Cloth two-thread: description, composition, density

Dvunitka - fabric with a rough surface, characterized by special strength. The peculiarity of the material is that the threads in the canvas are intertwined in pairs - this allows you to get a strong, wear-resistant product. Special and protective clothing is made of two-thread clothing for people working in high-risk conditions: firefighters, rescuers, workers of the hot shop. It is used in the field of national economy, in furniture and book production, for sewing raincoats, jackets, pants and mittens, furniture upholstery, bags for collection and packaging of gifts. The cloth has a low cost, the coarse material can be painted in different colors on its own, using food colors and natural products.two-thread cloth

Fabric advantages

Costumes for athletes are also sewn from material made according to the principletwo-thread. Previously, only natural fibers were used in weaving. Now more and more often synthetic products that change the basic properties of the fabric are added to it. Due to the chemical components, the fabric is not lit, does not burnhesitates, notpulled outable to withstand harsh operating conditions. It is particularly durable and wear resistant, keeps its shape well and does not wear out, therefore it is often used when sewing shopping bags and bags for carrying weights. The density of the cloth is 180250 /2.

Fabric two-thread: description and features

In the manufacture of material used several types of weaving: plain, satin or coarse. Previously, a two-thread woven only from cotton. But then mixed versions appeared with the addition of polyester raw materials, which had a positive effect on its properties and increased its popularity. Matter itself exists in its raw or basic and final form.

In the first case, it is a strong coarse cloth, not subjected to subsequent processing. In the second, a special multicomponent composition is applied to the fabric; on drying, the material is twisted and stretched, and the deformations are removed. Then calendering is carried out on a special machine. As a result, the fabric of the two-thread becomes more dense, even and smooth. Other advantages of untreated material are also enhanced: strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and breathability increase.It retains its shape better, becomes inert to bacteriological effects.

fabric double-thread description

Material application

The fabric is a double thread with many applications. Coarse material is used as a lining fabric for packing mail, various goods, furniture upholstery and for decorating surfaces in various types of needlework. It is used to make book covers and art canvases, sew clothes for workers and trim the inside of the shoe. The treated look of a two-thread fabric is the basis for creating clothes, bags and other accessories.

Features of working with two-thread

Judging by the reviews, the fabric of the two-thread is quite difficult to process, since its edges are very crumbling when cutting. This feature should be considered when planning the purchase of sewing material, other types of needlework and decor. Usually it is bought with a large margin. If there is not enoughof experiencework with this fabric, it is advisable not to use, otherwise the risk of damaging the product is greatly increased.

Two-thread for embroidery

Some lovers of cross-stitch prefer to replace the specialized canvas or “uniform"On the fabric of the two-thread, wanting to save. It is not recommended for beginner embroiderers to do this, because the canvas can be distorted in the process of work due to the uneven weaving of the threads. To stretch such material on the hoop without distortion is obtained extremely rarely, even among experienced needlewomen. On the structure of a two-thread - something between "uniform"And the canvas" Aida ".fabric double thread reviews

Cushions and bags are embroidered on a cross with a cross; it is also used to make toys and various handicrafts. It is undesirable to create paintings on such fabric - it will be difficult to arrange them in a frame. The plot is often drawn along a common thread, because of which the picture is strongly distorted. You can use other types of embroidery, such as satin stitch, where the stitches do not need to be the same size. Then the errors will not be so noticeable.

How to care for a two-thread

Two-thread fabric, composedco-ordinateusually a large amount of cotton fibers is present, it is advisable not to forget about during washing. Soak material inwarmwater whose temperature should not exceed +30. Cleaning can be done chemically or by hand when indicated on the label.If you squeeze the fabric too hard, the threads may be deformed. When using a washing machine, it is undesirable to dry the product in automatic mode. It is better to gently straighten and dry in an upright position. The density of the double-thread fabric does not allow it to be creased, but if the material needs to be ironed, choose the “cotton” mode for the iron and turn on the steam generator.fabric two-thread composition

Knit double thread

Do not confuse the fabric with a knitted material - footer. Sellers in stores can offer material woven from two types of threads, but different in appearance from coarse matter. Such knitwearis createdfrom cotton fibers with the addition of synthetics. From one type of threadsis donebase (ground), and from another, more friable -bouffanton the wrong side (footer). This material, which is often confused withtwo-thread, it is used for sewing children's and home clothes, it absorbs moisture well and does not form pellets. The advantages of the footer also include breathability, ease of care and shape retention.fabric double thread density

“Knit double thread” is painted in different colors. It can be monophonic or with an ornament.AnywayThis material keeps an attractive appearance for a long time and does not stretch out. But depending on the composition of the threads, its quality can vary greatly. Therefore, before buying, it is important to clarify what the seller is offering, showing the fabric of a two-thread. Having made the right choice, you can enjoy all the virtues of this material and sew beautiful and practical things out of it.

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