Angela Merkel: biography, personal life, children, husband, photo

Angela Dorothea Merkel (Kasner) - a woman holding the post of German Chancellor, a well-known political figure in Europe. Angela became the first woman to occupy the position of German Chancellor (appointed in 2005).

Merkel does not look like a modern business woman in Europe with fit figures and easy walks. She does not often smile, does not possess outstanding oratorical abilities. But it was her inconspicuous appearance and helped the woman to succeed in life. Many men underestimated her, in a timely manner without considering a serious rival in her. Angela never raises her voice, does not quarrel. She can wrap any unfavorable situation in her favor. Today, she heads one of the largest and most economically developed countries in Europe. The biography and the family of Angela Merkel will be discussed further.

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Childhood and family

According to the biography of Angela Merkel (photo in the article), she was born on July 17, 1954 on the territory of Hamburg.Her father, Horst Kasner, served as pastor, and her mother, Gerlinda, taught English and Latin at school.

The woman’s father had Polish roots, so on the eve of the fascist party coming to power in Germany, he chose to change his own name Kazmerchak to a more harmonious Kasner.

Immediately after the birth of the girl, the family was forced to move to East Germany, where her father was appointed pastor in the Lutheran church. Three years later, there was another move due to a new appointment to Templin.

Angels have a brother and sister (Marcus and Irena).

At the age of 7 years, the girl is sent to school. During training, Angela did not stand out among her peers. The girl studied well, was in the pioneer squad, and among the subjects studied at school, she preferred mathematics and languages.

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Education and professional activities

After finishing school, Angela entered the University of Leipzig in the Faculty of Physics, and in 1978 defended her thesis with honors. During her studies, she participated in the Free German Youth Union. After graduation, he and his spouse move to the capital of Germany, where he gets a job at the Institute of Chemistry.

After 8 years after graduation from a university, a woman defended her thesis.Becoming a doctor of natural sciences, she goes to work in the division of analytical chemistry. During this period, Merkel is already actively involved in political life.

Political activity

After the fall of the Berlin Wall occurred in 1989, new parties began to appear, and the East German Academy of Sciences ceased to exist. Angela finds a job in a political party called the Democratic Breakthrough. It performs the functions of a computer administrator. A little later, she is given an assignment to develop political leaflets, and literally in a few months she becomes press secretary.

In 1990 there were elections to the New Chamber, in which the party was defeated. But thanks to the successful activity of the other party in the pre-election bloc, the woman becomes the press secretary. Soon there was a need for the unification of Germany, Angel participates in almost all negotiations on this issue.

December 1990 was marked by the holding of elections to the Bundestag. That is why, back in October of this year, the Democratic Breakthrough party is united with the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU).

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Merkel is offered a job in the Federal Press and Information Office of the united Germany.

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Bundestag deputy

During the first elections to the Bundestag, Merkel received 48.5% of the vote, for which she was given a deputy’s mandate. After meeting and talking with Helmut Kohl, a woman was invited to work at the Federal Chancellery, located in Bonn. Since 1991, she begins to lead the federal agency dealing with issues of women and youth. The rapid advancement of the career ladder was made possible thanks to assistance from the Federal Chancellor.

Since December 1991, Angela Merkel, whose biography and personal life has become the subject of our review, becomes the deputy chairman of the CDU. In 1993, she heads the CDU in Mecklenburg.

December 1994 was marked by new elections to the Bundestag, as a result of which Merkel became Minister for the Protection of the Environment. But the next elections, which took place in 1998, were completely a failure for the party. Schäuble became the chairman of the CDU, and Merkel took the post of general secretary.In 1999, the public was presented with a scandalous story related to the illegal financing of the union, therefore, already in 2000, Schäuble had to loose his post.

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CDU Chairman

After the departure of the Schäuble party for some time left without leadership. Merkel occupies a key position, so already at the next party congress, Angela is officially elected chairman.

The following elections do not bring the party major victories. Since the next elections to the Bundestag are to take place in the fall of 2002, a bitter struggle begins between political parties.

Merkel was ready to take the post of federal chancellor, but she did not enjoy great support from the party leadership. Many preferred to see in this post Edmund Stoiber, who was the representative of the CSU (Christian Social Union). Merkel abandoned her candidacy for the post in favor of Stoiber, which was necessary to preserve her power.

Opposition leader

In 2002, Stoiber defeated the elections, and Merkel decided to take the place of Frederick Merz, becoming the head of the CDU / CSU faction. She succeeds in this, and the success of the party allows her to take a direct part in governing the country, even despite being in opposition.

The year 2004 was marked by the holding of parliamentary elections in Hamburg, where the CDU party won a landslide victory. Angela is sent for 3 days with a friendly visit to Turkey.

In 2005, early elections were held to the Bundestag, where Angela became a candidate for the post of federal chancellor. In this election, the bloc received only 35.2% of the vote, which did not allow the creation of a parliamentary majority in the Bundestag.

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Federal Chancellor

According to the biography of Angela Merkel (personal life, children will be discussed further), in September 2005 she became the chairman of the CDU / CSU faction. Negotiations were initiated with the SPD (Social-Democratic Party of Germany) to create a coalition. In October, they managed to sign an agreement, and in early November a coalition agreement was signed. Angela Merkel took the post of Federal Chancellor of Germany. German women perceived her success as a personal victory.

Merkel is hardworking and ambitious, and her inconspicuous appearance turned out to be a good disguise from competitors. In March 2018, she was elected the fourth time as chancellor of Germany.

At the beginning of governing the country, Merkel does not take decisive action, but receives the support of the population.

Angela presided over the European Union in 2007 from Germany.Its main priority was the adoption of the EU Constitution.

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Foreign policy

On the eve of the military conflict in Iraq, Merkel expresses US support. This caused criticism from the government circles of Germany. Before taking office as Chancellor Angela, she said that Turkey’s full membership in the EU is impossible. After the 2005 elections, she remained silent on this issue. Merkel was reserved about the participation of Germany in the settlement of the Lebanese-Israeli conflict.

In its foreign policy, it unconditionally supports European values, treats the United States as a strategic partner. Before being elected chancellor, she criticized Schroeder for his friendship with the Russian president. After the elections, the German-Russian relations did not undergo major changes. She spoke in support of sanctions against Russia, which led to retaliatory actions. As a result, there was a drop in trade turnover between the countries.

Economic and Social Policy

From the very beginning of its activity, Merkel achieved popularity thanks to a balanced foreign policy and internal transformations.After she came to power, positive changes were observed in the economy: reform of the federal system, reduction of unemployment.

During the financial crisis of 2008–2009, the government provided state support to the country's economy, which allowed Germany in August 2009 to emerge from the recession. In 2010, due to the crisis in Greece, new difficulties arose, financial support was provided to this country.

A difficult issue was the migration crisis in 2015. Merkel said that immigrants should try harder to settle down in German society. In Potsdam in 2010, she said that multiculturalism had collapsed in Germany.

After the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant, a law was passed, following which Germany until 2022 should refrain from the use of atomic energy.

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Angela Merkel: biography, personal life, husband, children

The first husband of Angela was Ulrich Merkel, with whom she met while studying. In 1977, they were married, but after five years the couple broke up. A year later, followed by an official divorce. She did not change her husband's name. The second elect of Angela Merkel was Joachim Sauer.Before the official marriage, they met for 4 years, legalized their relationship in 1998. Does Angela Merkel have children? Biography, the personal life of a woman is always under the scrutiny of the press. It is known that she has no children. Angela said she did not rule out the possibility of having a baby, but it did not work out. She managed to establish a good relationship with the children of her second husband.

For over 12 years, Angela has held a management position in Germany. Before making an important decision, Merkel carefully considers all the details. The secret of its success lies in the external simplicity and amazing internal strength. She is an outstanding European politician.

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