Diana Ivanitskaya - soloist of the group DINAMA

Bright, beautiful and slim girls fill show business. Diana Ivanitskaya-Shorikova is an attractive brunette with a strong voice. She was remembered by many in the project "I want to Meladze." About her life and career will tell in this article.

Ivanitskaya in childhood

Diana Alexandrovna Ivanitskaya was born in 1995, August 17th. She grew up in Ukraine, in the city of Zaporozhye. The second part of her surname Shorikova is the mother's maiden name.

Since childhood, Diana was on the scene. At the age of seven she debuted with the song "Scarlet Sails", and at the age of eight she began her modeling career. At the age of nine she participated in a beauty contest among children of Zaporozhye.

Later, Diana Ivanitskaya took part in song contests, but still continued to master the modeling business.

"I want to VIA Gro"

diana ivanitskaya

In 2012, the girl came to the show "X-Factor", but did not achieve success there. Not worrying about the failure for a long time, she went to the next TV project "I want V VIA Gro."

Here they already appreciated the voice data of the participant, its more than attractive appearance. In this show, she really got a lot of fans, she was sick and voted for her.

At the end of the project, Diana took the second place of honor, dividing the pedestal with two participants - Julia Lautina and Goncharuk Maria.

Speaking at the gala concert, the girls sang the excellent song "I believe in love." This composition was liked by the audience, it began to enjoy great success.


After participating in the show, Diana Ivanitskaya began to think about higher education. Initially, the girl’s plans included entering the vocal faculty, but, realizing that she was excellent in this matter, she decided to go a different way.

In 2013, the singer entered the KNUKiI at the faculty of acting cinema and television. We hope that soon an attractive brunette will delight us with their loud roles.

DINAMA and its creation

group of dynamo diana ivanitskaya

In 2014, Konstantin Meladze created the Ukrainian Russian-language group of popular music from two beautiful girls. The structure included Diana Ivanitskaya-Shorikova and her friend and colleague on the show “I want to go to VIA Gro” Maria Goncharuk.

After Konstantin, the duet was adopted by Oleg Nekrasov - the owner of the production center Soroka Music. The first performance of the girls took place in Ukraine during the casting on the Meladze show.They then debuted with their song "I Believe in Love," which they publicly performed in the final gala concert of the TV project.

The duo is rightly called Dynamo, although many people write Dynamo. Diana Ivanitskaya and Maria Goncharuk identified their names for the name, or rather their first syllables - Dina (as some are called Diana) and Ma.

Evolving group

Diana Ivanitskaya Shorikova

About this group, few people know. Basically, she is popular with fans of Diana and Maria, who rooted for them on TV shows.

Since the creation of this duet, the girls have performed a few songs, only three of them have become successful: "I believe in love" - ​​the visiting card of the group written by Konstantin Meladze, "Daft" - a more interesting song that has not yet had time to annoy the listeners. She became the soundtrack to the television series "Sweet Life", began to enjoy wide popularity due to this film. And the third song is "This."

Girls are really talented and beautiful, but something prevents them from developing dynamically.

Diana Ivanitskaya many times could work on a solo career, she received enough offers. But the girl remains true to her group, believes that soon they will become more famous, you just have to wait a bit.

Diana's personal life

Diana Alexandrovna Ivanitsky

Around the beautiful girl winds a lot of fans.They offer her a serious relationship, hand and heart. What can I say, she is really admirable, already in school, Diana was famous for her beauty, was popular with guys.

The girl herself says that as long as she has no desire to start a family, much less to have children. She is seriously tuned to the career of a singer, perhaps, an actress, which she studies. For her, the priority is stability and equal financial position, which she wants to achieve by herself, without using a successful marriage for this purpose.

Recently, rumors began to circulate that the girl had begun an affair. Lucky is the presenter and participant of the show "Comedy Vumen" Khrustalev Dmitry. The couple more than once caught my eye, they appear together at all social events.

Diana Ivanitskaya denies having a novel with her and Dima. She says that they spend a lot of time together, as they are just good friends. Diana notes that she has a lot in common with Khrustalev, they are interested in talking about various nonsense and serious things. Like it or not, we do not know.

Diana, when asked about her personal life, answers that while she remains free, she is quite happy with it.She believes that she is too young to burden herself with a serious relationship, and too public a person to show interest in fleeting intrigues.

It remains for us to wish Diana and her colleague Maria prosperity in her career, loud and popular hits. And they will tell about private life as soon as they deem it necessary!

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