Creating a sales page: step by step instructions

The joke that the whole world sells goods from China has long been perceived as a statement of fact. It is safe to say that the whole world is based on the relationship of sale and purchase. Even housewives are actively connected to this crazy course. It is therefore not surprising that there were questions about how to make a selling page.

Selling pages

Modern selling pages have received such an intricate name as the Landing page. The essence of this page is to help the visitor solve a specific problem by performing a specific action. Simply put, such landing pages perfectly advertise any service or product, and the design features of the resource help push the user to action.

Now it will be logical to ask the question: "If such information can be placed on a regular website, would it be reasonable to create a selling page?"

creating sales page

Why create a landing page?

Yes, yes, and yes again.Creating a sales page will not go unnoticed. On such salespeople, you can sell and advertise anything from material goods to courses, lectures and black magic sessions.

Such landing pages work much better than ordinary sites, because they have only one goal - to solve the user's problem. On the page, the user is offered to perform one specific action, to which he may agree or disagree. The one-page resource has good visual perception, and the information answers all questions that a potential buyer may have. The user fully focuses his attention on the product or service, presenting all the benefits that he can get by solving his problem.

Visiting a regular site, the user often forgets why he came there. Interesting offers, glowing banners, discounts, new catalogs - all this distracts attention from the purchase. Consequently, the site has a low conversion rate. There are no such problems with the Landing page - everything is described here in stages and there are no distractions. Therefore, the landing pages have such a large percentage of sales.


Before you start creating a sales page, you need to determine the scheme of work. Now "landings" are created in two types.

  1. "Screen" site. Information about a product or service can fit on one screen. Everything that is necessary for the user, he sees before himself, without scrolling at the same time the screen. This scheme is convenient, only suitable for free offers or subscriptions.
  2. Long site. Well, this is what can be called a full-fledged "landing." This page must be scrolled several times to read all the information. And most importantly, in these landing pages there are blocks of which they consist.

how to make a selling page


How to make the selling page yourself? It's simple! It is necessary to follow the rule AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action), which means - attention, interest, desire, action. It is in this sequence that you need to submit information to the user, highlighting the most important points.

In order for everything to be consistent, it is necessary to deal with the blocks of text in advance:

  1. Clear and catchy title. This is not the same thing, but two completely different types of headings. The name of the product or type of service (“Coconut oil” or “Manicure at home”) is often used as a clear title. After it comes a catchy headline that will attract the attention of the visitor.For example, "Luxury hair for 3 minutes" or "Be beautiful in any weather."
  2. Greeting. Literally in two sentences you need to describe the product or service, providing a colorful image. Advice: do not dwell on standard phrases - “this is, and this is this”, since the user needs to be hooked on. In this block, you can highlight the main advantage of the product / service or USP.
  3. Benefits. Separately write out all the benefits of the goods.
  4. Expert opinion.
  5. Question-answer. In this block it is necessary to close objections as efficiently as possible.
  6. Reviews. Here you can add letters, if any, or articles from the press. It is necessary to increase the credibility of the user.
  7. Order form.
  8. Contacts.

creating sales page instruction

Useful tips

Single-page sites quickly "come out" of the tops, they are not intended to provide informational articles to the user. For these purposes, it is better to make a separate blog.

Contacts should always be at the bottom. Newbies very often make a mistake when the form of communication is set immediately after the first or second blocks. The first screen is immediately scanned by the buyer, so there should be intriguing and useful information.

Naturally, each product has its drawbacks. They can be minimized by turning into numbers. For example, coconut oil can cause an allergic reaction (a phenomenon rare, but possible). What if to formulate as follows: "Only 0.5% of the subjects had individual intolerance."

Also it is necessary to enter the contract of the offer (if any). And the most sensitive question is the price. This is a special block that can appear on the page two (or even three) times. The price can not be withheld. Best of all, if the first block appears after the 3rd or 4th, and the second - before the reviews. If this information is acquired, you can proceed to the creation of a selling page.

how to make a selling page yourself

Step-by-step instruction

There are 6 basic steps that will help create an effective Landing page. The instruction for creating a selling page consists of the following positions:

  1. CA problems.It is necessary to analyze the problems of the target audience that the product or service can solve, find out what the consumer wants and what he is afraid of.
  2. Product Detail. Need uknow all about the product, its pros and cons.
  3. Evaluation of competitors.Using information about the product, it is necessary to compare the product with similar products of competitors and find the benefits.
  4. USP.Using information about the product and competitors try to create a unique selling proposition. If the cost of the product / service is lower than that of the opponents (albeit by 1%), then attention should be paid to this. If competitors cannot choose a delivery option, focus on this. Everything that distinguishes quality from rivals deserves to be distinguished.
  5. BenefitsFrom the problems of customers can be determined and their expectations. This is also worth mentioning.
  6. Work with objections.Identify possible questions and objections that may arise, and work them out well.

how to make a selling page in contact step by step


As for the technical side of the issue, you can make landing pages using either HTML / CSS or using already created templates. A good solution would be the production of the landing page on the WordPress engine.

How to make a selling page on WordPress? The first thing you should get is a normal hosting which would support databases. The landing page will bring the first results only six months after the start of optimization. An exception may be a project that has powerful contextual advertising.The second thing to think about is design and layout. If there are no special complaints about the color scheme, then you can use one of the standard templates. Page layout will take much longer, but even a beginner can do it. WordPress has a very simple and intuitive interface - even a child will figure it out.

how to make a selling page on facebook

"In contact with"

You can also create selling pages in social networks. Naturally, in this case, the concept of creating a "landing" will change. And nevertheless, how to make the selling page in "In contact"? The step-by-step instruction will look like this:

  1. Select page format (group, public, meeting).
  2. Avatar It should be bright and large. Be sure to have on it the name of the community, a photo of the proposed product or service. At the bottom you need to place a pointed pointer with a call in a rectangular frame ("Join", "Subscribe", etc.) and, of course, contacts.
  3. Name. This is the usual title that reflects the essence of this enterprise ("Coconut oil. Sale in the CIS countries").
  4. Status. Or catchy title, or information about holding promotions, discounts, etc.
  5. Community description All information that can be presented in 2-4 blocks.
  6. Discussions.The same question-answer.
  7. Media On the page there should be photos of the product and videos about it. If there is an opportunity to record an interview with an expert in a particular area, then you need to give a link to this video, you can paste it into the “Page Description”.
  8. Publications. Every day on the "wall" should appear at least 1 themed post.
  9. Links and menus will make the use of the landing page more convenient.
  10. Contacts. Users must be connected directly through the social network.
  11. Contests. To increase the number of the audience, it is worthwhile to periodically hold rallies and contests.

Exactly the same algorithm can be used by those who want to learn how to make a selling page in Facebook.

how to make a selling page on wordpress

Some useful tips

The sales page is a kind of sales manager, and the sales manager is the face of the company. It is important to remember that all users who will view the page are ordinary people. Maybe there are doctors of science or Nobel laureates among them, but you can’t use only “furious” terms. You need to talk with the user in his language, write about what a person needs and by any means try to earn his trust.

Simply put, in the selling page every potential buyer should see himself. And in order to achieve this level of skill, you need to very carefully study the target audience, the product and competitors. Actually, this is the main difficulty in creating a selling page.

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