failed and only four episodes were released.

Husband first. Friend

Thanks to the work on the film “The Ladder of Light”, Inga Ilm met her first husband, who turned out to be a screenwriter and Irish writer Gerard McCarthy.After three years of relationship, they were married. A son, Alexander, was born in the family. Inga often with pride in her voice told that her son could speak six foreign languages. She herself could not even learn English.

And everything seemed to be going well, but the family was not reinforced by the fact that they lived in three countries and four cities. The spouse didn’t like Inga’s business trips, he didn’t accept fans either. They divorced while remaining friends.

Husband of the second. Ideal

And yet Inga Ilm did not succumb to despair. Her personal life gradually improved. Her second husband was a friend of a classmate - Igor Severtsev. They met quite by chance, at one event, and the very next day a man invited a new acquaintance for a walk. Gradually formed a strong relationship.

Inga Ilm with second husband

Ilm says that it is with him that she has the opportunity to exist in full understanding. Her life today is the end of a long journey and a reward. Igor has many talents - he is an artist, director, architect and designer.

What is happening in her life now?

Inga Ilm, whose films have been reviewed by a lot of viewers, now says in rare interviews to journalists,that she had already outgrown her profession and was not interested in walking along the path that hundreds of legs had made, which had passed along it earlier. She wants to live according to her own aspirations and desires, and not according to the unofficially created law of this society. She loves being the mistress of her own destiny.

Almost six years ago, in the studio of one of the TV shows, Inga Ilm (the magazine with any, even small circulation, dispersed very quickly, if there were her photos), she once was able to decide on explicit shootings. Then she held a post on one of the TV channels. And after the "nudity" she had to resign.

Inga Ilm

In the mid-nineties she chose which publication to choose for the release of a number of interesting photos of Inga Ilm - “Maxim” or Playboy. In the 96th, it was on the pages of the last that the actress published a candid photo session. And this was done when the publication entered the Russian market.

Now she is a historian of architecture. Speaks briefly about his profession: “I walk, read, look, think. If all the conditions are met, then I write. "

Inga Ilm, an actress in the near vulgar, writes a book about Rome. Her choice is not accidental: she knows this city well, and Italy as a whole.Therefore, her literary work is not an ordinary guide for tourists, but useful notes and her lifehacks made during travels.

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