Cervical Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis

Neck pregnancy is very rare. This is a serious pathology, often leading to death. If you find suspicious symptoms, secretions or worsening of well-being, a woman should immediately seek medical help.

What is cervical pregnancy, and how dangerous is it?

It is necessary to know

This pathology belongs to one of the formsectopic pregnancy. A fetal egg with this diagnosis is attached outside the uterine cavity, namely in its cervical canal. Symptoms of the course of the abnormal process are most often bleedings of varying severity.

cervical pregnancy

In gynecology, ectopic pregnancy (cervicalform) is divided into the following types:

  1. proximal (abdominal, ovarian and tubular);
  2. distal (cervical and cervical-cervical).

The first type of pathology is much more common than the second. The distal form of ectopic pregnancy is very rare.

Such a diagnosis poses a great danger forwomen and entails a series of irreversible processes that threaten her life. Severe internal bleeding and a purulent inflammatory process are the main problems that can lead to death if an unfavorable situation occurs.

Cervical Pregnancy: Symptoms

Since the place where in this case was attacheda fetal egg, a completely different purpose, the decidual membrane does not develop. The nymphs of the chorion begin to break through the walls of the neck, tearing its vessels. Because of this, there is a heavy bleeding.

Symptoms of cervical pregnancy depend on the degreeimplantation of the fetal egg and the current period of pregnancy. The first sign of this pathology is minor blood discharge after a long delay in the menstrual cycle.

Painful sensations in cervical pregnancy do not appear. The nature of bleeding may be of varying intensity-lean or abundant.

cervical pregnancy treatment

It is difficult to imagine what an ectopic pregnancy is fraught with for a woman. In the early stages (6-8 weeks), severe bleeding can occur. In this case, the woman needs urgent hospitalization.

Cardiovascular pregnancy

This is a rare and unusual pathology. It is characterized by attachment of the fetal egg outside the uterus cavity, in the area of ​​its isthmus (lower part). This abnormality refers to the distal form of an ectopic pregnancy.

Any clinical signs duringdiagnosis of the vagina absent. The main symptomatology is also not revealed. Very often, cervico-cervical pregnancy is mistaken for placenta previa.

Identify this form of ectopic pregnancy is difficult. The doctor can assume its presence at bloody discharge, which increases with an increase in the gestational age.

What does the pregnancy test show?

If there is such a pathology, the first alarmingThe smear may be smearing spotting, much poorer than usual. Therefore, a woman may not even suspect that she is in a position. It is best to see a doctor who will find out the cause of the changes in the menstrual cycle, or make a test yourself.

cervical pregnancy symptoms

Basically, its result is positive. However, the strips on the test are not brightly colored, barely discernible. The low content of chorionic hormone (HCH) in the blood, the detection of which is a sign of pregnancy, can directly indicate the existence of pathology.

With a delay in menstruation, spotting anda weakly positive test a woman needs to see a doctor urgently. During the examination the gynecologist will immediately pay attention to the discrepancy between the size of the uterus and the period of pregnancy. If more than 4 weeks have passed, the doctor will easily detect abnormalities in the area of ​​the uterine tubes.


If you suspect an ectopic pregnancythe gynecologist appoints ultrasound and a blood test to determine the level of hCG (hormone). Very often during the diagnostic examination, other pathologies can be detected, namely:

  • fibromyoma;
  • miscarriage;
  • uterine myoma.

To diagnose the cervical form of an ectopic pregnancy, a complete gynecological examination is performed. In this case:

  • cyanosis of the cervix;
  • moving the outer yawn to the side;
  • attachment of the fetal egg to the walls of the cervix, bleeding occurs during palpation;
  • the dimensions of the cervix are enlarged and much larger than her body.

Ultrasound is the most accurate and reliable indicator. At the lumen of the cervical canal, the attached fetal egg is immediately detected.

ectopic pregnancy crocheted


Neck pregnancymay occur for up to 12 weeks. Usually it ends with spontaneous abortion. Cardiovascular pregnancy can develop from 16 to 24 weeks. In very rare cases, these forms of distal gestation occur until the end of the prescribed period.

The main causes of these pathologies are:

  • frequent abortions;
  • endometritis;
  • complex births with external and internal injuries;
  • isthmic-cervical insufficiency;
  • Gynecologic curettage;
  • ECO;
  • uterine myoma.

The main cause of the appearance of cervical pregnancy is the abnormal state of the endometrium and the undeveloped trophoblast.


For a woman's health, cervical pregnancy is very dangerous. Treatmentis carried out immediately. A woman is hospitalized, she undergoes a procedure for stopping bleeding using a tight tamponade sewn on the sides of the vagina.


A circular seam is applied in the neck regionthe Foley catheter is inserted into its canal. The ligation and embolization of internal arteries is performed. With the help of such manipulations, it is possible to extract the fetal egg. It is possible to perform an operation to remove one or two fallopian tubes.

Wrong attempt at scraping the uterus orthe separation of the placenta can threaten with profuse bleeding with a fatal outcome. Tamponade or suturing in this case does not help, as large vessels are opened.

In rare cases, the only way out is touterus removal. This operation is carried out urgently, if it is impossible to stop the blood or keep the organs, than often turns into a cervical pregnancy. Treatment after such a surgical intervention is difficult and long.


In order to avoid any form of ectopic pregnancy, a woman needs to closely monitor her health, avoid unwanted conception.

ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

The main preventive measures are:

  • use of contraceptives;
  • timely visit to the gynecologist;
  • avoidance of abortion;
  • treatment of any gynecological ailments;
  • regular management of the menstrual calendar;
  • observance of sparing conditions of the recovery period after any gynecological operation (to avoid complications).

The first thing a woman should do when shepositive pregnancy test - visit a doctor and register. An experienced gynecologist is able at an early stage to identify any pathology and help avoid terrible consequences.


A nasal pregnancy is very unusual andunpredictable pathology. Usually it is interrupted in the first half of the gestational period. A serious problem is difficult diagnosis, which leads to rupture of uterine tubes and the occurrence of fatal bleeding.

Interruption of ectopic pregnancy - a hugestress for a woman. However, do not despair. It is necessary to exert maximum efforts to undergo successful treatment, a recovery period and to prepare for a second, favorable pregnancy.

ectopic pregnancy after surgery

A severe depression is experienced by a woman aftera surgery for the removal of the uterus. It is prescribed if there was a cervical ectopic pregnancy. After the operation, the patient needs psychological help, since it is very difficult to survive this loss alone.

There is a chance!

Pregnancy is possible if a woman has even removed both fallopian tubes. In this case, IVF is carried out. Be sure after the operation the patient needs to tell about this possibility.

If one tube is removed, the risk of re-ectopic pregnancy is very high. A woman needs to undergo a long recovery period, to use contraception for a while.

During pregnancy planning and itsIt is necessary to follow the recommendations of the doctor, listen to his advice. If a woman underwent surgery, she should strictly adhere to bed rest, not to lift weights, eat well.

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