Creams "Neva cosmetics": reviews

If you ask the customers about the Neva Cosmetics products, many will recall the Rosa series, people who have small children will praise the Neva Cosmetics nursery Eared Nannies and Tip-Top, most women used creams this company. Today we decided to talk about this familiar brand by all Russians and its products. The topic of the article is "Neva Cosmetics", consumer reviews of creams, soaps and products for the care of sensitive baby skin.

A little about the company

In 2017, the company will be 178 years old, over the years it has not lost its face, as before, it offers its customers high-quality cosmetics and, importantly, affordable. Production capacities of Neva Cosmetics, reviews of which we propose to consider at the end of this publication, are located in the territories of three cities, these are Angarsk (Irkutsk Region), St. Petersburg and Vinnitsa (Ukraine). The company sells its products in Russia and in the CIS countries.

In the assortment of the described brand, there are more than fifty types of cosmetics, including a line of creams ("Ginseng", "Carrot", "Cucumber", "Vorozheya" and others), soaps ("Flowers of Love", "Sun", "Marvelous Garden"), toothpaste ("New Pearl"), washing powder ("Sarma", "Normal") and other products that everyone uses daily.

The company is constantly evolving, improving production technology, expanding its range. We offer to consider the most popular cosmetics and real consumer reviews about them.

Neva cosmetics for children

Series "Eared Nyan"

Children's "Neva cosmetics" designed specifically for kids. They are more than adults, they need the right tools, because their skin is several times thinner, more exposed to damage and irritation. Constant contact with diapers, walks in pampers, frequent bathing - all this has a negative effect on the epidermis of the baby, so you should pay maximum attention to caring for them. The company has created a series of "Eared Nyan", using a maximum of natural ingredients that moisturize, soften the skin, eliminate itching and flaking, and carefully care for it.

The means for bathing from head to legs is intended for washing children of any age, starting from birth. Suitable for use for children with sensitive skin, allergies. Universal remedy gently cleanses the skin and hair of the baby. The composition has aloe vera juice and grapes, moisturizing ingredients. Neutral pH, fluffy foam, the absence of unpleasant burning in the eyes when shampoo gets into them, will make bathing your baby the most pleasant and fun procedure. You can choose separate means for bathing from "Eared nanny", this is shampoo and gel. After bathing, lubricate the skin of your baby with a nourishing cream, butter or milk “Eared nanny”.

For a comfortable walk, do not forget to lubricate the skin of the child with a protective cream for use under the Eared Nurse diaper. This cream and powder remedy creates a protective layer on the skin, which does not allow the ingress of irritating substances, but allows air to pass through. It also has an antiseptic effect, dries irritated areas.

neva cosmetics reviews


Cream "Neva cosmetics" "Tip-Top" is based on herbal ingredients. In this series there is a "Protective" (used before going out for a walk, will protect thin skin from such irritating factors as snow, frost, wind, rain,scorching sun) "Soothing" (soothes irritated skin, prevents itching), "Moisturizing" (for moisturizing the skin of children over a year old, suitable for dry adult skin), "Nourishing" (softens and nourishes the skin after bathing, is allowed for use by children older years and adults). Each of the products is hypoallergenic, therefore it can be used for the skin of children of any age.

Neva cosmetics cream

"Children's" cream

This series is designed for children from three years of life. Cream "2 in 1" is used to protect the skin before going out into the cold, relieve irritation after weathering or itching after sunburn.

Children do not sit still, their knees are always "decorated" with bruises and abrasions. Cream "Children from bruises and abrasions" is able to relieve itching, pleasantly cool the damaged place. It also promotes the resorption of hemorrhages, the speedy healing of abrasions, has an antiseptic effect.

"Children's" cream ("Neva cosmetics") does not contain perfume additives, harmful ingredients in the form of alcohol and dyes. He will quickly soothe the pain of the injury, and the kid will rejoin the active games with friends.

cream ginseng Neva cosmetics

Cream "Ginseng" "Neva cosmetics" for the skin around the eyes

Women over thirty need to care more for their skin. This tool is designed specifically to protect the delicate epidermis around the eyes, it moisturizes, nourishes, tones, protects against the harmful effects of the environment and premature aging. "Ginseng" cream can prevent the appearance of wrinkles, reduce the depth and number of existing ones. It also improves skin color, relieves inflammation, removes "bags" and "bruises" under the eyes. After applying this cream, the woman looks rested, "fresh", the skin becomes elastic, supple, perfectly moisturized.

Active substances:

  • ginseng (extract) is endowed with stimulating, regenerating and tissue-strengthening properties, restores tone, slows down the process of fading;
  • avocado oil regenerates, nourishes the skin, increases its elasticity;
  • olive oil perfectly softens, moisturizes and restores the natural protective barrier;
  • Vitamins E and A are a real elixir of youth, working together, they moisturize, nourish, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, contribute to the elimination of existing ones.

"Neva cosmetics" for the face is popular among women. Many are familiar with the brand for many years and trust its quality, eye cream has become the favorite tool of most women over thirty years old.

carrot face cream

"Neva cosmetics" "Carrot" cream

Carrots are famous for their beneficial properties, there is a lot of carotene in it, which is necessary for every cell in our body. "Carrot" face cream is a softening, nourishing and moisturizing agent, improves the appearance of the skin, relieving irritation, eliminating peeling and dryness. The components that make up the cream, fight against free radicals, thereby restoring the natural protection of the skin, eliminating the signs of aging. Recommended for evening and morning use.

Main components:

  • carrot extract is aimed at the fortification of the skin, its softening and moisturizing;
  • olive oil moisturizes, contributes to the preservation of moisture in the skin, restores protective barriers;
  • Vitamin E is known as a vitamin of youth, it protects the epidermis from UV radiation, damage and pollution; it is also aimed at combating aging, softens and moisturizes the skin.

"Carrot" face cream is suitable for women of any age, it will be an excellent basis for tonal tools. It will protect the skin from drying out cosmetics, its harmful effects.

Neva cosmetics soap

Soap "Tar" for hair and skin

This tool is universal, used as a shower gel and hair shampoo. Soap "Neva cosmetics" perfectly foams, cleans hair and skin from impurities, prevents dandruff, removes peeling and itching. This tool does not contain parabens, perfumes and dyes, therefore it is suitable for daily use by all family members.

Natural birch tar, which is part of the soap, is endowed with antiseptic, regenerating, drying, antiparasitic and soothing properties.

Neva cosmetics for face

Soap with gum for hair and body

Soap "Neva cosmetics" is designed to keep clean hair and body skin, it is endowed with all the necessary qualities of shampoo and gel. The aroma of pine needles helps to calm down, relieve stress and tension, improve mood. As part of no dyes and silicone, suitable for the whole family, used for the shower, pool and bath.

Active ingredients:

  • needles extract fights insomnia, restores inner harmony, normalizes metabolic processes and blood circulation, improves tone and efficiency;
  • Resin is an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anesthetic, restores the protective functions of the whole body, promotes healing and restoration of damaged tissue.

Neva cosmetics shop

Soap with nettle and oak bark

This product is intended for hair and skin care. It gently cleanses, relieves fatigue and tension, improves mood and restores vitality. It does not contain dye, parabens and silicone, ideal for the hygiene of the whole family.

Useful material:

  • nettle has wound healing, antiseptic, analgesic, tonic and multivitamin property;
  • oak bark stimulates immunity, kills germs, has anti-inflammatory properties.

"Neva cosmetics": reviews

Many women and men use the tools of this brand. Everyone is satisfied with the price and quality of products, an impressive range. Women like creams (for hands, face, feet), tonics, soaps and shampoos.They are happy to purchase anti-aging and hygiene products.

Cosmetics for children, too, have many consumers, especially popular "Eared nannies." Women write that they use laundry detergent from this line in order to wash their clothes and bed linen. After the procedure, the tissues become soft, fresh and clean.

There are no bad reviews about Neva Cosmetics. They write that products such as creams, it is difficult to find, because it is sold out too quickly. The online store "Neva cosmetics" offers the entire range that is always available. Many recommend ordering goods there, if in ordinary supermarkets the necessary funds were not found.

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