Crimea, Beregovoe: photos, hotels, vacation reviews

In the summer, a huge number of tourists from all over Russia and go to rest on the sea coast. Often, tourists choose Crimea for this purpose. Coastal - is a village in the Crimea, where you can relax with the whole family at no extra cost.coastal Crimea

Where is the village Coastal

On the peninsula of Crimea, in the suburb of Feodosia, this settlement is located. The distance from it to the city of Feodosia is only 7 km. The coastal coast is washed by the waters of the Kalamitsky Bay, which is part of the Black Sea.

Climatic conditions

The village Coastal in the Crimea (Theodosia) is best visited in the period from the beginning of July to the end of August. In these months, the most favorable weather for rest is here, sunny, the air warms up to +26 ... + 28 degrees. During this period, there is the highest level of water temperature in the sea - about +20 degrees.

With regard to precipitation, in the summer they are almost never there.

This village will be the best choice for tourists who have diseases of the respiratory system. In the hot season in Beregovoe it is not at all stuffy, since the air here is moderately humid.Crimea, Theodosia Coastal

Local Attractions

Beregovoe is a village in the Crimea, where, like in any other village, there are many attractions that attract the attention of tourists. Many, having arrived here, immediately strive to get on the rock Iphigenia. This place is famous for its picturesqueness, it is from here that a large number of photos of the Coastal (Crimea) are made, since from this point the maximum view opens up to all the spaces of the village.

Another famous historical monument is the Devil's Ladder. This is a special Crimean pass, which was the first of all conquered man. It stretches for 1 km and often becomes a place for photo shoots.Crimea coastal sights

The famous Crimean lake Kuchuk-Ajigol is also located in Beregovoe. At the bottom of the reservoir lies healing mud, which is widely used in local cosmetology and therapy. It is also said that the waters of this lake have miraculous power.

Another popular place among tourists is the beach, which is not easy, but Golden.It takes its name from the unusual color of sand that lies here. This beach is recognized as the best in the whole village.

Where can I stay in the village Beregovoy

In the Crimea, as in other resort regions, the hotel business is well developed. There are places for guests with a different wallet: for richer tourists can offer whole cottages and boarding houses, and for those who are not willing to spend large sums to rent a place to stay, there are hotels of different classes and rooms in the private sector.

The “Malachite” boarding house, the “Alternativa” recreation center and the “Dominica” hotel remain the best in the Coastal which year.

Pension "Malachite"

This place is ideal for family holidays, as it is here that provides conditions that will be comfortable for guests of different ages.

In the pension "Malachite" there is a huge courtyard with a swimming pool, where guests can relax, enjoying the fresh sea air. On its territory there is a spacious dining room. For every guest there is a gym.

As for the places for settlement, the guests here are provided rooms, designed for the number of 1 to 4 people.All of them are equipped with the necessary set of furniture, as well as personal showers in the rooms. On the territory of the entire boarding house, residents can enjoy free access to the Internet, which allows them to always stay in touch with family and friends, sharing the impressions received from the rest.

Pension "Malachite" is located at the following address: Beregovoy village, Naberezhnaya street, 46. The sea is five minutes away from coastal Crimea

The recreation center "Alternative"

This is a great place to relax, which is a five-minute walk from the clean and picturesque sea coast, called the Golden Beach.

Guests can stay in small rooms that are located in single-storey buildings on the territory of the base. Guests can use the free car parking. There is also a gym, a dining room, a sauna, several pavilions, a games room, and also a cafe-bar and a playground.

Guests can rent a room with three meals a day.

The recreation center "Alternativa" is located at the following address: village Beregovoye, Shkolnaya street 51.coastal Crimea photo

Hotel "Dominica"

"Dominica" is a hotel in Beregovoe (Crimea), in which each guest is warmly welcomed, surprising with a pleasant and intimate atmosphere, conducive to a good rest.There are all the conditions necessary for a comfortable pastime for guests: cozy rooms, board games, a cafe on site, billiards, a clean pool, and a playground. The hotel "Dominica" has its own beach, which is always clean.

"Dominica" offers its guests luxury rooms, designed for one or two guests, as well as two-bedroom, where, in addition to the bedroom, there is also a living room. Each room has individual amenities in the form of a shower room and a toilet, as well as a climate control system that allows you to maintain the optimum temperature in a room in any weather.

The hotel is in a convenient location. Near it is a market where you can buy the necessary food. Just five minutes from the hotel there is a clean beach, if you go the other way - there is a bus stop, from where you can get to the nearest villages by public transport. Hotel "Dominica" is within walking distance from the center of the village at Beregovoe, Internatsionalnaya Street 37.

rest in coastal Crimea


In the Coastal (Crimea) there are many places where guests can have fun and relax. First of all, this is a large number of cafes and restaurants on the territory of the village.From places of public catering popular places are Ateya, Gambrinus, teahouse Timur, Oasis, Marseille and Ai-Petri. Fans of night rest can visit the club "Hollywood", where there is an incendiary atmosphere.

Tourists can take advantage of offers of excursions that are held here on horseback, hot air balloon or on foot. You can also make a sailing trip on the sea surface - this kind of recreation attracts the attention of a huge number of tourists, or go diving.coastal crimea reviews

Where to go with children

In the village of Riverside (Crimea) there are many places where you can go with young travelers. Caring parents often choose an informative tour of the village or a local sightseeing.

Young children love to spend time on well-equipped playgrounds. Here the child will not only meet new friends, but will also develop physically, overcoming obstacles, solving the riddles of labyrinths, riding on the carousel.

In the local House of Culture there is a playground with children's trampolines. Also here you can rent a children's car and make a fascinating trip.

In any cafe you can buy a child an ice cream, cake, cake or other dessert, which will make the excursion even more enjoyable.

The village Coastal in Crimea: reviews of tourists

Tourists who had the opportunity to relax in the village, leave a lot of positive reviews about this place.

First of all, they are pleased with the developed infrastructure that is available here. Many vacationers have noted positive comments clean beaches and the sea.

Some admit that they are pleased with the living conditions, as well as affordable prices: in the private sector the cost of living per person is about 300 rubles per day. If you want to rent an apartment in a hotel or a boarding house, then the cost will increase to the minimum mark of 1000 rubles per day (per person).

Guests celebrate the good location of the market, which can be quickly reached from almost anywhere in the village of Beregovoe (Crimea).

The local population is very friendly and responsive. Residents are always attentive to tourists and can tell the location of certain objects. Undoubtedly, this makes the rest in Beregovoe (Crimea) even more enjoyable.

The weighty positive side of Beregovoe settlement is the ability to quickly find an Internet access point. Here it is available in almost all institutions, hotels and boarding houses.coastal Crimea

How to get to the village

The village Coastal in the Crimea - a place where you can get on a bus, taxi, and even on foot. The settlement is located not far from such resort towns and villages as Feodosiya, Nikolaevka, Stepnoye, Primorsky and Neighborhood - from here you can walk, as the distance between the listed points is no more than 6-8 km.

From Sevastopol and Simferopol to Beregovoe can be reached by bus, which departs from the bus station North. You can also get from Bakhchisarai by minibus or by bus.

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