Children of War: the rules of registration status, sample application, benefits and payments

Our country has experienced such a tragedy as the Great Patriotic War. And today the state is trying to surround with attention and support of its heroes, those who granted victory, fighting at the front and working in the rear. But it still remains a controversial question about those who are called children of war, even though today these citizens are already elderly. In the article we will talk about who belongs to this category, how the law regulates the question of what payments or benefits are given to these citizens.

Who are the children of war?

The first difficulty is that neither legislation nor reference acts orient those who are competently attributed to this category. The only support here is the draft Federal Law "On the Children of War". He proposes to refer to this category of citizens born in the period 06/22/1928-3.09.1945 and permanently residing at this time in the territory of the republics of the former Union. The category does not include persons serving a sentence in the USSR.

It should be noted that there is no federal act that would regulate the provision for children of war, as well as the name and size of the privileges due to these persons. But this does not mean that there are no benefits and payments for people with military childhood at all. They exist, but at the regional level. Unfortunately, not in all regions of the Russian Federation. It should be noted that the capitals, Moscow and St. Petersburg, do not belong to the "preferential" regions.

what are the benefits to children of war

Relying benefits for citizens

Since laws on benefits for children of the Great Patriotic War are appointed by the subjects of the federation, there are no clear general conditions for assigning a citizen to this category. Somewhere it was enough for a person to be born in wartime, somewhere the fact of the loss of one of the parents during the Second World War is necessary. In some regions this category is equivalent to the workers of the rear.

If we turn to the general analysis, the benefits of the children of war are laid the following range:

  • Pension supplements accruing every month. This payment in the range of 1,500 rubles, which are subject to annual indexation. Somewhere practiced and temporary monetary assistance - for example, Victory Day or other significant date.
  • Preferred wired home phone connection.This includes registration of your own number, and discounts on the provision of communication services.
  • Free travel in all types of urban transport, except taxis. Somewhere, citizens are issued special travel cards, somewhere it is enough to show the verifier of the certificate, a certificate of their social status.
  • Benefits to pay utilities. Every month a citizen receives a fixed subsidy to pay bills for accommodation, electricity, water, gas, and so on.
  • Free service in local medical institutions, preferential dental prosthetics. In some areas practiced and the provision of vouchers to holiday homes, motels, as well as payment of travel back and forth.
  • Compensation of funeral services. Only for the family circle of this category of persons.
  • Preferential purchases of drugs in pharmacies.

To find out which allowances and benefits exist specifically in your region, you need to contact the Social Security Administration for your administrative region.

Let us now get acquainted with the subjects of the Russian Federation, where such care for the children of war is widely practiced.

children of war

Crimea and Sevastopol

The presence of such kind of social protection in the republic is connected with the fact that during the time when Crimea was still part of Ukraine, the children of the war here had similar benefits.When the population acquired Russian citizenship, the local authorities decided to preserve this good tradition.

What are the benefits to children of war laid here? This is the following:

  • Monthly supplement to the pension (the amount should be specified in the local authorized bodies).
  • Preferential utilities.
  • Free medicine and prosthetics.
  • Lump sum payments to dates associated with the glorious history of the Second World War.

Amur and Novosibirsk regions

What are the benefits for children of war in these regions? The rules are spelled out in local legislation - the general list that we have already listed above. These include cash allowances for pension payments, benefits for paying utility bills, free home phone service, and reduced transportation costs.

The size of surcharges in the Novosibirsk and Amur regions depends on the implementation of the tax collection plan by the regions.

children of war benefits and payouts

Tver and Irkutsk regions

Referring to these regions, we can talk about the preservation of the full set of benefits for children of war:

  • Financial assistance - retirement benefits.
  • Free travel in public transport.
  • Free medical services.
  • Benefits when paying for housing and communal services.
  • Discounts (in some cases - free provision) for the purchase of medicines and so on.

Vologda and Pskov regions

As for these constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the amount of cash payments to people with military childhood here will be slightly below the national average. But here the volume of benefits (payment of housing and communal services, travel in transport, medical services, etc.) is in full.

benefits for children of war

The procedure for registration of benefits and payments

If you live in a region where there is financial support for the children of war and the provision of a certain set of benefits to them, then you should contact the local social security office for a full explanation of all the conditions. There you will find out who specifically in your region may qualify for this category.

To obtain privileges that are granted to you in accordance with the status, you need to submit the following documents to the territorial department of social protection:

  • Passport (or other document proving the identity).
  • Birth certificate. If in your region it is imperative that a citizen be born in a certain time period of the Soviet or military past.
  • Certificate of residence (and registration if these addresses are not identical).
  • Help on the composition of your family. The structure needs to be aware of who the citizen lives with.
  • To get subsidies for utilities, you need to provide a document that would confirm your ownership of a certain dwelling (or a social or other employment contract).
  • Your bank account number where the subsidy will be transferred. If you want to receive financial assistance in person from the postman, then you need to write a statement.
what are the benefits of war children

Since there is no general federal regulation, the list of required documents presented can vary both upwards and downwards. Therefore, for specifics, it is still worth contacting the local social security office.

And now about the status of the "children of war". How to get it? Since this is not an all-Russian status, there is no single sample of the certificate that will confirm it. Consequently, there is no certain order, sample statements for its execution.

The only document that confirms the fact that citizens are considered children of war is a reference to this fact, issued by the local power structure.Such a document may be necessary for presentation in public transport, in the provision of preferential medical services and prosthetics, and so on. For registration help also apply to social security agencies.

The introduction of the bill on citizens with war childhood

As we have already mentioned, there is a draft Federal Law "On the Children of War". It was proposed for consideration by the Communist Party faction in 2013. The project involves the following benefits and payments to children of war:

  • Monthly supplement to pension in the size of 1 thousand rubles (indexed taking into account inflation).
  • Annual free medical check-ups in the medical institutions of the region.
  • Extraordinary home phone connection.
  • Free travel: on all types of urban transport, suburban routes (buses, trains, trains, water transport) within their area, public vehicles in rural areas.
  • Extraordinary reception in social service centers, boarding schools for the elderly.
  • The advantage of membership in cooperatives - housing, cottage.

Obtaining a set of benefits, according to the creators, should have a declarative character.That is, the citizen must apply with a statement and a passport to the authorized structure.

If the Federal Law had been adopted, it would have come into effect from the beginning of 2016. Its implementation required about 135 billion rubles annually from the state budget.

However, in 2014, the project was rejected. The Communists made improvements to it and resubmitted for consideration. But, as we see today, things have not gotten off the ground.

concession children of war in Russia

If there are no benefits in your area ...

Benefits for children of war in Russia are not in every subject of the federation. However, if your childhood was in the years of the Second World War, you can belong to other categories of federal beneficiaries:

  • Workers of the rear. The category is the widest. This includes citizens who worked in the rear from June 22, 1941 to May 9, 1945 (except for labor in the occupied lands) for at least 6 months. And also the persons having awards for selfless work.
  • Family members of the disabled party participant.
  • Veterans of the Great Patriotic.
  • Disabled Insured
  • Citizens who have the sign "For the Defense of Leningrad" and so on.

We also advise you to familiarize yourself with the Federal Law "On Veterans" No. 5 (1995).

The procedure for registration of benefits and payments to children of war in Russia, as representatives of a different privileged category, is as follows:

  1. Contact the Pension Fund, the territorial body of social protection.
  2. You should have a passport and a document, a certificate confirming your eligibility.
  3. In the department, complete an application, a sample of which must be provided by staff.
children of the Great Patriotic War

Children of war, unfortunately, are not of federal status. Benefits, payments and other privileges are granted to these persons only in some regions. Therefore, there is no specific procedure for obtaining such status.

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Children of War: the rules of registration status, sample application, benefits and payments 49

Children of War: the rules of registration status, sample application, benefits and payments 36

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Children of War: the rules of registration status, sample application, benefits and payments 33