Antimony for the eyes: how to apply?

From ancient times, humanity, and especially the beautiful half of it, has had the desire to make their face more attractive and brighter. So, some cosmetic makeup products are known from time immemorial. Among them - antimony for the eyes, black stone, crushed into powder. This type of cosmetics was especially popular in the East. Residents of the Arabian Peninsula use it as eyeliner and eye shadow. So, antimony for the eyes: how to apply, makeup photos, useful properties - we will look at all this below.

History of origin

Antimony for eyes (Kohl, Kayal, Kadzhal) - powder from natural stone substance. Usually diluted with oils or water-oil solution. The word itself comes from the Turkish language and is translated as "blackening", "rubbing".

Sources claim that for the first time antimony for the eyes was discovered in Egypt. It was there, thousands of years before our era, that man was already ordered to look a certain way. Thus, Egyptian noble women actively used natural means to emphasize their beauty.In ancient sculptures, for example, Queen Cleopatra is always depicted with a bright make-up - eyes that are thickly outlined in black paint and eyebrows are emphasized.

antimony for eyes

In this country, antimony for the eyes has been used since the 20th century BC. Egyptian women called her “mastim”, diluted the powder with oils and plant juices, after which they thickly blackened their eyebrows and eyes with thin sticks or special brushes. They used malachite green powder as shadows.


Antimony for the eyes, reviews of which went far beyond the borders of Egypt, soon became the most common makeup product. In the 19-18 centuries BC, it was already used everywhere in the north of Africa and on the Arabian Peninsula.antimony for eyes reviewsTips on how to use antimony for the eyes, how to prepare it, were passed from mouth to mouth, from mother to daughter. At that time, each kind could meet its recipe for the preparation of this cosmetic product. Many women were able to cook several types of antimony - for bright eye makeup, for protection from the scorching sun, for treatment, for children, and so on. For the preparation used a mixture of animal fat, healing oils of almond, usma and antimony powder itself. Applied it, as in ancient Egypt, with a stick or brush.

The use of antimony for the eyes

Most likely, the tool has received such a distribution due to its healing properties. Even now, when there is an extensive range of eye makeup products on the shelves, antimony remains popular in the East.

The hot climate, the proximity of the desert and the frequent sandstorms demanded from the inhabitants of the Arab countries a special attitude to vision. Antimony therapeutic for the eyes has become an excellent protective agent. It is no secret, for example, that even the Bedouins - wanderers of the desert - actively use this tool. In this case, antimony is applied to the eyes of not only women, but also men, and even children of all ages. The crushed stone powder contains a natural sunscreen, so the black band along the inner edge of the century is so popular in Arab countries.

The ancient beliefs are also associated with antimony in the East. So, it is applied to infants immediately after birth, in order to protect them from the evil eye and evil spirits.

Medicinal properties

It is proved that antimony and natural oils that are included in its composition, have beneficial properties for the eyes. Since antiquity in India and the Middle East, it has been used to maintain vision, to treat inflammatory diseases such as conjunctivitis, and also as an antihistamine.Indian antimony for the eyes often contains “kapur kachari” - a tool better known as camphor. This is a natural anesthetic, a substance that helps to anesthetize and cool the inflamed area. In addition, camphor helps fight pesky insects.antimony eyes

In the East, both women and men use powder based on crushed stone, with white antimony being more popular for the eyes in the latter. Use it as a means of strengthening eyelashes

Antimony in the Middle Ages

With the spread of Islam in the Arab world, coal powder only strengthened its position. So, it is known that the Prophet Mohammed himself used it. In the testimony recorded that he advised to bring antimony eyes for shine and growth of eyelashes. It is also known that the Prophet had a special box in which he kept antimony: “... every time he looked at a dream, first his right eye was placed on three circles, then the left eye on three circles,” the scriptures say.

Arab women who were obliged to wear dark blankets covering the body, head and face from the eyes of foreign men, tried to emphasize even more what was possible to show.Not surprisingly, in the art of makeup, they have achieved masterly skill.indian antimony for eyesBright and graphic lines, highlighted eyebrows and densely circled with antimony eyes - this is how we know the classic Oriental makeup.

Modern make-up

In Western civilization for long centuries, this coveted powder remained available exclusively to the nobility. Only those who had access to Eastern countries could get antimony for the eyes. Buy it in the usual shop was not possible, as well as other foreign products. Fortunately, in the modern world, the borders between countries are very transparent, and almost every woman can afford any cosmetic product. No exception - and antimony for the eyes, photos of which are presented in the article. You can find it in online stores, oriental shops and ayurvedic departments. There this tool is presented in several forms.

Antimony powder

The crushed means concluded in a special twisting vessel.antimony for eyes photo

  • Applied as a thin layer on the mucous line of the eyelid.

  • Great for underlining and correction of eyebrows, perfectly shaded.

  • Stimulates the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, increases their density.

  • Can be used as a remedy - then applied overnight.

  • Cleans the eyes from secretions and protects from harmful sun rays.

  • It happens in different shades - from white to charcoal black.

The quality of powdered antimony is determined by its grinding: the smaller it is, the better the antimony is.

For storage of antimony in the powder are used cochlia - special vessels. It is desirable that they be made of natural wood.

Antimony paste

Powder diluted with natural oils and brought to a thick paste.

  • Often made with the addition of basma powder, which enhances the black color.

  • Great for the brightest makeup.

  • Can replace the classic liquid eyeliner and pencil.

  • It has a comfortable, not current texture.

  • Included in the natural oils nourish and protect the delicate skin of the eyelids and eyelashes.

Antimony Pencil

Paste with the addition of solid wax. Available in the form of a wide, with a pointed tip of a pencil.antimony for eyes how to apply

  • Soft, melting texture allows you to smoothly apply the tool.

  • The composition is rich in oils, nourishes the skin of the eyelids, smoothes wrinkles.

  • It is found in many shades.

  • Thanks to its convenient form, it can be used as a means of daily makeup.

  • Takes up little space, is stored as a regular pencil, sharpened with a knife or sharpener.

Therapeutic antimony

It is found in the form of pasta. Typically, such antimony contains camphor, which evaporates, cools and refreshes the eyes, produces an anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect.

It is indicated for tired eye syndrome, prolonged computer work, prolonged reading. The composition often includes extracts of traditional Ayurvedic plants. Such antimony is usually of Asian origin. It can be used as needed (several times a week or daily for the night).

Antimony for the eyes: how to apply

In contrast to the means of decorative cosmetics produced by an industrial method with the addition of chemical components, antimony continues to be a truly natural product. Its use not only does not harm the eyes, but, on the contrary, contributes to the preservation of their health. That is why it can be applied without fear to the line of the upper and lower eyelids.antimony for eyes how to apply a photoThis method of application makes the eyes very expressive. Even without the use of other makeup products, such as mascara or eye shadow, antimony-filled eyes are difficult to disregard.

The application of this product depends on its type. So, antimony in powder and antimony paste are applied with plastic, glass or wooden sticks. Usually they are supplied with the product and are screwed into the lid of the vessel-kohlia, like a brush in an eyeliner tube. Antimony pencil does not require available tools, it is sharpened with a sharpener and is applied like a regular soft eyeliner. If desired, it can be used with a brush.

Antimony can be used regularly and daily, including at night, especially if it is declared as therapeutic. It is better to wash off the product with makeup remover, for example, micellar water or hydrophilic oil. Some use ordinary soap.

The undoubted advantages of antimony for the eyes include its economical consumption. One tube with a tool is enough for a very long time. At the same time, it is suitable for use for a much longer period than the usual decorative eyeliner or pencil.The product in powder form has no shelf life at all.

Antimony for eyes: reviews

Modern girls who use this product, which came to us from time immemorial, willingly share their impressions on the net. So, most are satisfied with the result of its application. Paste antimony and antimony in pencil have the highest popularity. These tools allow you to create bright makeup, retain excellent durability throughout the day, including do not flow on the mucous lines of the century.

Antimony powder causes users some difficulties, because it is really necessary to adjust to its application. Many use it for the night and in the morning receive a ready low-key make-up. Marked and therapeutic properties of such antimony. You can find reviews that the powder gives eyes freshness, relieves fatigue and redness.

Camphor antimony causes mixed opinions. Many say that at first it is difficult to use it, because such a product is stinging eyes. Others, on the contrary, consider camphor to be a useful substance in the composition, because it actually produces an anti-inflammatory and refreshing effect.

Many girls are trying to acquire traditional antimony, produced in the East, in India, in Arab countries. It usually has a more natural composition than that produced by famous brands in the West. In addition, it is precisely among Asian products that one can find curative antimony, as well as Kohli and kadzhaly of non-traditional shades.

In Russia, eastern antimony is easiest to purchase from online stores. The price of it starts from 50 rubles per pack. The most expensive - the one that is produced in the United Arab Emirates.


Traditionally, for the manufacture of this natural makeup products are used only natural substances. In the correct antimony should not be artificial preservatives, additional dyes and chemical flavors.

In this Arabic kohle you can find:

  • antimony - pounded stone substance;

  • fatty oils - used as a base, give a melting texture to the product, nourish and protect the skin, contain natural sunscreens, strengthen eyelashes, smooth wrinkles;

  • plant extracts - relieve fatigue and redness of the eyes;

  • camphor - cools the eyes, provides an anti-inflammatory effect, makes the look clear and brilliant;

  • Vaseline is also used as a base, odorless and hypoallergenic.

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