Diet of nursing mother

The lactation period, as well as the period of pregnancy,is extremely important for the mother herself, and for her crumbs. To the baby does not suffer from colic and other digestive disorders, the newly-minted mother should pay special attention to her nutrition. The list of foods that will not be harmful to the nursing mother and her baby is quite large, so it's not necessary to exhaust yourself with strict diets or to introduce the strictest restrictions in the diet. It is enough that a loyal diet of a nursing mother is followed, and then the health of the crumbs will be all in perfect order.

However, one must understand that the lactationperiod all that the mother has eaten to some extent is present in the breast milk that the infant feeds on. Therefore, any malfunction in the digestive system of a woman can cause a child to feel unwell. Therefore, the products that enter the body of the wet nurse must be fresh, minimally refined, contain no preservatives, carcinogens and any other chemical additives.

What you can not eat a nursing mother?

Honey, chocolate, cocoa, citrus fruits, strawberries andother foods that can cause an allergy in a baby, in the first three weeks of life, crumbs should be excluded from the nutrition scheme. In addition, it must be remembered that sharp and salty products can adversely affect both the smell of milk and its taste qualities.

It is recommended to refrain from deliberateincrease the percentage of fat content of breast milk by consuming large amounts of fats, for example, in sour cream, pork and other products. With an increase in the fat content of breast milk, the child will expend more effort to suck and digest. As fats, it is better to eat corn and sunflower oil - these are vegetable fats.

New products must be added to the dailyration gradually, in small portions, not forgetting during the day to follow the reaction of the baby to such innovations. If there are no signs of irritation or digestive disorder, then the new product can be left in the list of allowed.

Nursing Mom's Diet: Permitted Foods

During breastfeeding, a woman caneat eggs, dairy products, boiled potatoes, pasta, vegetables, pears, apples, nuts and cookies without fillers. From fatty foods, preservatives, spicy sauces and condiments, creams, cakes and smoked foods should be discarded. It is not recommended to drink carbonated, sweet and even unboiled water.

Drinks that allow a lactating mother's diet,can be the following: tea with milk, compote of various kinds of dried fruits, juices (carrot, apple, pomegranate), milk products to 1% fat content, cow's milk (only ghee or boiled) will suit suitably. Do not forget about the diversity and balance of the daily diet, because it depends on the usefulness of the baby's nutrition.

There are special vitamin complexes,intended for pregnant women and mothers. They are designed to help the child get all the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantity. It is very good to use such complexes when there is no certainty that a child receives a sufficient number of vital substances in his daily diet.

Beginning with the sixth month after birth, the diet,which provides for the diet of a nursing mother, significantly expands, and among the banned there remains a maximum of one or two products to which the baby still reacts poorly. After a year, if you continue to breastfeed, you can consume everything, except preservatives and dyes.

Sample menu of nursing mother

  • Morning - 170 g of kefir;
  • Breakfast -250-300 g of milk buckwheat porridge, 200 g of tea with milk, 1 egg;
  • 12 hours - fruit juice (200 ml);
  • Lunch - 120 grams of salad with dried apricots and grated carrots, 300 grams of fresh cabbage, 80 grams of boiled meat, 260 g of potatoes in milk, a cup of compote, 100 g of rye bread;
  • Snack - 40-50 grams of biscuits, 150 grams of low-fat ryazhenka (up to 2.5%);
  • Dinner - 200 g curd soufflé with 50 grams of milk sauce, a cup of tea with lemon, a slice of bread;
  • At night you can drink 150-170 g of kefir.

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