Destruction of cockroaches by fog: reviews

Cockroaches are pests that adapt easilyto any living conditions and multiplying at the same time with lightning speed. Appearing in the apartment, such insects not only worsen the sanitary condition of the dwelling, but also contribute to the spread of dangerous to human diseases.

Ways of penetration of cockroaches

Whence and why do cockroaches appear? There are plenty of ways to infiltrate parasites into the territory of the home there were cockroachesInsects can leave the original dwelling aftercarried out baiting or to get to the territory of the apartment on a garbage chute, ventilation ducts or through existing cracks. If the conditions of stay are favorable (plenty of food and drink, comfortable temperature, the presence of nooks), cockroaches will happily live and multiply in a new place.

Uncleared table, dirty trash can, openfood, a wet sink, a small puddle on the stove or a leaking faucet - factors that encourage cockroaches to settle firmly in an apartment with such "ideal" conditions.

If the house got cockroaches

When found in the apartment of these insects should beurgently begin to fight them. First, you need to clean up the room, after a general cleaning or a small repair. Especially it concerns kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Also it is necessary to get rid of the old rubbish, take out the trash bin daily, do not leave food on the table, dry the sink at night.why there are cockroaches

With the goal of destroying pests throughout the apartmentyou need to spread the crayons, scatter powders, use special aerosols and traps. However, treating the room with conventional chemicals can help for a short time; After a short time, parasites again occupy already lived space, podlazyv from crevices, air ducts, skirting and other inaccessible places. It is quite logical that after ineffectiveness of the treatments, the question arises: "What helps from cockroaches?". What substance is able to penetrate into the smallest cracks, settle on any surface and destroy pests, their laying eggs and larvae? This is steam. After its all-pervasive action, the apartment cockroaches do not have the slightest chance of survival.

Fog against cockroaches

Destruction of cockroaches by fog - an effective methodstruggle against house insects, which assumes the use in the treated room of special generators, which, under the influence of temperature and pressure, release microparticles of a specially prepared solution into the space.destruction of cockroaches cold fog reviewsThe action of such a modern high-techequipment is similar to high-power aerosol processing and can be produced both hot and cold, low-toxic and completely safe for humans. A solution containing water and an insecticidal preparation turns into the smallest droplets that can penetrate into inaccessible places and settle on their surface. The effectiveness of the action for all indicators at times exceeds the use of any highly effective sprays, since it saves considerable time and effort.destruction of cockroaches by fogInstead of slowly sprinkling the working solution from a conventional atomizer, you can do the same job many times faster and much better with the use of special equipment.

Destruction of cockroaches by fog: advantages

Important advantages of the treatment of an infected room with fog:

  • high penetration ability of insecticides in hard-to-reach places;
  • instant destruction of cockroaches and other harmful insects;
  • penetration of the active substance into hard-to-reach places;
  • the possibility of applying the method in one step with the complete destruction of eggs in large premises;
  • economy;
  • highly effective prevention of harmful insects.

Hot way

Destruction of cockroaches by fog can be carried outcold and hot way. The action of hot mist generators is based on the principle of the household kettle: the formation of a vapor from the liquid, which, when it enters the environment, cools and becomes fog.destruction of cockroaches hot fog reviewsHot such a method is called because of the high temperature of the solution heated by the generator (about 70aboutC), under the influence of which active chemicalsubstances act as powerfully as possible. The more microparticles of moisture are in the environment, the more likely the fog will penetrate into all possible shelters of insects and will surely save both adults and eggs. A completely hot mist settles only after 10 hours.

Principle of operation of hot mist

The principle of hot processing isspraying of the insecticidal composition, which under the influence of the ambient temperature turns into hot particles of steam and penetrates into all hard-to-reach corners. The stable, invisible film formed on surfaces when it comes into contact with an insect infects it with an insecticide, which in turn infects its population and dies.

Destruction of cockroaches with hot fog is a method,one of the advantages of which is the duration of the action: the settled particles of the insecticide kill the cockroaches for a sufficiently long period. Hot fog, used to completely destroy cockroaches in the house, according to reviews of many residents of apartments also:

  • prevents the formation of mold and fungus;
  • protects against a variety of harmful insects;
  • reduces the number of pathogens present in the air.

Spheres of hot mist application

To date, hot steam treatment is used for:

  • disposal of pests (fleas, cockroaches, ticks, bugs) in enclosed spaces and in open spaces;
  • destruction of a variety of viruses in places of mass congestion (for example, in public transport);
  • removal of bad odors.

According to the residents of the apartments that have entered into the fight against cockroaches, for a 100% result it is not recommended to open the premises within 2 hours after the treatment.

Against cockroaches - a cold fog

The destruction of cockroaches by cold fog is basedon the decomposition of the working solution into microparticles, the temperature of which is similar to the temperature of the external medium. The drops of cold mist thrown out under pressure have a slightly larger size than that of hot steam, so they do not warm up and correspond to the temperature of the surrounding space. Microparticles first rush to the top, then go down, completely fill the internal space and stay in the air for 3-4 hours from the time of processing.

When filling the room with a cold mist inTo avoid too much moisture in it, you must follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. The destruction of cockroaches by cold fog, the reviews of which still indicate the need to lower the level of humidity before processing, does not allow the flooding of floors and furniture. The settling droplets of the sprayed preparation do not leave stains and traces on the textiles.

Trust professionals

Destruction of cockroaches by fog, reviews about whichconfirm the high effectiveness of this method, it is recommended to entrust organizations that professionally deal with disinfection and disinsection of premises. Of course, this method of getting rid of insects does not cause special difficulties, and you can carry it out yourself. True, special equipment will be required for this, the acquisition of which for the purpose of one-time processing is unlikely to be economically justified. Household models of generators are commercially available, but only for treating the premises with a cold fog. The hot melt spraying devices are manufactured exclusively for industrial applications.

Cold and hot fog: differences

What is the difference between processing hot and coldfog? And which of these methods is the most effective? In the fight against cockroaches, both methods show a high result. The difference is in the size of the particles formed. In hot fog - 5-30 microns, for cold fog - 30-80 microns.destruction of cockroaches fog reviewsThe rate of precipitation of the activesubstance, which is hotter when the method is lower than with cold processing. Destruction of cockroaches by fog is recommended to be carried out only by inspected insecticides. The remedy should not only be highly effective, not to have an unpleasant persistent smell, but also relatively safe for the occupants of the room. Optimal in disposing of an apartment from cockroaches are insecticides "Carbophos", "Chlorophos", "Pyrethrum", "Microfos".

Recommendations before processing

According to the people who used the method of hot and cold steam, before processing it is recommended:

  • Remove all products from the open space, carefully pack dishes and personal hygiene products;
  • to move furniture away from the walls;
  • remove paintings and carpets from the walls;
  • computers and electrical appliances covered with polyethylene or dense cloth;
  • close the grilles leading to the apartment ventilation hatches, which will prevent the migration of cockroaches from neighboring premises;
  • seal in any way available cracks;
  • do a wet cleaning.destruction of cockroaches by hot fog

For the treatment period, people and existing domestic animals should be removed from the premises. If one of the tenants decides to control the work of the disinfector, he should wear a respirator and overalls.

After fog treatment

After treatment, when the droplets of the activesubstances completely settle, it will be necessary to ventilate all rooms. For an ordinary apartment, fresh air should be available for at least 1-2 hours. Then you will need to dispose of the products that have been processed, wipe with a soap solution of the place to which the tenants of the room constantly touch: door handles, chairs, table tops, a dining table, a sink, a stove. In order to give the substance time to act, within 10 days after disinfestation it is not recommended to wash floors; The washing of walls and skirting boards can be arranged 3 weeks after the cockroaches have been destroyed by hot mist. The testimonies indicate that the processing of an apartment using a generator is very convenient, since it allows the effective destruction of parasites in a short time.

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