Anna Andrusenko (actress): biography, personal life and film career

Anna Andrusenko is a young actress who boasts an attractive appearance, broad outlook and high intelligence. Anyone who wants to get acquainted with her personal and creative biography, we suggest reading this article.Anna Andrusenko

Childhood and family

Andrusenko Anna Valerievna was born on 2/07/1989 in a small town located in Donetsk region (Ukraine). She was brought up in a respected and intelligent family. Her father is a historian. And my mother received a higher economic education.

When Anya was 6 years old, she and her parents moved to Russia. The Andrusenko family chose the sunny city of Sochi as their residence. After our heroine moved into the 6th grade, she again lived in Ukraine. Then the family returned to Sochi. There the girl went to the 8th grade. Annie attended various circles, played sports.

After the 9th grade, Andrusenko Jr. began to actively prepare for further admission to the theater school. Parents approved her choice of profession.

Student years and work in the theater

After receiving a school certificate, Anna Andrusenko submitted documents to the school of arts, located in the city of Sochi. With the entrance exams she coped brilliantly. As a result, she was enrolled in the faculty of socio-cultural activities. For Ani, this was the first step to the theatrical university. She was very responsible in her studies, did not miss classes and lectures. And during practice I worked as an animator - entertained the kids in the square.

After graduating from the Sochi Art School, Anna Andrusenko went to Moscow. There she easily entered the WTU them. Schepkina. Her teacher and mentor was Boris Klyuev.

While still a student at Slippery, Annie began performing on the stage of the Academic Maly Theater. As a rule, she was involved in children's performances (“The Tale of the Itinerant Prince”, “Puss in Boots”, etc.).

In 2012, she received a diploma from the VTU them. Schepkina and was able to officially get a job in the Academic Maly Theater.

Anna Andrusenko: films and series

Film debut of our heroine took place in 2011. In the ironic detective story "Amazon" she successfully turned into a student Masha.Then followed the shooting in the sitcom “Univer” (TNT). Her character, a girl named Katya, appears only in the 159th series.

All-Russian fame to the graduate of "Slippers" was brought by the sitcom "Closed School", which premiered in 2012 on the CTC channel. Anne got one of the key roles. She was able to convey the character, manner of communication and the life principles of her heroine - Elizaveta Vinogradova. Pavel Priluchnyi, Evgenia Osipova, Alexey Koryakov and actors were also involved in the creation of this project.Anna Andrusenko movies

Anya Andrusenko continued her collaboration with the CTC channel. In 2013, she received the lead role (Masha Averina) in the mystical film “Angel or Demon”. This project allowed her to consolidate success and increase the number of fans.

In 2014, the film of the beauty of the actress was replenished with three films - the 4-series melodrama “Beloved Women of Casanova” (Klava Kalinina), the TV series “The Village Romance” (Alena) and the detective-crime tape “Major” (Agapova Lera).

Anna Andrusenko: personal life

Numerous fans of the actress want to know if her heart is free. Now we dot all i's.Anna Andrusenko personal life

In 2013, there were rumors that Anna Andrusenko is meeting with Cyril Zaporozhsky, her colleague on the television series Angel or Demon. However, this information has not been officially confirmed.

At the end of 2015, the actress met a bright and extraordinary guy Yegor Novikov (1991). He is a freelancer and designer.

Film career continuation

Directors and producers are happy to work with such a talented, sweet and responsible actress, like Anna Andrusenko. Films with her participation regularly appear on the screens.

In 2016, our heroine was approved for the main role in the sitcom “Runaway Relatives” (STS). Her character is the beautiful Julia, a girl from a simple family. She falls in love with Boria Chuikin. Julia does not even realize that her chosen one is the son of an oligarch.

In 2017, fans will be able to see the young actress in two tapes - the Russian melodrama "Magdalen" (in the main role) and the tragicomedy "Matryoshka" (in the image of Tanya).

Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting things about Anna Andrusenko:

  1. In her youth, she experimented with her hair. For a long time the girl had absolutely white hair. Then Annie dyed them in chestnut color.And at the age of 16 she completely cut her hair to zero. After that, our heroine began to grow her native hair color - light brown.
  2. Christina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov chose Anya Andrusenko as the godmother for her daughter Anastasia.
  3. In 2012, at the Turkish Film Festival Golden Orange, the Russian actress received the prize for the Best Female Role (for the image of Catherine she created in the melodrama Goodbye Katya!).Anna Andrusenko roles
  4. A few years ago, Andrusenko worked as a model. She participated in shows of famous designers. Her photos were printed in various glossy publications.
  5. Our heroine starred in two videos of the little-known artist Sergei Rybachev.


Now you know where Anna Andrusenko was born and studied. Roles in TV shows and movies, as well as the details of her personal life, were voiced in the article. We wish this charming artist creative prosperity and female happiness!

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