Dead Sea Zauralye - Bear Lake

Many passengers of long-distance trains, passing through the historic area between Russia and the Republic of Kazakhstan, have no idea that only 20 kilometers from Petukhovo station is hiding the beautiful and in its own way special natural object of our state - Lake Bear.Bear Lake

Title history

There is a delightful legend about the name of the lake. It says that a long time ago a bear came to a reservoir hiding in a pristine forest. Heal the aching paw turned out pretty quickly, and he simply put it in the water. After recovery, the lake acquired the shape of this animal. Since then, the healing reservoir and called Bear.

Salt healing power

To explore this area began in the middle of the 19th century. At that time, the Trans-Urals was a frontier territory, where Russians were voluntarily-compulsory settled. The first immigrants hailing from the Vitebsk province appeared here in 1848.

Healing mud was discovered by chance, however, it happens most often. Nearby with a fresh lake there was also a saline with salt deposits. It is known that salt was appreciated at all times. Since 1853, it began to "row". Then the people involved in this work began to notice that their health began to improve dramatically (first of all, they forgot about pain in the joints). The fame of the healing power of salt quickly spread throughout the Tomsk province. An enterprising forester immediately had an idea: to rent Bear Lake. He installed several baths on the shore, until 1925, they were the first health institutions of these places.

The unique Bear Lake

The pond area of ​​61 square meters. km is divided by islands into two lakes: small and large. In a circle, they reach 60 kilometers. The average depth of the lake is 50-70 centimeters, the maximum is 1.2 meters. If you look at the opposite shore, you will see only a dark band hiding in a light haze.

Where is Bear Lake

Where is Bear Lake, you have already learned, it turns out, it is included in the group of brine reservoirs, in which the salt forms. The amount of dissolved minerals is 350-360 g / liter.The chemical composition of water is sodium chloride. At the bottom of the reservoir almost ten-meter layer of mud.

Lake Bearless drainless, feeds on melt water. Due to the high salt concentration, fish do not live in the pond, and algae are not found here. Therapeutic mud has healing power due to potent biologically active substances, which are excreted by the crayfish living in the lake Artemiasalina.

Bathing in Bear is quite an exciting experience. Swim, as in the sea, here will not work, the water is so saturated with salt, that you just will constantly push out. It is best to pick up a magazine, lie on the water and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. Those who have never learned to swim will be pleasantly surprised: to drown in the lake is almost unreal.

Therapeutic factors

Earlier, a little-known resort “Bear Lake” is currently frequented by overseas guests, there are also tourists from Israel. The composition of the mud of the Russian reservoir surpassed even the Dead Sea. One liter of water contains about 360 grams of salt, which is several times more than in the Dead Sea, and 10 times higher than the salt concentration in the oceans.As for silt mud, it has better efficiency. Some people were able to walk again, and literally in 3-4 procedures.Lake Bear Resort

Healing water has a stimulating effect on muscles, bones, joints and the nervous system, helps to improve metabolism. At the depth of the reservoir, the thickness of the layer of silt mud, which is attributed to magical properties, is more than three meters. Smell, of course, it is very unpleasant, since the interaction of soil, plants and microorganisms forms hydrogen sulfide. Handle with mud need with the same caution as with drugs. The duration of bathing and procedures with ointment is not more than 15 minutes.

Resorts, coming here, go to the source of mineral water, however, to drink it with pleasure and not to wrinkle from the smell is obtained by not many. Sodium, bromine, iodine, contained in it, help to heal not only stomach ailments, but also dozens of other diseases. There is also fresh water here, for brewing tea it is not brought to a boil, otherwise it will turn into dead water. For green tea, it is enough to heat the liquid to 70-80 degrees, for black tea - to 90, some prefer yellow tea, brew it with water heated to 50 ° C.This unusual drink contributes to the removal of radionuclides.Cottage village Bear Lake

Cottage settlement "Bear Lake"

I would like to move away a bit from the theme of the dead sea of ​​the Zauralye and tell about a wonderful vacation spot with the same name. Cottage village "Bear Lake" is located near the capital, only 29 kilometers away. In the summer, this place looks simply amazing, because it is located surrounded by a mixed forest. The picturesque lake with a landscaped beach gave the name of the village.

Thanks to a good road junction, you can get here at any time of the year. Nearby are the boarding houses "Pushkino" and "Sofrino", recreation complex "Spring". Here you can not only celebrate the celebration, but also go fishing, go to the forest for mushrooms and berries. For the construction of houses used fresh logs, the whole situation inside is designed in the Russian style. Vacationers can try the best dishes of traditional Russian cuisine, visit the bath and hire.

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