Cosmetics New Line: review, description, assortment, manufacturer and reviews

New Line - cosmetics, which is integratedto solving complex aesthetic problems. It is distinguished by a rich range of drugs necessary for carrying out cosmetic procedures at home or in beauty salons. Russian cosmetics New Line from "Cora" is very popular among modern girls and has many positive reviews. The funds of this brand are already present on the shelves with the rest of the cosmetics in the homes of many women who recommend them to their line cosmetics reviews of cosmetologists


The basis of cosmetics New Line is a combination ofexclusively natural components with innovative biotechnical ingredients, including: vitamins, peptides, peptide complexes, as well as enzymes. Thanks to innovative formulas, active components penetrate the skin quickly enough and instantly affect it, eliminating all problems.

Every line of cosmetics means New LineProfessional is a combination of the most effective and fully safe modern ingredients used in cosmetology, which are developed in cooperation with several of the largest foreign producers of raw materials. All products have international quality assurance, so there is no doubt about line cosmetics


In the line of cosmetics New Line appear regularlynew items that are almost instantly sold out and gaining a lot of positive feedback. The catalog is divided into funds for professional and home care. In each of these sections there is exclusively professional cosmetics New Line, which does not harm the skin, but only helps it cope with the problems.

Thanks to the products present in the assortment, people of different ages can not only eliminate many skin problems, but also regularly maintain the achieved results.
new line professional cosmetics


Cosmetics New Line presents to attentionbuyers of cleansers, which are an indispensable element of an integrated skin care program. Every skin needs daily cleansing, which is ideal for professional cosmetics.

Cosmetics New Line Professional, reviews about whichare given at the end of the article, is a hypoallergenic series. This, of course, is a huge advantage, but before using the product it is still worth familiarizing with its composition, because some elements can quickly cause individual intolerance.

The brand represents such cleansers:

  1. Deep cleansing gel for oily and combination skin (700 rubles).
  2. Gel-enhancer with effective ANA-acids (500 rubles).
  3. Cleansing milk to remove make-up (700 rubles).

Dry masks

All the favorite dry facial masks could not help but enter the catalog of the brand's products. Powder, which includes only natural ingredients, has a long shelf life.

Use dry masks is recommended twice ina week. Do not abuse the procedures and do it more often, because as a result of improper application of the tool it can have the opposite effect.

New Line presents the following products:

  1. Alginate plasticizing face and body mask (2300 rubles).
  2. Mask with seboreguliruyuschim effect for the face and body (1000 rubles).


Few know what constitutespeptides. They are called natural or artificial compounds from chains of amino acids. Peptides are minimal in size, which helps them to penetrate quickly and freely through the stratum corneum and function in the layers of living cells.

Peptide cosmetics is absolutely newline in cosmetology. For its not too long existence, peptides have been recognized thanks to the excellent effect on the human skin effect.

Every year the amount of collagen in the skindecreases, as a result of which its elasticity is lost and wrinkles of different sizes appear. Peptides help to activate the synthesis of dermal proteins, so that the skin becomes smooth and elastic again, and wrinkles disappear without a trace.

Such peptide assets are most popular:

  1. To process the contour around the eyes (900 rubles).
  2. For maximum deep hydration of the skin (800 rubles).
  3. For clarification of skin and correction of highly visible pigment spots (800 rubles).

Anti-cellulite products

Production of New Line is on salequality and most effective anti-cellulite products, which are designed for home spa skin care. All of them appeared as a result of scientific laboratory developments. Each remedy is tested for hypoallergenicity, as well as ecological purity.

Each of the offered products canused for both professional and home care. Before choosing this or that remedy, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because some of them have contraindications (varicose veins, skin diseases, couperose, tumors).

Fans of cosmetics New Line, reviews about which there are mostly positive, most often pay attention to the following products:

  1. Body scrub with esters of lemon and orange (1000 rubles).
  2. Cream for sports, as well as anti-cellulite massage (800 rubles).
  3. Lipocorrector for waist and abdomen (750 rubles).
  4. Anti-cellulite modeling gel for figure correction (800 rubles).

Acid peels

In complex care mustTo attend professional peelings and scrubs. Thanks to them, you can clean the skin from dead cells, and even the layer and carefully prepare the skin for subsequent procedures.

As a rule, the natural renewal of the skinit is necessary to spend about one or two months, but with the regular application of New Line funds, this process is significantly accelerated. As a result, the skin will look younger, will get a pleasant even tone and line professional cosmetics

The most popular are such scrubs and peelings for the face and whole body:

  1. Enzymatic peeling with papain (1200 rubles).
  2. Enzymatic gel with papain for cold skin stripping (900 rubles).
  3. Peeling scrub with lactic acid and allantoin (950 rubles).

Universal care

To ensure a universal care for the face and body, you need to purchase several funds at once. The main advantages of this choice are:

  • natural composition;
  • affordable cost;
  • ease of use;
  • maximum efficiency;
  • a wide range of.

You can assemble the ideal set from a cream, gel, tonic or moisturizer. It is these goods that must necessarily be used regularly by every girl and woman.
cosmetics new line

Means intended for universalcare at home, have no contraindications. The only exception is the individual intolerance of some components, which is rare, but it's not worth the risk. Having spent only a couple of minutes to study the composition of the product, the buyer will be able to understand whether it is suitable to him or should consider another option.

For universal care at home, it is recommended to use the following products:

  1. Tonic-super moisturizer for face and body (400 rubles).
  2. Cream for dry skin with plant ceramides (1000 rubles).
  3. Energy cream for oily and combination skin (800 rubles).
  4. Cream-gel for problem skin (750 rubles).
  5. Cream for elasticity of bust skin with lifting effect (700 rubles).
  6. Eye cream with argan oil (500 rubles).
  7. Active serum "Myocorrector" for inhibition of aging and preventing wrinkles (1000 rubles).

cosmetics new line professional reviews

Reviews about cosmetics

Many buyers before buying one orOther means necessarily pay attention to reviews of cosmetologists about cosmetics New Line. Experts who have long used the goods of this brand in their professional activities leave only positive feedback. After all, these funds are pleasant not only to use independently, but also to apply for the treatment of other people.

Experienced cosmetologists carefully studied the composition of the products and their final result, after which they confirmed that these goods are really suitable for use and do not cause any harm to line cosmetics reviews

The customers themselves say that they feltexcellent effect from the use of funds and noticed a significant difference between the cosmetics of New Line and cheaper brands. After trying just one tool, people immediately begin to save money to buy a set of goods for themselves, which can be used at any time. And one more advantage of this cosmetics is the fact that the volume of any of the means is enough for quite a long time of use.

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