Cover for ironing board

Any hostess who cares about home comfort,collides with the periodic need to iron clothes. This process is rather tedious and time-consuming. To facilitate your work and avoid damage to the laundry when ironing, it is best to use a cover for the ironing board, which is easy to use and has several types.

When purchasing an ironing board, buyerspay attention not only to its design, but also the appearance. The cover for the ironing board plays not only an aesthetic role, decorating the surface for ironing, but also performs several practical functions. So, the material from which the sheath is made is very important. It is great if it is soft and has non-stick properties.

Depending on the price, the cases differ in terms ofquality of performance. Cheaper ones are made of cotton fabrics. For models of ironing boards, synthetic materials are used more expensively, which do not allow moisture to pass through and do not stick to the iron.

The sizes of the covers can vary depending on thefrom the board for which they are designed: 132 by 48 cm, 124 by 45 cm. Often the cover on the ironing board is equipped with a special cord, with which you can customize its size under the surface for ironing, firmly fix and prevent its slipping. Inside, it is equipped with a thin layer of foam rubber, which, depending on the brand, ranges from two to four millimeters.

Modern manufacturers take care of customers. So, the cover for the ironing board can be purchased removable, which facilitates its use. There is an opportunity to wash it, clean it and re-put it on the board for further use. Cotton cover makes it possible to wash the cover.

Covers are very popular, in the production of which infabric introduces a metallic thread. When ironing, the effect of double ironing is obtained. This is because, together with the iron, the metal threads of the sheath are heated, thus acting on the fabric on both sides. The colors of such coatings can satisfy the tastes of any mistress.

To improve the quality of ironing, betteruse the case with non-stick effect. Such a useful function is performed by the cotton base of the case, impregnated with silicone. As a result, clothing when ironing is not at risk of burning. In addition, impregnation helps to carry out bilateral ironing. When heated, it transfers heat to things. The cover passes steam and does not become thinner during operation.

The use of Teflon makes the cover for ironingboards more qualitative. Teflon fabric virtually eliminates burning from the effects of hot iron, synthetic fabrics do not stick to it. Also, this case supports the double-ironing function.

In 2010, there was a novelty - a miracle cover forironing board, which by some parameters exceeds its predecessors. So, it has a longer service life, has refractoriness, which makes it safe, and impervious to water. Using a miracle cover, you can increase the quality of ironing and reduce the time for the whole process. With the novelty is not terrible to leave the iron, which forgot to turn off, in a horizontal position. After all, the miracle cover is able to withstand the heating temperature up to 150 ° C. Innovative materials are used in the production of the miracle cushion. He was tested along with similar products from other manufacturers, and at the same time the novelty always proved to be at the height, proving its high quality. If we compare the miracle-case with ordinary, similar elements of the ironing board, then they sometimes let the water pass, which has a harmful effect on the fabric from which they are made. The coating, which is applied to the miracle-cover, has a water-repellent effect and at the same time is capable of giving off heat, thereby improving the quality of ironing. In addition to all of the above, the cover does not require special care. Any contamination can be removed with a simple sponge.

Mistresses, for whom it is important not only to reducewhile ironing clothes, but also improve the efficiency of the process, it is worth thinking about buying a cover for the ironing board. This acquisition can solve several problems:

- protect the working surface of the ironing board,

- reduce the risk of damage to clothes during ironing,

- make this operation more qualitative.

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