Amazing flowers - black roses

Making a black rose

It is hard to imagine more “gothic” and mystical flowers than black roses. In their beauty only orchids or lilies of the same color can compare with them. Over the years, the world's best breeders have sought to create black roses. This color is always associated with all the mysterious and elegant, so many wanted to bring such flowers. Scientists in Holland and France, striving for this, are still confronted with an unresolved problem: the absence of black pigment in roses. Only by perennial crosses of the darkest burgundy varieties was it possible to achieve a color that is closest to the desired one.

Black roses

Who are these flowers suitable for?

Black roses give only in special cases, and not all. Many people are wary of such gifts, because, despite the beauty of such a bouquet, its color involuntarily leads to strange thoughts associated with something gloomy. Many florists recommend black roses in combination with other flowers that are brighter and brighter. Such bouquets are preferred by strong-willed person who loves everything unusual and exotic.A young girl or older relatives are unlikely to like this gift. In most people's minds, this color evokes thoughts of mourning, so black roses are still not widely spread.

Varieties of black roses

Rose black

What are they really? Black roses that are commercially available are of two types. The first is the flowers that have acquired this coloring with the help of special coloring agents. The second type is maroon roses, which are bred by breeders in greenhouses. These flowers have appeared with us recently. They are not a product of genetic engineering. The black rose is the product of a long and hard work of experienced flower growers to create truly dark shades of burgundy roses. There are several varieties of these flowers with spectacular buds. One of the most popular and common is the rose "Black Magic". She belongs to the group of hybrid tea roses. The height of its bush is about 1 m. The diameter of the flowers is 11-12 cm. This rose is characterized by repeated flowering. Planting material of such shrubs can be purchased in special nurseries. With certain skills in floriculture, anyone who wants can grow these beautiful flowers on his plot.

Rose black magicThere are a number of varieties, the name of which contains the word “black” (“black”), for example, “Black Baccara”. But there are dark-colored roses without this word: “Barkarol”, “Stromboli”, “Prince”, “Tradescant”, “Falstaff”, “Baron Gyrod de Line”. Most of them are hybrid tea varieties or scrubs. Only a few of these roses belong to floribunda. A great work on the cultivation of the most dark-colored varieties is carried out by the famous breeder David Austin. Kordes and Tantau kennels keep up with it. All varieties of black roses differ from each other in the height of the bush, the shape and size of flowers, aroma. The general rule for growing all dark-colored roses is that the most saturated color of the buds can only be obtained by growing them in the shade, away from direct sunlight. This circumstance significantly reduces the ability of ordinary flower growers to grow black roses in open garden plots. The best results in their cultivation can be achieved in greenhouses or greenhouses.

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