Born Actor Vincent Martella

American actor Vincent Martella was born in 1992, October 15th. Despite his Italian roots, he considers his birthplace to Rochester, New York. Currently, the actor with his parents, brothers and sisters lives in (Dilend).

Vincent is not only an actor, but also a singer and musician. He produced and recorded his first album, Time Flies, on his own.

Biographical information

Each person comes to the acting profession in his own way. Someone is following the dream, overcoming countless obstacles, and Fate favors someone literally from birth. The second category includes Vincent Martella. The biography of the boy actor began at the age of three - the kid loved to perform in front of the “auditorium”.

This scene became available to Vincent in elementary school: he enjoyed participating in amateur productions. The first fee Vincent Martella received in seven years, when he became a popular radio host.

At the age of ten, Vincent happened to make his first films. It was the movie "Call Man-2". The boy coped perfectly with the task, not remaining in the shadow of the famous Rob Schneider, with whom he shared the set.

Vincent Martella: feature films and cartoons (voicing)

vincent martella moviesThe actor is known to the American audience for the films “Adult Surprise” and “Shop Bayt”, as well as for the TV series “Phineas and Ferb” and “Everyone Hates Chris”, “The Walking Dead”, “The Mentalist”.

Vincent Martella, in addition to filming in feature films and television films, takes part in the sound of animated films. His voice, for example, is spoken by cartoon characters: “Phineas and Ferb: The Conquest of the Second Dimension” and “Batman: Under the Hood”.

"Everyone hates Chris"

vincent martella biographyThe film "Everybody Hates Chris" is a situational comedy about African Americans who live in a dysfunctional neighborhood. The action of the series "Everyone hates Chris" occurs in the eighties of the last century. Despite the seeming equality of representatives of different races, it is difficult to call the relations of the inhabitants of this locality friendly.The relationship between "white" and "black" involuntarily makes the viewer mentally return to that period of world history when the slave system was considered common in America.

The protagonist of the series is the famous comedian Chris Rock, then still a teenager, who moved to a new area with his parents, brother and sister. Being the eldest of children, Chris, to the best of his abilities, is engaged in raising children and attends a privileged school, where he is the object of hatred and ridicule. However, Chris does not give himself a grudge and even finds new friends.

All series of situational comedy "Everyone hates Chris" (Vincent Martella played the role of a teenager named Greg), were first shown from 2005 to 2009.

Awfully popular "horror"

vincent martella the walking deadAnother popular multiseries film in which Vincent Martell was seen, The Walking Dead. The creators of this series offer the viewer to go to the future, modified by the apocalypse.

The plot is as follows: after the epidemic of a new, unknown to earthlings disease, a significant portion of the inhabitants of the once thriving cities became living dead. The globe is now a landfill on which earthlings who have not yet caught the virus are trying to find an uninfected piece of land.

So, a small group of people who, trying to find a “clean”, untouched patch of land, are making their way from one locality to another. “Everything will get better as soon as the search is crowned with success,” they think. But soon the living understand that their main opponents are not the “risen” dead, but fear and despair, forcing some of them to do things that are not worthy of being called human.

A certain group of film critics calls The Walking Dead to be another non-standard zombie film project. Among the specialists, there are those who consider the key figures of the film to be not the living dead, but their surviving relatives. Each of the survivors is a person who has suffered a tragedy and has lost everything that was associated with the concept of “living on Earth”.

vincent martellaThe society of survivors is a human society in miniature: children, adults and old people. None of them has supernatural abilities and does not own hand-to-hand combat techniques. The inhabitants, by chance "pulled out" of society, in a critical situation, each manifest themselves in their own way. A respected "in the past life" an individual may in fact prove to be either a courageous knight or a lying coward.

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