Clothing for full ladies - choose the right one

Regardless of the age of the woman and her externaldata, I want to look more or less attractive. Not an exception and women of great shapes. To look beautiful, you need to choose the right clothes. Then the shortcomings can be turned into a completely different direction.

Tips for dressing clothes

First of all, it should be understood that clothing forfull should paint a person and hide flaws. It's not the other way around. Agree, it's pretty disgusting and has gone looking, when a girl in a hundred kilograms pulls on a mini-skirt and pantyhose in a mesh. Perhaps, and the best intentions. Such a fashion, nothing but hysterical laughter and seizures will not cause anything.

The most optimal combination for solidWomen will be the classic white top and dark bottom. In doing so, remember that it is better to choose a vertical strip. It will tie you up, while the horizontal or the cell gives a completely opposite effect. In general, for the right selection it is necessary to apply such rules:
• Eliminate baggy things
• Clothing with a pattern fills more
• Choose the right clothes
• Tights should be of a dark shade and without patterns, mesh and so on
• Shoes with a low heel

Applying at least these recommendations, you can significantly improve your appearance. Best if will be sewn from natural fabrics, soft andpleasant natural shades. Synthetic matter will fit too tightly the body and not let in air. It looks such a disgusting picture. The same applies to the drawings, sparkles, ryushik and other additions.
It is important to choose the right underwear for clothes. Quality comfortable underwear makes the silhouette more organic and feminine. Do not save on it, your appearance depends on it.

If the legs are allowed to wear skirts, then the length is notshould reach the heels. This will only exacerbate the situation. Optimum - on the palm below the knee. A three-quarter sleeve will make the arms visually more elegant. And do not forget about the classic-dark bottom and a light top is always in fashion. But this does not mean that you can pick up red pants and a poisonous-green sweater.

Pay attention to the shoes. A flat sole will not look good. Best of all, if you pick up a heel for the outfit. Not great, but elegant. This will visually make you lighter and more feminine. It is not difficult to look beautiful, it is important to choose the right clothes and accessories.

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