Brooklyn Bridge: National Historic Landmark

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. It extends 1.8 kilometers and connects two New York districts: Brooklyn and Manhattan. This is the first bridge that was constructed using steel rods.


The Brooklyn BridgeConstruction of the bridge was begun in 1869 and lasted 14 years. The original construction project was designed by John Robling, a German immigrant working as a road builder. He came up with the idea of ​​building a bridge across the East River after the ferry on which he sailed across the river got stuck in the ice. But Robbling was not destined to see the result of his project: after a leg injury and subsequent amputation, he had tetanus, which led to death. John Roebling was not the only person who died during the construction period: out of 600 workers, 20 died during the construction of the bridge.

Opening the bridge

bridges of new yorkAfter the death of his father, his son, Washington Roebling, took over the project, and then his wife, Emily Robling, took the lead. More than thirteen years passed before the work was completed. The discovery took place on May 24, 1983: about 150 thousand people crossed the Brooklyn Bridge that day. According to calculations, the total cash value of the facility was approximately $ 15.5 million. A massive and reliable bridge designed by Roebling, and in reality turned out to be like this. Although at first the residents doubted his safety. In order to dispel all fears, in 1884, a caravan of heavy circus animals, including a herd of elephants, was conducted through the building.

Access to the bridge

Brooklyn Bridge is intended only for road transport, cyclists and pedestrians. Metro and trains do not pass through it. If you want to get to Brooklyn on foot, in Manhattan you should walk to the City Hall, opposite which the footpath begins. If you want to make a return trip, you must pass through the underground passage leading to the bridge on Washington Street in Brooklyn. In addition to tracks for pedestrians and cyclists located on a certain elevation, there are lanes of vehicles on both sides of the structure.

Cultural value

brooklyn in manhattanThere are other New York bridges connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan, but Brooklyn is the most famous and popular. It is more than just a cultural object. At one time, this bridge was a symbol of optimism, not only for New Yorkers, but also for all Americans. Two towers with large Gothic arches, reaching 84 meters in height, became a feature of the construction, which makes them one of the highest attractions of the city. Even during the design, Roebling argued that the monumental towers would make the bridge a historical monument, and he was right. In 1964, the Brooklyn Bridge was officially recognized as the national historic landmark of the United States. Currently, it is the preferred walking and resting place for most New Yorkers. The views from the bridge attract thousands of travelers and tourists every year. The architectural monument was used more than once as a background in Hollywood films, and was also mentioned in numerous poems and prose.

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