Added cot: review, selection, pros and cons

A crib is the first place a baby gets from warm mother's embrace. Therefore, this place should be unusually gentle and comfortable. Cosiness, healthy sleep and orthopedic properties are the main criteria that future parents pay attention to when choosing an added cot for a children's room. But almost 99.99% of products on the market for goods for babies possess such characteristics. Therefore, it remains to choose from the range of suitable options for appearance, shape, size, functionality and cost of the future place to sleep baby. To purchase what you need, examine the advantages and disadvantages of the models presented below and analyze the information collected.


What is the convenience of the extra bed?

The parent has the opportunity to shift or take the newborn without getting out of bed. Mom quickly reacts to the cry of the child, and the baby is less anxious, because after a few seconds she finds herself in the mother's arms.

From the range of models, you can choose transforming. As the child grows up, the length of the product (with a standard width of 60 cm) increases. But for preschoolers such a bed would be cramped. Therefore, upon reaching the age of 5-6 years, the child will have to update the furniture for the bedroom.

When purchasing a model cot, do not have to worry about choosing a mattress. Orthopedic products from baby cradles to king-size beds are sold in every mattress store. This option is not different exotic, which can not be said about the round mattress.

Features of the round crib for a newborn

75% of buyers prefer attached baby cots. Therefore, this species is in considerable demand. Round or pendant cradles look modern. They fit perfectly into the interior of the room prepared for the child, and you can even arrange the furniture in the center of the room.

This option is more difficult to attach to the bed, but in a protected environment surrounded by soft plush sides, the child feels more comfortable. Such models are notable for increased safety - there are no sharp corners here.

cots for babies

Important!Scientists say that the peace of the baby depends on the negative accumulated in the room. Due to the lack of sharp corners in round or oval children's beds, negative energy does not linger.

Choosing a model of a cot, pay attention to its size. The more functionally you want a bed, the more free space you will have to allocate under the round model. Moreover, such products are not equipped with drawers for children's things, because of their spaciousness they are losing to classic attached crib on wheels. If the living space is small, it is better to choose a more ergonomic option.

In addition, this model is more expensive than usual. Economy class options on the market are presented in a meager assortment. Because this fact can be attributed to the shortcomings.

Product dimensions

The most comfortable round bed, turning into an oval. Other models are intended only for newborns, and this can be transformed. The standard sizes of furniture are 190x80 cm and are successfully combined with a chest of drawers.

Before you provide your baby with a comfortable bed, calculate how long you plan to buy a bed.If you need an option for newborns, be guided by a cradle model with parameters of 90x45 cm, intended for children under 6 months. If you need a variant for several years, choose added cots or transforming products.

For children up to three years old, choose options with dimensions of 120x60 or 120x65 cm. Such furniture will fit in the first 3-4 years of a baby’s life and will provide a crumbs of comfortable sleep.

Semicircular beds look interesting. Their dimensions are 140x70 cm, and changing the bed for a child will not be necessary until they reach school age.

The market offers a wide variety of variations on the theme of cots for newborns.


In such a cradle, the child feels protected. The baby can be rocked in a cot that repeats smooth movements, inside which is comfortable and cozy, and the child feels calmer. It is a reliable assistant for moms of restless children.

This option at a considerable cost is practical. After all, it will not last long - just a couple of months, until the child begins to be active in the movements. For an already rolling baby, such a bed becomes unsafe, and it is better to replace it with a sleeping place framed with high sides.

crib with a board


Traditional models of beds are made of environmentally friendly material - a tree. They are equipped with the usual removable wheels and a special mechanism for adjusting the height of the bottom. From minuses of beds for newborns of this type note the short term of operation.

crib side to bed


This option will be much more practical and safer than a rocking chair. It is easy to fall out of the swinging cradle, but the pendulum bed is equipped with a special locking mechanism that prevents the child from swinging himself.

These beds are more expensive than usual, but the cost does not always justify the quality. At some manufacturers, the mechanisms often break down, they squeak during the swing, and the toys stored in the bottom boxes rattle as they roll. Therefore, before you purchase a model of this type of bed, familiarize yourself with the company and its reliability.

extra cots review


A children's added bed with a board is a great option for mummies who do not want to let their little ones go far away without affecting their personal space. The shape can be oval, round, rectangular models. Like the rest of this bed is short-lived.As the child grows up, the bed will have to be replaced with a suitable growth option. If you are not limiting yourself in the budget and can easily purchase another model for an older child, choose an added crib with the ins and outs of which you have already read.

added cots reviews

Transforming cots

This model is suitable for a child aged 0 to 5 years. Their advantage in ability will change as the child grows. The design of the cradle is transformed into a cot, playpen, sofa, table with chairs. Thanks to the wheels, the crib added to the bed moves easily around the room.

cot cot how to choose

The big advantage of transforming furniture is the height adjustment of the bottom. Lowering it completely, from the usual bed you can get a playpen for games. Such models are equipped with removable parts. The front side can be easily removed or lowered so that the mother could easily get the baby or change the bed linen.

cot cot how to choose

What materials are used in the production of children's furniture?

For the production of various materials are used: metal, wood, MDF. The main requirement is safety for the baby.

The best choice is a wooden cot made of birch, alder, maple, pine. As for the latter, this is an economy option. Products from solid pine are cheaper, but the wood is not very hard and durable, it is quickly scratched, losing its aesthetic appearance.

Important!When choosing lacquered furniture for the children's room, there should not be a strong smell from the products. Smellmay be unsafe for health.

Parents in their reviews about children's added beds do not recommend to choose glued cradles from plywood or wood-based panels. The presence of glue makes such products toxic, and therefore dangerous for the fragile tiny organism.

The subtleties of the choice of mattress

A review of the children's added beds would be incomplete if the number of topics under consideration did not include the question of choosing a mattress for a cradle. A bed for a baby should be comfortable, ensure reliability and sound sleep, and have orthopedic properties.

Sometimes the beds are sold with mattresses, but in most cases it must be selected separately.

additional baby cot pros and cons

Requirements for products are universal and are as follows:

  • Product rigidity, safety and environmental friendliness. The best option is a mattress on coconut fiber in combination with holofiber or foam rubber. Such mattresses are rarely deformed, do not absorb moisture and create optimal rigidity, maintaining the back of the crumbs in the correct position throughout the night.
  • Dimensions. When choosing a mattress under the bed, pay attention to the compatibility of manufacturers. Furniture options are different. Therefore, carefully make measurements, and select the height of the mattress, based on personal preferences.
  • Mattress cover Choose those models of products that are wearing a cotton cover. Synthetic materials can cause a rash or irritation on the skin of a child.

Do not forget to buy with the mattress and additional accessories: a pillow and bumpers for decorating the walls of the bed.

Now you know the features of side cots, and how to choose the best of the best options.

Good healthy sleep is the main condition for the normal development of a child’s body. In order for the baby to grow and develop properly, the bed should be comfortable and cozy.The added bed for the baby is the best option in a modernized format that meets the criteria of safety and reliability.

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