Choose a multicooker: what parameters need to be considered?

Such a device as a slow cooker was invented relatively recently, but despite this, the device managed to conquer the hearts of a huge number of people. Only 10 years ago, little was known about multicookers, but now they are at the peak of their popularity.

Already in 2015, these devices could be found in almost every home. Their main advantage is the ability to create a wide variety of dishes without having to be in the kitchen and follow the process of cooking.

Those who have already managed to acquire this miracle device understand how much time and effort can be saved with it. The container heated from all sides allows boiling, frying, stewing, baking and even just heating any food, which is very convenient.

So, multicookers, as indispensable home helpers, offer endless scope for the implementation of numerous culinary ideas.This is a real gift for young mothers, single men, and also just those who do not like to stand at the stove for a long time.

basic information

Some are of the opinion that the use of the multicooker is not so great, but this view is characteristic only to those who have never had the chance to experience the charm of this kitchen device, which has numerous functions and is able to provide all sorts of amenities.

basic informationIt is possible that for the preparation of the most exquisite dishes, the device will indeed be inappropriate. But we must not forget that we indulge ourselves with such food infrequently, but in everyday use such an invention is capable of doing good service to everyone.

Many are worried about how to choose the slow cooker so that it does not disappoint with its characteristics. In order to simplify your task, you can use different methods. First of all, learn useful tips, which describe in detail what to look for when choosing a device and what features devices have.

The study of this information will allow you to understand which multicooker is better to choose.You can also see the rating of the devices, where the top 10 multicookers are presented, offering models 2015, 2016, 2017.

You can compare the prices of the selected device on different sites and understand which model suits you at a cost.

Often the housewives, wanting to reduce their household chores, try to figure out how to choose a good slow cooker. This is not surprising, because the device has a solid price and would like it to last longer and not disappoint in any way.

Multicooker functions

If you are interested in one or another specific characteristic, the best solution would be to choose a multicooker according to the parameters by visiting the appropriate Internet resources.

For example, if it’s fundamentally important to have a delay start function, you just need to check the box next to this item, then you will see all the available device options in accordance with the specified search parameters.

Such a function as a pressure cooker, allows you to make cooking even faster, for example, potatoes will be ready in just 10 minutes. A similar time will be needed in order to cook beets in a pressure cooker.

Criterias of choiceJust imagine - just 10 minutes, and you can serve the dish on the table! In general, many foods will be able to prepare in this short time.

Lovers of natural yogurt will like the model of a multi-cooker with a yogurt maker. Agree that now it is quite problematic to find healthy yogurt on sale and it is much safer and safer to prepare it at home using your favorite multi-function device.

Of course, you can buy a yogurt maker separately, but isn't it more convenient when everything is in one device, which is always at hand?

The function "voice guide" will be indispensable for cooks with poor eyesight.

Such devices include voice prompts, signaling the beginning and end of preparation, as well as reminding when which button should be used. All text messages displayed on the display are duplicated in a pleasant voice.

Steaming is a great find for fans of steam treatment of products, as well as for people who have certain problems with the digestive system.

Such food always has great health benefits, it does not irritate the stomach and is well absorbed.And if you are wondering: a double boiler or a multi-cooker, what to choose for a house, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the operation of both devices, and also find the corresponding customer reviews.

On the topic of "multicooker and pressure cooker, which one to choose, reviews" are numerous, and you will definitely make the right decision, having carefully studied the messages of users about the positive and negative sides of various culinary devices.

One of the key parameters of choice is the volume of the bowl. It all depends on how big your family is. Pans of 4-5 liters are widely spread, it is a good choice for a family of 3-4 people.

The capacity of the bowl does not greatly affect the price, so it makes sense to provide some amount of volume, even if you have a small family. Anyway, you shouldn’t buy a bowl right next to it, in case of a visit of guests, the left stock will be very useful.

Paying attention to the model of 2015-2017, you will see that the choice of devices is huge, and everyone will be able to choose the perfect option. After analyzing the ranking of the top 10 best multicooker, you can easily determine the most appropriate model.

In 2017, it is expected the sale of multicookers with new features.When choosing a multicooker, it is important to compare models with each other, analyzing their differences and noting all the key features.

Which is better - aerogrill or multicooker?

The answer to this question is individual for everyone, however, if you still summarize, the slow cooker is primarily intended for cooking and stewing, and the convection oven is more suitable for baking and frying. So the choice will depend, first of all, on a specific diet.

Which is better - aerogrill or multicookerIf you can not live without fried or eat 10 pies a day, the convection oven will definitely suit you better, but if you prefer a sparing diet, give preference to the slow cooker.

The latter option will also be more suitable for the parents of a small child who needs the most wholesome food. Anyway, buy the best model.

Men who do not represent their lives without fried meat, of course, will choose a convection oven with many possibilities. It is preferable to models equipped with a removable lid, which makes it easier to care for the device.

Plus multicookers that look after her much easier, she almost does not cause trouble. Such a device is convenient to transport,it weighs a little, but aerogrill is difficult to transport because of the various accessories included in the kit, and it is unlikely to be suitable for holiday travel.

If you still give your preference a multicooker, pay attention to the most popular models. By the way, now Redmond multicooker is very popular, this company produces only high-quality equipment, delighting customers. So, let the question of which company choose a multicooker for home use, does not bother you anymore.

Do I need a pressure cooker?

The function of the pressure cooker is now available in many models, it allows you to cook much faster, which makes it possible to save such valuable time. Many buyers may wonder how this is achieved? In fact, everything is very simple - due to the high pressure in the bowl, which contributes to an increase in the boiling point of water.

So if you do not like to wait long, the pressure cooker will definitely come in handy. About how to choose a slow cooker and pressure cooker, now you can find a lot of information in the Internet, including numerous consumer reviews.

It is important to pay attention to the material of the bowl, which must be aluminum, from whatever the body itself was made. On the surface of the bowl should be non-stick coating, such as Teflon, which will cost the least.

However, be careful - if such a coating is scratched, when heated, substances hazardous to health will be released. It is better to choose a ceramic bowl, it is more fragile, but it does not threaten the health at all. It is clear that such a device will cost a little more.

You can find in the sale of the bowl, covered with Teflon and marble coating, which prevents erasing Teflon. Such multicookers are also safe to use.

In this case, it is almost impossible to spoil Teflon - it is reliably protected by marble. The cost of such devices is the highest, however, despite this, in 2015, such models had a high demand.

Useful tips in choosing a multicooker

Let's look at some more nuances that you need to know when choosing a pan for instant cooking. Take the device only with the power cord that connects directly to the device, and not to the case through the socket.If the multicooker for one reason or another escapes the liquid, the connection may suffer, and it is quite dangerous.

As for the material of the body, it does not matter much. Most importantly, the build quality was implemented at a high level. Modern plastic does not emit toxic substances when heated.

Useful tips in choosing a multicookerThe body should be cared for in the same way as the bowl, so for convenience, you should choose a device with a removable top.

If you are tormented by the question of which model to choose, find the multicooker rating for 2015 and read it carefully, there are many wonderful models that have already managed to confirm their excellent quality in practice.

If you are going to get a new device, please note that the device is equipped with a special valve that is responsible for the steam output. When clogged, cleaning. Periodically, it is necessary to carry out this procedure in order to prevent complete blockage, as a result of which the device may break without possibility of recovery. This is an important point that cannot be neglected.

Intending to choose a multicooker on the parameters, do not forget to put a tick in front of such an item as rubberized legs.They provide a stable position of the multicooker, excluding its sliding on the table surface. Even if someone inadvertently pushes the device, the fall will not happen, and no one will suffer.

Now it is very simple to choose multicookers, having an idea about all the nuances of the present invention. For example, it is not at all a trifle sealing gum, which must necessarily be of good quality.

They will not allow a couple to go out while cooking. Not to be mistaken in the choice of goods will help the program “Test purchase”, which will show which instruments can really be trusted, and which ones should not be contacted.

It is important to determine the necessary modes, today the market offers devices in which from 5 to 20 modes. Some of them are not common, for example, "popcorn" or "deep fat". Although for skilled and demanding culinary professionals, perhaps such regimes will be very helpful.

If, after reading this article, you still have not found the answer to the question of how to choose a multicooker for the house, try to find reviews about the operation of these devices. You can also see reviews, of which there is now a huge amount.

Having understood how to choose a slow cooker and not be disappointed, you will be able to get to your use the most desired kitchen device that will last for a long time and will not at all disappoint with its work.

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