Biography of Lewis Carroll, the work of the writer, interesting facts

- This is an amazing story of an English writer and scholar. Moreover, the whole world knows him as a storyteller who wrote one of the most famous stories about the adventures of the girl Alice. His career as a writer was not limited to: Carroll was engaged in photography, mathematics, logic, and taught. He holds the title of professor at Oxford University.

Childhood writer

Lewis Carroll’s biography dates back to Cheshire. It was here that he was born in 1832. His father was a parish priest in the small village of Daresbury. The family was big. Lewis's parents raised 7 more girls and three boys.

biography of lewis carroll

Initial education Carroll received at home. Already there he showed himself as a smart and intelligent student. His first teacher was his father. Like many creative and talented people, Carroll was left-handed. According to some biographers, in childhood, Carroll was forbidden to write with his left hand. Because of this, his childish psyche was disturbed.


Initial education Lewis Carroll received in a private school near Richmond. In it, he found a language with teachers and students, but in 1845 he was forced to transfer to Rugby school, where conditions were worse. In the period of study showed excellent results in theology and mathematics. Since 1850, the biography of Lewis Carroll has been closely associated with the aristocratic college in Christ Church. This is one of the most prestigious educational institutions at Oxford University. Over time, he translates to study at Oxford.

In his studies, Carroll was not distinguished by particular success, stood out only in mathematics. For example, he won the competition for reading math lectures in Christ Church. He was engaged in this work for 26 years. Although she was boring for a professor of mathematics, but brought a decent income.

Lewis Carroll biography in English

According to the college charter, another amazing event occurs. The writer Lewis Carroll, whose biography is associated with the exact sciences by many, takes holy orders. These were the requirements of the college in which he studied. He is given the rank of deacon, who allows him to read sermons without working in the parish.

In college, begins writing stories Lewis Carroll. The biography of a brief English mathematician proves that talented people have abilities both in exact and in the humanities. In magazines, he sent them under a pseudonym, which later became world famous. His real name is Charles Dodgson. The fact is that at that time in England, writing was considered not a very prestigious occupation, so scientists and professors tried to hide their passions in prose or poetry.

First success

The biography of Lewis Carroll is a success story. Glory to him came in 1854, his works began to publish authoritative literary magazines. These were the stories "The Train" and "Cosmic Times".

Lewis Carroll biography brief

Around the same time, Carroll became acquainted with Alice, who later became the prototype for the heroines of his most famous works. The new dean, Henry Liddel, arrived at the college. His wife and five of his children came with him. One of them was 4-year-old Alice.

"Alice in Wonderland"

The most famous work of the author, the novel "Alice in Wonderland", appears in 1864. Biography of Lewis Carroll in English sets out the history of the creation of this work.This is an amazing story about a girl Alice, who through a rabbit hole enters an imaginary world. It is inhabited by various anthropomorphic creatures. The tale is extremely popular among both children and adults. This is one of the best works in the world, written in an absurdist genre. He has a lot of philosophical jokes, mathematical and linguistic allusions. This work had a great influence on the formation of a whole genre - fantasy. A few years later, Carroll wrote the continuation of this story - "Alice Through the Looking Glass".Lewis Carroll biography for kids

In the XX century, many brilliant adaptations of this work appeared. One of the most famous shot Tim Burton in 2010. Mia Vasikovska, Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway played the main roles in it. In the story of this picture Alice was already 19 years old. She returns to Wonderland, in which she was far back in her childhood, when she was only 6. Alice is to save Barmaglot. She is assured that she is the only one who is capable of it. Meanwhile, the dragon Barmaglot is dominated by the Red Queen. The film organically combines live action with beautiful animation. That is why the picture was among the highest grossing films of the world in the history of cinema.

Travel to Russia

The writer was mainly a homebody, only once got abroad. In 1867, Lewis Carroll came to Russia. Biography in English, mathematics tells in detail about this trip. Carroll went to Russia with Rev. Henry Liddon. Both were representatives of theology. At that time, the Orthodox and Anglican churches actively contacted each other. Together with his friend Carroll, he visited Moscow, Sergiev Posad, and many other holy places, as well as the largest cities of the country - Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg.

Lewis Carroll biography in English

We have reached a diary that was kept in Russia by Lewis Carroll. A brief biography for children thoroughly describes this journey. Although it was not originally intended for printing, it was published posthumously from afar. This includes impressions from the cities visited, observations from meetings with Russians and recordings of individual phrases. On the way to Russia and on the way back, Carroll and a friend visited many European countries and cities. Their path lay through France, Germany and Poland.

Scientific publications

Under his own name, Dodgson (Carroll) published many works on mathematics.He specialized in Euclidean geometry, matrix algebra, studied mathematical analysis. Carroll also loved entertaining mathematics, constantly developing games and puzzles. For example, he owns a method for calculating determinants, which bears his name - Dodgson condensation. True, in general, his mathematical achievements did not leave any noticeable trace. But the work on mathematical logic far ahead of the time in which he lived Lewis Carroll. The biography in English describes these successes in detail. Carroll died in 1898 in the city of Guilford. He was 65 years old.

Carroll photographer

There is another area in which Lewis Carroll was successful. Biography for children describes in detail his passion for photography. He is considered one of the founders of Pictorialism. This trend in the art of photography has the staging nature of filming and the installation of negatives.

Lewis Carroll brief biography for children

Carroll talked a lot with the famous photographer of the XIX century Reilander, took lessons from him. The writer's house kept his collection of production photos. Carroll himself took a picture of Reilander, who is considered to be a classic of a photographic portrait of the mid-19th century.

Personal life

Despite popularity among children, Carroll was never married and had no children. His contemporaries note that the main joy in life was his friendship with little girls. He often painted them, even naked and half-naked, naturally, with the permission of the mothers. An interesting fact that needs to be noted: at that time in England, girls under the age of 14 were considered asexual, so this passion of Carroll did not seem suspicious to anyone. Then it was considered innocent fun. Carroll himself wrote about the innocent nature of friendship with girls. No one doubted that there were no hints of violation of the standards of decency in the numerous memories of children about friendship with the writer.

Suspicions of pedophilia

Despite this, in our time there were serious suspicions that Carroll was a pedophile. Basically they are associated with free interpretations of his biography. For example, the film "Happy Child" is dedicated to this.writer lewis carroll biography

True, modern researchers of his biography come to the conclusion that most of the girls with whom Carroll spoke were over 14 years old. Basically they were 16-18 years old.First, the writer's girlfriends often underestimated their age in memories. For example, Ruth Gamlen writes in her memoirs that she dined with Carroll while she was a shy child of twelve years old. However, researchers were able to establish that at that time she was already 18. Secondly, Carroll himself used to call the word “child” young girls up to 30 years old.

So today it is necessary to recognize with a large degree of confidence that all suspicions of the unhealthy attraction of the writer and mathematician to children are without facts. The friendship of Lewis Carroll with the daughter of his dean, from whom the amazing Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was born, is absolutely innocent.

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