"Confidor": instructions for use. Destroy all pests

A modern gardener, horticulturist, florist, even indoor, is difficult. Pests of plants produce immunity to the means of protection against them. One of the most effective drugs created the company "Bayer" from Germany. It is called "Confidor". Instructions for use, if you follow it strictly, will help get rid of many enemies of green plantations and get good yields in the greenhouse and in the street, in the open field, and enjoy the abundant flowering of indoor and outdoor plants.confidor instructions for useThe product has analogues based on the same active ingredient as Confidor. The most famous are the Golden Spark, Tanrek.

How to use insecticide

First of all, do not be afraid of chemical remedies. For humans and animals is not a big problem toxicity of the drug "Confidor". Instructions for use classifies it to the third class of danger.The substance is imidacloride.konfidor extra instructions for useIt works for a long time. It destroys those insects that arrive and gnaw the leaves and stems of plants or suck the sap from them. Sold in granules, which are well diluted in water. They are in packets of either 1 or 5 or 400 grams. Following the instructions, diluted "Confidor". Instructions for userecommends doing it this way: taking 1-2 granules, diluted in half a faceted glass of water (100 g). And then make a non-concentrated working solution, pouring the liquid into a bucket of water. Bees should be protected from it. Therefore, the processing of plants is carried out before their departure in the morning and after they have finished the activity in the evening. An hour later, a maximum of two, begins to show the effect of the drug. And it works for half a month, or even a month. It depends on the insect against which it is applied. He has a deadly effect on the whitefly. And without “Confidor”, one must have patience.

How to deal with the whitefly

Every day should inspect the reverse side of the sheet. Only then will the colonies of insects and their clutches (grayish grains) be visible. This is especially important in the greenhouse, where the whitefly just flies in a white cloud, and then sits down again on the favorite plant, for example, cucumbers, and continues to suck the sap from the leaves.She has a terrifying look on the leaves.Confidor Maxi Instructions for useThe plant slows down the development and may even die. Insect insidious. It quickly flies away when you touch the leaf or when spraying. But "Konfidor" (instructions for use that emphasizes) the whitefly will still win. The gardener will have a harvest. The whitefly "loves" many plants: tomatoes, pumpkins, squash and flowers, pelargonium, for example, or fuchsia. In order to avoid the need to apply means of protection, it is important to monitor the level of humidity in the greenhouse, and the distance between plants. This will ensure a uniform flow of air to the plantings.


"Confidor" (instructions for use, this means) is stored for three years. But just prepared solution should be used immediately. Keep out of the reach of children. All this applies to the drug "Confidor Extra." Instructions for use gives similar recommendations to the previous drug. What is he still good?confidor instructions for use reviews

  • It is absorbed by absolutely all parts of the plant - roots in moist soil, leaves, and stems.
  • That it is possible to apply both on bushes (currant, for example), and on apple trees, and on cucumbers, and on other garden cultures. "Confidor extra" (instructions for use emphasizes the attention of the consumer) is spent economically.

What other insecticide company Bayer produces?

“Konfidor maxi” is on sale. Instructions for use emphasizes its particularly long-lasting effect. It is also a systemic drug that, in addition, produces resistance to plants to too hot weather, sudden sudden changes in temperature, and a lack of fertilizer. It is used from April to August, excluding May. He is subject to all sucking pests, ranging from aphids or the Colorado potato beetle, ending with codling moth. Apple trees, plums, grapes and many other crops can be treated with this insecticide. But how good is “Confidor” in a potato field? After processing, the larvae and beetles only seem alive. In fact, the pests are only on the plants without harming them. He hit them and killed. It also made the surface of foliage and foliage harmful for future generations of pests.


Those who wound up a mealybug on the indoor plants (and he can be on cacti, orchids, sweeties, yes, anywhere) praise “Confidor” with delight. Instructions for use reviews after careful study of it causes only positive, as the drug itself.In schitovki, as they say users, “Confidor” corrodes its shell, especially if you add a drop of liquid dishwashing liquid for better adhesion. And the shell of the shield is serious, and the struggle with folk remedies will be long and half-useless. Shchitovka then disappears, then appears again. Aphis kills on the spot from the first time. Very pleased users that this is a systemic drug. In plants, without bringing them harm, falls on the cellular level and "hits" all pests. Pleases apply "Konfidor" and the fact that it does not accumulate in the fruit. They also praise the drug for the fact that it can be used simultaneously with mineral foliar top dressing, but the concentration should follow the instructions exactly so that there are no burns. Many emphasize that it is better, in accordance with the instructions, should work in a mask and special clothing.

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