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The development of the market for mobile devices is gaining momentum with each passing year, and two or three companies come to the place of one dead company. Because of this, in the windows and in the catalogs of online stores more and more unfamiliar brands. For 2016 there were so many of them that it’s difficult to understand them. However, every consumer wants to get the best quality equipment, so he is interested in having comprehensive information on the product.

For example, the DEXP phone is a little-known budget device for fans of the Android platform. But is it as good as sellers and advertising campaigns say?

dexp phone

About the company

Actually, this brand comes from Russia, to be more precise - from Vladivostok. DEXP is a subsidiary of the same name and undoubtedly famous for its "quality" DNS. Such a move forced the company to make unprofitable current production (oddly enough, but it helped).

Spare parts for equipment purchased in China, but this practice is the norm among the creators of low-cost domestic smartphones.Based on the logic of many such companies, one should pay for quality, therefore, it is unlikely to oppose anything.

Of course, the DEXP phone purchased in Russia will not yield to the nameless Chinese creation from Aliexpress - and thanks for that. But the special originality will not please. The usual MediaTek processor, mediocre functionality and design, made like a blueprint. As for the latter, however, it makes no sense to be indignant - the manufacturers of the overwhelming majority of devices are guided by one pattern: rectangular shapes, large display and slim body.

dexp ixion phone

However, the DEXP phone has at least one advantage: low cost, thanks to which it is available to a wide range of consumers.


The devices made by this company are the sea: sensory devices with the Android OS, button "grandmothers" (meaning the simplest gadgets that most people buy to older people), and even landline cellular phones with dock bases. In general, this shows the experience of the company in the market, but, judging by the feedback from customers, unsuccessful.

For example, the DEXP Larus V-series cell phone was quickly discharged, being in the standby mode, constantly losing the network, the indicators were not working, and the font was too small.

However, this is already outdated models, withdrawn from sale. And what about new ones?

cell phone dexp

Phone DEXP: Ixion

This line also includes a lot of devices, but XL5, ML 4.7 and X250 OctaVa remain the most successful to this day (the latter is not the cheapest). These are budget devices, with quite decent "stuffing" and a standard set of functions: a camera from 8 to 13 megapixels, Internet access, multimedia playback and "dialer".

Of course, these smartphones will not compare with most of the flagships, despite the impressive characteristics (which is not surprising for the budget segment of technology). But they can be considered as fairly tolerable devices, if there are no funds for something more reliable.

phone dexp reviews

Characteristics: truth or fiction?

The models shown in the example are not exactly the same, but some of their parameters are similar. For example, the DEXP Ixion XL5 phone, like the X250, is equipped with an 8-core processor, a capacious battery and a good camera (8 megapixel). But the cost of these devices is already higher - it belongs, rather, to the average price category.

It would seem, "iron" looks powerful enough? Not so simple. According to user feedback, we can conclude that smart phones have good performance and are pulled by modern games. However, the processor is not optimized enough, so light hang-ups are inevitable when using a gadget.

The camera has a high resolution, so with its help without any problems you can clearly remove the text or small details of any object. However, without perfect light, professional photography cannot be achieved.

And the last thing to get used to is overheating of the processor. With high loads, its temperature can rise to an unacceptable level, and the device simply turns off.

Phone DEXP: reviews

The previously listed models are the most acceptable, according to users. And that, unfortunately, is all that the firm can offer. The Internet is simply replete with negative responses to these products, entire pages of sites are devoted to them, and under each article telling about the DEXP smartphone, there will definitely be a couple dozens of comments from dissatisfied consumers.

The rest of the situation is quite complicated. On the majority of large sites created for posting reviews, extremely positive opinions are collected. Some of them justify any shortcomings with low cost, and in the rest of them, the DEXP cell phone is almost the best device in its price category on the world market.Therefore, the final decision remains for the consumer - reviews in the choice of the device will hardly help.


The package of the most expensive devices of the line includes not only standard items, but also side ones, such as covers and films on the screen. However, their quality leaves much to be desired - they will not last more than a month. On the other hand, this is rather a plus, because in this way the consumer is freed from the need to buy these funds to protect the smartphone in the cabin.

dexp phone cases

In general, it is better to purchase covers for DEXP phones on online shopping sites, where prices are significantly reduced, and the quality is not worse than Russian products. The same Aliexpress presents a wide range of accessories for every taste, so there will be no problems with the choice. The main thing is that the smartphone does not fail while waiting for the goods to arrive.


The issue of servicing these phones is quite acute. No, it’s not a task for consumers to find a center where a gadget will be repaired - there’s just no problem with that. Dissatisfaction with the service itself.

For example, there are often cases when a DEXP phone breaks down a few months after purchase,but the customer service organization is denied service. Among the reasons are usually a shortage of parts or the withdrawal of the model from production.


Meanwhile, the consumer is always on any product. And no matter how bad the company DEXP releases, it will have both dissatisfied customers and admirers. In addition, the percentage of defects in production is high, but one cannot deny the presence of workable devices.

Thus, the final decision is still made by the buyer, and only he remains to be a member of this "Russian roulette".

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