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Small or cheap hotels in Moscow occupyan important place in the tourism infrastructure. The needs of holidaymakers play a significant role in the formation of new types of mini-hotels. Meeting the needs of guests - this is the main task of the hotel, regardless of what type or type it refers to. The affordable price range of the room must comply with the requirements and standards described in the regulatory documentation, government decree.

Requirements for the hotel

cheap moscow hotelsDepending on the number of stars assignedhotel, the requirements and rules are established, which it must comply with. Mini-hotels with 3 stars must meet the following requirements:

  1. Change of linen - 1 time in 3 days.
  2. Daily cleaning.
  3. Shower in the room does not provide a shower box.
  4. 24-hour staff service.
  5. The presence on the territory of the hotel complex restaurant, laundry, shopping center, swimming pool.

Inexpensive room in a Moscow hotel with a rank of 3stars are available to many tourists. But before you decide on a choice, you need to familiarize yourself with the available reviews. Since each country sets its own criteria, according to which they assign a certain star. In Moscow, the most inexpensive 3-star mini-hotels are:

1. "People's": located on the street. Zhukovsky, the room rate per day - from 10 euros.

2. "MegaService": located on Izmailovsky Boulevard, the price per day - from 11 euros.

3. "Olympian": located in the neighborhood Klyazma-Starbeevo, the price per day - from 11 euros.

4. "Avontour": located on the street. Chaplygina, the room rate per night - from 12 euros.

5. "Mon Plaisir": located in the micro district Planetary, the room rate per night - from 12 euros.

Number Requirements

Cheap Moscow hotels have severalcategories of rooms. They may differ in area, equipment, equipment, furnishings, availability of additional comfortable elements. But, despite the different options, each room includes:

  1. Bed.
  2. Armchair chair.
  3. Night table.
  4. Wardrobe.
  5. General lighting equipment.
  6. Trash can.
  7. Household appliances: TV, refrigerator.
  8. Phone.
  9. Hairdryer.
  10. Means of personal hygiene.

    cheap room in moscow hotel

Each client must have access to evacuation information in case of fire. These are the minimum requirements that are fulfilled by Moscow hotels, which are inexpensive renting rooms.

Requirements for service personnel

The most important component of the hotel businessis the culture of staff behavior. Inexpensive hotels in Moscow read a large number of specialists with higher education in the tourism field. Careful selection is carried out by managers, since they know the subtleties that must be paid attention when hiring a hotels in moscow

Behavior of the hotel business employee is divided into:

  1. Contact with the guest.
  2. Contact with the staff.

Regardless of the number of stars assignedmini-hotel, the service should always be at the highest level. The employee knows the speech etiquette, the rules for contacting guests, and can correctly and correctly express their thoughts.

Staff Rules of Conduct:

  1. The employee of this sphere should be ready to render service to the client around the clock.
  2. Express a positive attitude to the guests.
  3. Smile and eye contact when meeting.
  4. The ability to tactfully inform the guest about even unpleasant news.
  5. It is forbidden to argue.
  6. The guests' problems are solved as quickly as possible.
  7. Servicing should take place at a distance of at least 1 m.


Hotels in Moscow, inexpensive renting rooms, most often located in sleeping areas. This allows guests at any time to make the necessary purchases without queues.

Transport interchange near this type of hotelthere is always. Therefore, if necessary, guests can easily reach the right place. As in Moscow the transport infrastructure is excellent, people reach the nearest metro station in 10 minutes. Most often, the accessibility of the metro is not the main criterion by which the place of stay is moscow hotels

Inexpensive hotels in Moscow are equipped with freeInternet via Wi-Fi. This allows students, people on business trips to be always connected. Telephony is configured so that the guest can call anywhere in the world.


Many guests who visited previously inexpensivehotels in Moscow, special attention was paid to the staff. Among all possible shortcomings, the leading place was occupied by the culture of communication between the staff and the guest. The level of politeness was reduced to zero. But it is worth noting that in recent years this criterion has receded into the background. Most of the owners began to pay special attention to maintenance.

Constantly growing demand and affordable prices nowdo not say that the culture of the staff will be even different from the service in a hotel with more stars. Due to the high competition, the management changed the staff in order to make their guests permanent. And it works. Courteous service, the prompt resolution of all issues, respect for the guests began to bear the first fruits. Due to this, the number of visitors increased several times in the first few months of operation.

How to choose an inexpensive hotel

Most of the guests of the metropolis right at the stationcollides with ads that have this text: "Hotel. Moscow. Inexpensive. Metro next door ». It seems that people have typed these words in the Internet search engine. But many of these ads react, populate, and then remain unhappy with the service and metro moscow hotel near

Cheap hotels in Moscow differ betweennot only the location, but also the quality of service. With minimal costs, you can find a great option, stay happy with them and, if possible, come back again.

Initially, we need to determine how importanttransport interchange, its accessibility. Find out for themselves what criteria should match the number and how much a person expects. Based on this, you can find not just an inexpensive hotel in Moscow, but the most comfortable, located in the right area. After only a few minutes, you can choose the right option, book a room and quite calmly go on a trip.

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