Castor intestinal cleansing - features of use, effectiveness and feedback

One of the most effective methods for cleansing the intestine is the use of vegetable oils. For such purposes it is very good to use olive, flaxseed or sea buckthorn, but the castor is recognized as the best. After all, it, like no other, very quickly activates the work of the digestive organs, especially smooth intestinal muscles, and, in addition, softens the stool and eliminates the problems of flatulence and dyspepsia. Consider exactly how castorca is used to cleanse the intestines.

Castor oil for bowel cleansing

In common people, this type of oil is called the simple well-known word "castorca." It is produced by ordinary cold pressing from castor seeds - one of the types of poisonous plants. Next, the liquid obtained and squeezed from the beans is subjected to hot steam treatment. This is done so that ricin is released from it - a protein toxin.bowel castor oil


For the resulting product is characterized by a viscous consistency of a light yellowish shade. Also, the oil has a specific smell, and its taste, can provoke the urge to vomit in some people. But even despite these not very pleasant moments, castor oil for cleansing the intestines, however, is very popular, both at home and in clinical settings, where oil is often used as medical capsules.

For what purpose should castor oil be used?

Due to the pronounced laxative functions, castor oil has been successfully used for the treatment of acute constipation and food toxic infections. It is used as a diagnostic tool for bowel cleansing and preoperative preparation. Tartar oil - this is what they call casterae, it fights very well with overweight, can improve immunity and relieve nerve surges. In addition, it helps people deal with headaches, eliminates the causes of flatulence and copes with the unpleasant symptoms of otitis. Castor intestinal cleansing is used for a long time.castor bowel cleansing reviews

The benefits of castorca

Possessing anthelmintic effect, it has found its use in situations where suspicions of the presence of various parasites in the digestive tract are detected. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, taking castorca is appropriate for diseases of the joints, red eyes and muscle strain. Being included in the composition of ointments and balms, the use of castor oil is also relevant in the treatment of burns, hyperkeratosis, ulcers and small wounds.

Application in cosmetology

Castor oil is also in demand in dermatological cosmetology, as well as in trichology - a branch of medicine that deals with the problems of scalp and hair health. For example, with the help of it it is possible to stop their loss, which, by the way, is also a frequent sign of slagging of the body. Castor oil, among other things, helps in the fight against dandruff, contributes to the lengthening and thickening of eyelashes, provides an opportunity to rejuvenate and heal the skin through its moisturizing and normalization of the sebaceous glands. Those who suffer from acne, warts, papillomas and scars, as well as bruises, should definitely turn to the use of this multifunctional remedy. According to reviews, castorca for bowel cleansing is suitable for many, but there are some limitations.Castera intestinal cleansing instruction

Contraindications castor oil

Limitations associated with the use of castor oil for bowel cleansing are usually reported as follows:

  • dangerous pathologies and diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • colitis;
  • the presence of gallstones;
  • intestinal obstruction of a mechanical nature;
  • individual intolerance to the active agents castor oil;
  • bleeding of various etiologies;
  • diseases of the abdominal organs, which are in the acute phase;
  • tubulo-interstitial nephritis;
  • poisoning with phosphorus, benzene, and also other fat-soluble elements;
  • renal failure.

use of castor oil to cleanse the intestines

Side effects

Women who are breastfeeding, as well as children younger than twelve years old, should not use castera to cleanse the intestines (the instruction confirms this) from toxins and feces, as side effects such as severe nausea, dehydration, deficiency of vitamins A and D are possible, and, moreover, severe diarrhea. With long-term use, castor oil can form a dependency. As for pregnant women, in their case, any contraindications are even more significant,since the carrying of the baby in the womb can end in premature birth, or miscarriage due to the reason for the powerful contraction of the uterus. In addition, there is a danger of detachment of the placenta, which is also extremely dangerous for the fetus.

Instructions for use of castorca to cleanse the intestines

Of course, the benefits and harms of castor oil are based on the validity of its correct application. That is why, before proceeding to any action, you should first seek the advice of a local therapist or proctologist, as well as a gastroenterologist. And in the event that help is required to the child, then to the pediatrician. If the doctor approves the prescription and gives instructions on the dosage of the course of necessary treatment, then you can safely resort to using oil and go for it to the pharmacy for further conducting a wellness to drink castor oil to cleanse the intestines


The following are the most commonly used recipes and prescriptions for castor treatment for bowel cleansing (there are reviews on this score):

  • Implementation of bowel cleansing through the use of castor oil, as a method against strong constipation.A stool of solid nature can be eliminated if you use five to ten grams of castor oil on a empty stomach once on a pure form. Usually the effect comes after a couple of hours. It is also allowed to drink it for up to five days, but in this case the volume of the substance should not exceed the daily rate, which is four to six grams per day. Castor lemon is often used in cleansing the intestines.
  • Castor should be poured into a small container, then heated in a water bath to a temperature of 30-35 degrees. Squeeze lemon juice twice as much as butter. After that, the mixture should be drunk, washed down with pre-prepared lemon juice.
  • Castor oil is used as a mild laxative. Based on the recipe of traditional medicine, you need to take one teaspoon of the substance and mix it with an equal amount of bran, and add the same low-fat kefir. The use of home remedies made according to this recipe will make it possible to fight dysbacteriosis.
  • According to reviews, castor oil with brandy to cleanse the intestines is used to get rid of parasites. To do this in the evening you need to eat a light dinner and go to bed.At midnight, you must wake up and drink sweet tea. After tea, take fifty grams of brandy. After 15 min - 50 g of castor oil. Then you can go to bed. In the morning, the intestine itself awakens the body. For maximum results, the procedure should be carried out for 5 consecutive days.lemon castor cleansing bowels
  • Cleansing emulsion mass to get rid of intoxication. For its preparation, you need to mix three large spoons of castor oil with a small amount of maple syrup, pear juice or liquid honey will also do. Next, you should add to the mixture a quarter cup of water, then mix everything thoroughly. The prepared emulsion must be drunk in the morning and preferably done on an empty stomach. What else indicates the instructions for use for castor oil to cleanse the intestines?
  • A bowel cleansing procedure before a colonoscopy or an irrigoscopy. One day before the examination at lunch, it is necessary to take castor oil in a dosage of thirty to forty grams, that is, two tablespoons. For those who do not tolerate the taste of castor oil, allowed to dissolve it in a glass of yogurt.Immediately before the cleaning procedure, one should follow a slag-free diet for two to three days, which should be based on a low-calorie diet. We will understand how to drink castor oil to cleanse the intestines.

Tips and tricks for castor oil

Doctors are advised to adhere to the following guidelines when using castor oil in medicinal products:

  • Before using castorca directly, it is important to put a couple of drops of the product on your elbow or wrist to check if you have an allergic reaction to it.
  • So that the oil is well absorbed, it should be preheated in a water bath.
  • Drink oil from the grains of this wild plant, and it should be used externally only with the permission of a specialist doctor.
  • Castor capsules for bowel cleansing are best taken at weekends, because it takes some time to remove toxins and feces from the intestines, depending on the quality and state of human digestion, as well as the individual characteristics of his body in relation to the prescription used.
  • Six hours before cleansing the intestines with castor oil, it is necessary to temporarily stop eating, and then continue to follow a healthy diet.
  • Using castor oil, it is also necessary to take into account the possible side effects, but in cases where the unpleasant symptoms become long-term in nature or become so severely tolerable that they cause suffering to the patient, it is necessary to urgently resort to the professional help of a medical specialist.

Castor bowel cleansing instructions for use

  • Castor oil in order to cleanse the intestines should not be used very often, it should be done a maximum of two or three times during the month.
  • The duration of therapy and dosage must be determined by the attending physician, as a last resort, should strictly follow the instructions.
  • To buy oil in order to cleanse the intestines, it is necessary only in pharmacies in which, by the way, it is quite cheap.


Recently, there are more and more opinions and reviews regarding the use of castor oil in order to cleanse the intestines. And this is not surprising, because it has long been known as a powerful laxative. To date, the cleansing of this tool is proposed to eliminate all kinds of parasites, and in addition, castor oil perfectly helps to fight dysbiosis and is popularly used for weight loss.

People who have tried this method state that thanks to him they have completely lost the feeling of heaviness in the stomach. In addition, thanks to castor oil, it is possible to noticeably get rid of extra pounds, swelling and heartburn disappear. Treatment with this natural remedy involves the use of additional products, the fasting procedure and the complete rejection of sweet and heavy products for normal digestion.

We looked at how to use castor oil to cleanse the intestines.

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