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This person is rich and successful. He is only 45 years old, and his condition is so great that he alone finds it difficult to calculate it. According to the authoritative opinion of Forbes, for many years he has been among the twenty richest Russians. His luxurious wedding made a lot of noise in the press, and his yachts and real estate in Russia and abroad - a constant subject of discussion in society and the media. In addition, he is still young, creative, full of strength and plans for the future. How was the story of his success born and how does the Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko live today - a billionaire, a financier, an industrialist, a philanthropist and a great esthete?


It all began quite prosaically, like most people in a large country of the USSR. In an intelligent family on March 8, 1972, as if wanting to make a gift to his mother, Andrei Melnichenko was born. Gomel, the second largest city of the then Soviet Belorussia, became his homeland and a place where he could live his whole life if, even in his school years, his unique abilities to the exact sciences did not show.

Andrey Melnichenko

His father is a physicist and Andrei Melnichenko, following the influence of genetics or thanks to intensive studies with his father, followed in his footsteps. He often took part in city, district and republican olympiads, and after one of them the boy was noticed and invited to study at the most prestigious school in Soviet times for young physicists and mathematicians - SUNTs MSU.

Youthful years

After graduating from the boarding school of the specialized educational and scientific center of Moscow State University there was no question of choosing a higher educational institution. Andrei Melnichenko entered the Lomonosov University in the Faculty of Physics. Already while studying at MSU, Andrei Melnichenko, whose biography could have remained the biography of a scientist, felt the wind of change and transferred to one of the largest Russian universities in economics, the Plekhanov Academy, in the specialty Finance and Credit.

How did business start

Today it is impossible to say exactly when Andrei Melnichenko began his ascent to the top of the business. But the first attempts, and quite successful ones, were made as a student. Then the main goal of the future oligarch was to at least somehow strengthen his own financial position.

Andrew Igorevich Melnichenko

Together with his comrades, he registers a travel company, concludes transactions for the sale of office equipment. The dashing 90s began - the harsh period of lads, showdowns and racketeering. But at the same time it was a time of great opportunity. And Andrei Melnichenko did not miss his chance. Already in 1991, a young entrepreneur opens the first exchange office.

MDM Company

At the end of 1992, a resolution was issued on compulsory licensing of foreign exchange activities, so the work of the clause became impossible. A bank was needed, under whose roof it was possible to continue such a profitable business. And he was found. The management of the Premier Bank, in which the first and then the second currency exchange office was opened, on the basis of the work for the year found that the volume of their operations was higher than that of the financial institution as a whole.

Soon the young and enterprising Andrei Melnichenko registers his first financial creation, MDM. And here in Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, new exchange offices under this sign appear. At the end of 1993, MDM Financial and Credit Company received a banking license. The framework of work in this area is becoming a bit crowded, and Andrei Igorevich Melnichenko begins buying up shares of promising enterprises in the coal industry.

Andrei Melnichenko biography

The crisis that began in the financial sector in 1998 bypassed the side of the Moscow Business World. In the market of services he was not opposed by serious competitors, they simply did not exist. MDM not only kept afloat. Its owners significantly increased capital. In addition, the bank was supported by A. Mamut, who served as head of the supervisory board. At this time, MDM and Andrei Melnichenko acquire useful business contacts and acquaintances, because the clients of Moscow Business World were large and influential businessmen.

Big ship - great sailing

The year 2004 brought the liquidation of the MDM group, and soon the financier disposes of the bank’s shares. He sells them to his new companion, Sergei Popov. Now the priority of the entrepreneur is the industrial sector of the economy. In the same year, he becomes the owner of a 90% stake in the largest fertilizer producer in Russia, the EuroChem company, acquiring them from Popov. Further more.

Andrei Melnichenko billionaire

Approximately the same shares of shares crowned his interest in the Siberian Generating Company and the Siberian Coal-Energy Company. Krasnoyarskugol, a major competitor of Melnichenko’s companies, also becomes its property.It is safe to say that today almost half of the entire coal industry is concentrated in the hands of an entrepreneur. Agree that a few thirty-year-olds can boast of such achievements.


Today, Andrei Igorevich Melnichenko, according to Forbes magazine, has a fortune of about 10.1 billion dollars. He is in the top 15 richest Russians and the 139th in the world ranking of wealthy people. Andrei Melnichenko - philanthropist and philanthropist. According to the Bloomberg agency, the companies that Melnichenko owns have donated about $ 102 million.


The billionaire is married and happy in marriage. Melnichenko's wife, Andrei, Sandra Nikolic, was born in Yugoslavia. Her parents were wealthy people, the girl had little or no refusal. Sandra's father is a successful architect, and mother is a sought-after artist. Perhaps that is why, according to Sandra herself, in an interview, she is very sensitive to beauty.

Andrei Melnichenko's wife

With his future wife, Andrei Melnichenko met in France in a villa with mutual friends. The wedding, which drove the despair of the oligarch hunters, took place in 2005.The event took place on the Cote d'Azur and caused a lot of noise in the secular get-together. Even by the most conservative estimates, the wedding of the billionaire and owner of the title “Miss Yugoslavia” cost no less than $ 30 million. The newlyweds not only officially registered their marriage, but also got married in a specially built chapel in the city of Antibes. Guests at the wedding were entertained by Christina Aguilera, Julio and Enrique Iglesias, Whitney Houston. Artists delivered a private airfield.

Personal life

After marriage, the model Sandra Nikolic, and now Alexandra Melnichenko, left the catwalk and devoted herself with great pleasure to the family. In 2012, the couple had a daughter. The heiress was named Tara, the parents prefer not to make the little girl a public person. Andrei Melnichenko, whose family is almost always next to him, travels a lot around the world and gets pleasure from life. Spouse Andrew - a supporter of a healthy lifestyle and beauty, even in small things. And she instills these qualities in her husband and daughter.

Andrei Melnichenko family

Another reason that Melnichenko Andrey Igorevich gave to his entourage for discussion and gossip is the yacht.He surprised everyone with a luxurious thing that not many can afford. 120-meter yacht is able to surf the vast expanses of the ocean. Abramovich’s shipish preferences have faded away from the beauty and luxury of this vessel.

Yacht “A”, named after the first letters of the names of the oligarch and his wife, amazes you with its elegance and unique design: 14 luxurious bedrooms, 120 meters long, silver sheet on the railing of the spiral staircase, and some Western media claim that one door handle worth at least 40 thousand dollars. The massive door to the house opens after the vessel’s fingerprint has been scanned. The snow-white beauty and all its interior decoration was designed by Philippe Starck, a popular Frenchman who became famous in the field of industrial design.

Melnichenko Andrew Igorevich Yacht

The yacht was built in Germany at the shipyard of the shipbuilding company Nobiskrug. By the way, this is not the first such expensive entertainment from an entrepreneur. Melnichenko at the time of the appearance of this vessel already had a megayacht called “A”, but the last instance repeatedly surpassed the previous one in luxury and technical characteristics.According to rough estimates, the cost of the “A” yacht may be $ 400 million. The billionaire's sailing ship has become the largest in its class and, most likely, the most expensive one to date.

Oligarch today

Billionaire Andrei Melnichenko owns valuable real estate in Russia, France, England, Switzerland, Monaco and America. This man has reached dizzying heights in big business and it is not surprising that today he is reluctant to invest capital in new projects. The oligarch himself considers himself a happy man who does not deny himself anything. In the summer of 2016, a businessman for his great contribution to charitable and social activities received an award - a sign of distinction “For the good deeds”. Currently, Andrei Melnichenko is one of reputable businessmen who are distinguished by business acumen, stability, enterprise, development and the ability to resist adversity in a crisis of any scale.

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