Car suspension and its value

Driving on Russian roads every motorist leads to such a state that it is difficult to describe in words. The car jumps out of one hole, flies out of the second, lands in the third. But the driver’s nerves are half the trouble. But the suspension of the car, which takes on all the potholes and potholes, cannot express its state out loud.

What is it like?
car suspensionAutomotive suspension is a complex mechanism that includes many elements. This silent blocks, and levers, and racks. Breakage or wear of any of these parts leads to failure of the entire suspension. No, the car will not lose the course. He will be able to move, and with the same speed as before. But knocking, ringing, poor handling with a faulty suspension are guaranteed. If the suspension of the car has failed, there will not be a comfortable ride.

Types of automotive suspension

In modern automotive industry, several types of suspension are used: double-lever, McPherson, multi-link, rear dependent, “De Dion” variant and semi-dependent. The simplest of them is the first. From the name it is clear that this suspension consists of two levers.This type is used mainly in domestic cars, as it provides minimal movement of the wheel in the transverse direction. And this, in turn, saves tires and ensures vehicle stability. Suspension "MacPherson" is more complex in constructive terms.semi-suspensionIt dampens both longitudinal and transverse vibrations from the wheels. Racks "McPherson" now stand on almost all imported cars. The multi-link car suspension is a bit like a double-lever, but more complex in design. She well extinguishes strikes due to a large number of silent blocks. The multi-link suspension has several advantages, the most important of which is wheel independence and low unsprung weight. This type is very expensive. Therefore, multi-link design is mainly equipped with executive cars. Suspension "De Dion" invented by a French engineer. He sought to ease the rear axle as much as possible. The main difference between this suspension - attaching the crankcase of the main gear directly to the body. The design can be both dependent, and independent type.Most often, an analogue suspension "De Dion" is used on off-road vehicles. However, despite the continuous improvement of the design, almost all of these mechanisms, especially of the dependent type, have a significant minus - the unbalanced behavior of the machine at the start and when braking. The car, as it were, “crouches” at intensive acceleration and “nodding” at a sudden stop. Semi-suspension is applied only on the non-rear axle. Currently it stands on almost all front-wheel drive cars.

 car suspension repairCar suspension repair

Before repairing the suspension, it should be diagnosed. As mentioned above, this chassis unit is very complex in a constructive way. Therefore, it is difficult to determine right away where and what was broken, damaged or worn in it. It is desirable that the suspension of the car was diagnosed in a car service. Now almost all workshops have the necessary high-tech equipment for this procedure. In any case, the wizard will identify the causes of the fault and how to eliminate them. And how to act further is already the personal will of the owner.You can fix the problem right there in the service station. And you can practice your knowledge of mechanics yourself.

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