Can I get pregnant after an abortion: reviews and opinions

Sometimes, due to certain circumstances, a woman cannot allow a child to be born. Of course, such decisions are the most difficult, but in some situations not everything depends on the fair sex. For medical reasons, based on the state of health, it is dangerous for some women to carry a child.

Unexpected pregnancy

However, after the procedure, many are interested in the question whether it is possible to get pregnant after an abortion. To understand this difficult topic, it is necessary first of all to consider what consequences the interruption of the “interesting” position of a woman has.

Consequences of abortion

In order not to lament and not wrestle with the question of whether you can become pregnant after an abortion, you should understand in your youth that any unprotected sexual intercourse can have disastrous consequences.

After realizing their position, many make an ill-considered decision and go to a specialist to terminate a pregnancy.The doctor makes a thorough analysis and strongly recommends to think again if the girl has no health problems and she is fully capable of enduring a healthy baby. This is due not to the fact that doctors are ardent fighters for children, but to the fact that the specialist is well aware of what consequences a girl can expect after this procedure. There is a chance that after a while the question will sound not “Can I get pregnant one month after an abortion?”, But “Can I even have children?”.

What is the reason. Due to the fact that after this procedure a woman may have a lot of problems:

  • After a surgical abortion there is a risk that scars are formed on the walls of the cervix. Because of this inflammation it will be very difficult to carry the baby in the future.
  • After the procedure, the woman’s immune system is greatly weakened, as a result of which she can become infected with an infectious disease.
  • More than 12% of the fair sex after an abortion develops a tumor and there are serious problems with the genitourinary system.
  • Against the background of medical intervention there is a risk of infertility.
  • After abortion, external and external secretions change, which can also lead to serious consequences in the future.

In addition, it is not uncommon for the placenta to begin to separate much earlier than the time after the intervention and surgical removal of the baby This can lead to miscarriages in the future.

Pregnant girl

Speaking about whether it is possible to get pregnant after the first abortion or the danger arises only with numerous procedures, it is worth understanding that even with the condition of the primary procedure, quite serious illnesses can develop. In addition, it all depends on the qualifications of the specialist. However, those who have gone through this procedure should in no way despair. This is confirmed by the opinion of experienced gynecologists and obstetricians.

Is there a chance to get pregnant after an abortion

First of all, you need to understand that everything is individual and depends on the specific patient. However, if the question of whether it was possible to get pregnant after an abortion, stood before the doctors 20-30 years ago, the most likely answer would be negative. This is due to outdated technology and a more aggressive impact on the female body.

Today, there are more benign methods of abortion, which traumatize women to the least extent.Thus, their reproductive system is fairly quickly restored. However, some ladies are ready to conceive within a few weeks, while others cannot become pregnant for several more years.

Can I get pregnant after an abortion? Month, week, year - what is the recovery period?

If we talk about the opinions of doctors, then they argue that, ideally, all the reproductive functions of the woman's body return to normal 30 days after medical intervention. However, this is not an exact statement, since everything depends on the specific case. Therefore, talking about whether you can get pregnant one week after an abortion, it is necessary to clarify the individual characteristics, the level of immunity and other parameters of the woman's body.

Expectation of pregnancy

Also, experts advise women not to rush, because any interference with the processes taking place inside the woman’s body harms her. Therefore, it is better to wait until the genitals are fully restored and only after that to think about conception.

The optimal period to wait is six months. During this time it is better to use contraceptives.

If we talk about whether you can get pregnant immediately after an abortion, then there is certainly such a possibility.However, whether a woman will be able to endure a child is a moot point.

Useful recommendations

After the procedure, it is very important to constantly monitor the gynecologist. When a specialist says that you can think about a child, you need to undergo a full examination and an ultrasound scan. Also, without fail, the doctor asks you to take a blood test to make sure that the level and ratio of hormones are normal. This is very important, since for some women the hormonal background never returns to normal.

Additionally, the doctor may prescribe tests for infectious diseases.

Opinion of experts

Speaking about whether it is possible to get pregnant after a medical abortion, almost all doctors agree that the number of procedures is not important, it all depends on how well they were done. If the operation was performed by an experienced gynecologist, then even after 10 abortions a woman can easily become a mother.

Consultation with a doctor

It is also worth noting that the so-called emergency contraceptives do not have a detrimental effect on the reproductive system. These are pills that women take if sexual intercourse was unprotected by chance.

Also, many psychologists agree that the majority of women psychologically adjust themselves to the fact that they will not have more children. Contribute to this and numerous comments on the forums, which experts recommend not to believe completely.

According to statistics, more than 90% of women who have an abortion, without problems give birth to healthy children. The remaining 10% comes from those who performed the procedure incorrectly or at a very early age.

Can I get pregnant after an abortion: reviews

Judging by the opinions of women who have gone through this procedure, they also do not recommend earlier conception after an abortion. Among the consequences of such an intervention may be an ectopic pregnancy, and even a miscarriage.

On the other hand, some of the fair sex without any problems were carrying a child after an abortion. However, they strongly recommend that you first consult with your doctor and pass all the necessary tests. If conception has happened, but the female reproductive system has not yet returned to normal, then experts more often recommend a medical abortion, which does not cause significant harm to the health of the future mother.

Crossed fingers

If you do not follow the advice of experts, this can lead to the development of pathology in the fetus and other unpleasant consequences. In addition, many women who have passed an abortion, agree that each situation is individual and is not guided by the advice of friends and other incompetent sources.

How to quickly get pregnant after an abortion - expert advice

First of all, gynecologists recommend to visit a doctor and pass all the necessary tests. Based on their results, the doctor will be able to prescribe the necessary treatment and select the necessary course of medication to quickly restore the work of all body systems. Before conceiving, it is also important to consult a gynecologist, who will help determine when it is best to start planning a pregnancy.

Pregnancy test

In addition, you need to prepare for the fact that quickly conceive a child may not work. Since the reproductive system is weak, it may take months, and in difficult situations and years. However, thanks to modern medicine, such problems are becoming less common.

Do not listen to advice from the category "one friend did so."Handicraft treatment and questionable recipes of traditional medicine can only exacerbate the situation. Therefore, to self-medicate and diagnose via the Internet is not worth it. It is better to spend this time looking for a qualified gynecologist.

Psychological component

Speaking about whether you can get pregnant after an abortion, you should not turn a blind eye to this side of the problem. After an abortion, many women are simply afraid of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. As a result, they bring themselves to severe stress, which also impedes the normal conception of the baby.

Joyful pregnant

It is best to set yourself up for the best and not to doubt that the pregnancy will proceed normally. You should not feel guilty and harass yourself. If a woman is constantly in a nervous and depressed state, then this is detrimental to her health. Therefore, it is better to start life from scratch and think about the good. If you cannot solve the problems yourself, you can contact a psychologist. In medical practice, there are often women who are psychologically not ready to have children after an abortion.

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