Burberry Weekend: fragrance description and customer reviews

Have you ever met whimsical aromas like spring? If not, then we are pleased to introduce you to the amazing perfume called Burberry Weekend. At first glance, the aroma seems light, sunny, airy, but its middle and lower notes, which will unfold on the body some time after application, will not leave anyone indifferent. What is so special about the Burberry Weekend toilet water, and why does so much of the fair sex prefer it?

General Aroma Information

First of all, let's take a look at the history and creators of this amazing perfume. Burberry Weekend for Women was released in 1997 under the guidance of a famous female perfumer named Natalie Lorson. She is the one who is able to create from the simplest, moreover - from the light and even volatile odors, such a unique and multifaceted aroma that it is simply not possible to forget it. Burberry Weekend is definitely a floral family, but some of its notes make you think that this smell is a bit woody or oriental.No, in fact, this bouquet of a huge number of flowers creates such an unusual sensation. In general, Burberry Weekend perfumes are positioned as voluptuous, impregnable, peaceful, brilliant and at the same time comfortable.

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Pyramid composition

Despite the lightness and sweetness of the floral bouquet, the aroma of which prevails in this perfume, Natalie’s perfumer managed to achieve incredible tenacity and durability, and all thanks to a competent combination of light notes that made up the top of the composition, and a very "serious" base, which makes the whole bouquet longer stay on the body. So, the basis of the flavor of Burberry Weekend are:

  • Top notes are sage, mandarin and rezeda.
  • Heart notes: peach color, iris, violet root, nectarine, red cyclamen, wild rose and blue hyacinth.
  • Basic chord: white cedar, sandalwood and musk.

The result of mixing all these components was incredible. The aroma gives a feeling of warmth, freshness, freedom and lightness. However, it is multifaceted, tenacious, memorable and very individual. By the way, it will be very difficult to meet him in the crowd, so be sure that you are unique.

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Perfume features

Burberry Weekend is one of those fragrances that envelops with charm not only the owner, but all those around her. Yes, the composition is multifaceted and diverse, but it consists of simple and even light at first glance notes. However, its components, such as sandalwood and musk, which hold the entire top bouquet on the body, regularly cope with their task. The fragrance is incredibly resistant. On the skin, it can last almost a day, and even after a shower (if you just rinse with water) there is a sweet aftertaste. On clothes it keeps up to washing, well, several “pshikov” are enough for a fur coat or coat so that they are fragrant throughout the season. The second thing worth noting is an incredibly long and rich train. The aroma next to you begins to play with all notes - top, and basic, hitting the sense of smell of everyone around.

Impressions of the fragrance

Well, here you have acquired the coveted bottle from the British brand and look forward to the pleasure that you will get from the new fragrance. What can you imagine by opening a bottle with the inscription Burberry Weekend? First, it is warm, the sun, lightness and gentle sweetness. Thoughts are transferred to the summer hot day, where the rays of the sun sparkle between the fingers and caress the skin.Secondly, it is light, unobtrusive coolness. It is as if you are entering a green garden filled with unprecedented flowers and fruits, and the smell literally falls on you. The third is the feeling of freedom. Feeling these spirits on yourself, you will be inspired again and again, and you will not be able to sit still - they will provoke you to new adventures, feats and give new impressions.

Burberry Weekend for her and him

What time and age are perfumes intended for?

Speaking about what time of day it is best to wear the fragrance from Burberry - Weekend, it is worth noting that here the opinions of the manufacturer and users came together. Perfume is definitely daytime, in extreme cases, they can be worn in the early evening. It is with sunny days, warm weather that scent harmonizes. On cloudy and cold days, it will feel a little ridiculous. It is easy to guess that Weekend - the smell of summer, spring, sometimes it is suitable for early and warm autumn. In winter, he will simply get lost or discord with warm clothes and heavy images.

Opinions of the majority of users agreed that the Burberry Weekend perfume ideally sits on young girls aged 35-40 years. For more mature ladies, they are too playful, although in some cases they are in harmony with the images of younger and stylish older women. Also note that this version of the perfume is not office.Yes, it is full-time, and it can be purchased for everyday wear, but with strict business suits and official style in clothes, it is unlikely to be harmoniously combined. Best of all, this fragrance will look with light dresses or bright extravagant outfits.

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Burberry Weekend. Reviews

According to many women who managed to get acquainted with this amazing perfume, it is unique and very multifaceted. Spirits play on the body with all the colors of spring and summer, they overflow not only with flower smells, but also give away citrus, peaches and even honey. This voluptuous pleasure, which envelops in its honey mist, not only the owner of the fragrance, but also all the surrounding people. The aura of the divine perfume, it stays in the air for a long time.

But, as noted by women, it is worth being careful when buying perfume in stores of mass market. The fact is that large packs - 50 and 100 milliliters can be very diluted. In this case, the bottle will break up with alcohol, and after applying the smell will evaporate in just a couple of hours, not lingering even on clothes. Therefore, it is best to take small packages of 10-30 ml or purchase Burberry Weekend from a trusted and reliable distributor.

Burberry Weekend in private collection

"Men's summer"

Have you ever met men's fragrances, filled not with sharp and fresh notes, but with sweet, painful and even really summer and juicy ones? You definitely need to get acquainted with the Burberry Weekend for Men perfume, which is filled with all these notes and literally suffocates with warmth and summer. This composition consists of the following components:

  • Top notes are melon, pineapple, tangerine, bergamot and grapefruit.
  • Middle notes are ivy, sandalwood and oakmoss.
  • Base notes: amber, musk and honey.
Burberry Weekend Men

This fragrance is incredibly fresh, citrus and summer, but at the same time sweet and a little bit painful. Ambergris keeps the whole citrus bouquet on the skin, and the honey “sprays” it, making it incredibly memorable and unique. These men's perfumes are uniquely designed for the summer period and for the daytime. In the evening, they will be lost in the neon lights of the city, but in the sunlight they will play with all the colors of the fragrance that you can imagine.

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