Configuring 3G MTS modem

Mobile Internet of the third generation is activeis developing all over the world. Our country is not an exception. With its help, everyone can go online, from virtually anywhere. To do this, just insert the modem into the USB port of your laptop. This service is provided by most mobile operators. You only need the appropriate SIM card and equipment.

3g modem MTS

Today I would like to elaborate onsuch operator as MTS. I know him firsthand, because I myself am his subscriber and regularly use the service of Internet access. So, in order for you to be able to do this too, you will first need to purchase the MTS UTS modem and get the appropriate SIM card from the operator. Then you need to set the necessary parameters.

The main advantage of this operator isease of use of its equipment, which is called "MTS 3G modem." The user does not need to enter any complicated parameters to configure his configurations. It will be enough just to install the necessary software. It is in its installation and is all the necessary adjustment of your equipment.

mts 3g modem

In order for the MTS 3G modem to work as it isjust install the program "MTS Connect Manager". This software will automatically install the necessary drivers for your work, and also configure access to all connected services. Please note that your 3G modem MTS can work not only in 3G mode, but also in GPRS / EDGE.

You will also be able to use the "Hyperactivity" service. With it, you can always measure the speed of the Internet connection and see the amount of traffic that you have expended. And another 3G modem MTS can send or receive SMS messages to the SIM card installed in it.

So, now I will list everything necessary forwork equipment: 3G modem MTS, which connects via a USB port, a SIM card that is in your modem, as well as a computer or laptop, which has the necessary program installed. Please note that this software is written for Microsoft operating systems.

usb modem mts

Now, what should you do to 3GThe MTS modem functioned normally and provided you with access to the Internet. First, a program is installed that is delivered on the disk with the equipment or downloaded from the official website of MTS. Next, the SIM is inserted into the modem, which connects to your device.

After that you can start the application. The first time the computer is started, the equipment will be identified and installed. When this process is complete, select the required 3G service from the list that appears. If you later want to use some other function, make the appropriate choice from the same list. Now press the connect button. After that you will get the necessary access. As you can see, everything happens easily and easily, so you can easily do it yourself. Thank you for reading. Successful connection.

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