Apparatus Manicure - the bliss of hands

The advantages of hardware manicure

Being faced with the choice of which manicure to give preference: the usual hygienic or hardware - you need to understand how they differ from each other. With a cut manicure, excess skin and horniness is removed by metal nippers, after which a softening cream is applied, and with hardware, cutting tools are not used. It is impossible to say which one is better, because there are hands on which only one type of manicure can be made. For example, on the fingers, where the growth of the cuticles is observed, the use of hardware processing is inappropriate: rough skin is subject only to mechanical removal. But there are such fingers, on which there are very thin nail plates and a minimum of growth, and a hardware manicure - for such cases, especially considering that such hands are very close to the surface of the vessels.

hardware manicure

Technology of carrying

It is not necessary to do this procedure in a beauty salon, because, having the necessary tools, you can do a hardware manicure at home.First you should hold your hands in warm water with the addition of aromatic salt and soap, after which you should apply a special tool on the cuticleshardware manicure at homekeratolytic (remuver). After 1-2 minutes it is necessary to push the skin very gently with the pusher, without pressing on the base of the nail plate. Then it is necessary to process the skin with a spherical diamond bur with a diameter of not more than 2 mm, without falling on the nail. After removing remuver remnants, if necessary, cut off pieces of skin, but if this is not required, you should take a smaller size boron and process hard-to-reach places. After complete treatment of the cuticles, it is necessary to visually assess the state of the periungual ridges and, if necessary, treat them with either a ceramic cutter or a nozzle with emery cap of at least 180 grit. After removing the dust, you should treat the free edge of the nail and apply a base coat on all the nails, and after it dries - varnish. If you want, you can apply glitter on the wet varnish, then cover it with a fixative - your nails will shimmer in the sun, which looks very beautiful. In conclusion, massage oil is applied to each finger or a paraffin therapy procedure is carried out.hardware manicure and pedicure- everything, hardware manicure is ready!

Hardware pedicure

A hardware manicure and pedicure are performed using a frezer, with the difference that in the treatment of the feet, coarser nozzles are used to get rid of corns. The toes are treated the same as on the hands, but on the heels rough skin is removed by a nozzle with an emery cap of a larger size and more rigid, usually it is 80 grit. Having removed most of the keratinous skin, it is necessary to change the nozzle to a softer one and perform the final polishing. After a hardware pedicure, the skin is on the legs, like in a baby, and the growth occurs much slower than with a cut. Having gotten in, both manicure and pedicure can be done independently at home, in comfortable conditions, and not only for oneself, but also for your family members.

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