Dietary desserts: cooking recipes

One of the most forbidden foods in any diet is sugar. It is usually either recommended to completely remove from your diet, or to reduce consumption to a minimum. But this does not mean that you need to exclude the sweet from the menu. Knowing how to cook dietary desserts, you can pamper yourself with tasty food even every day. With this, they will still contribute to weight loss.

Dietary desserts

Two-tone fruit jelly

When choosing desserts for weight loss, it is very important that they are not just healthy and tasty, but also beautiful. It is proved that only by enjoying food, a person can get enough of it without harm to his figure. This can be considered as a two-color fruit jelly.

For its preparation you will need 2 glasses of apple juice (it is better to take freshly squeezed), 1-2 kiwi, half an apple, 50 g of gelatin and 120 g of natural yogurt (ideally homemade). The set of products is minimal, and the taste will be amazing.

diet desserts recipes

First, squeeze the juice out of the apples.If purchased will be used, it is important to check that there is no sugar in it. Fresh juice squeezed through cheesecloth to remove the flesh. Prepare the fruit: they just need to cut into cubes. It is very important not to take too much kiwi, as it will not allow the jelly to harden. Fold the fruit into glasses. In half the juice soak the gelatin and let it swell. Meanwhile, bring the rest to the boil, and then mix everything into a homogeneous mass and pour only half of the juice over the fruit.

Put the glasses of fruit jelly in the refrigerator, putting it at an angle. This is quite easy to do. It is enough to pour any cereal into the cup, and in it to put the glasses in the right way. Mix the yogurt with the remaining juice and pour over the fruit jelly (it should grab at this point). Put in the fridge until it solidifies. So just prepare almost all dietary desserts for weight loss. This is suitable for the system "minus 60".

Lemon zest mousse

In all the culinary books devoted to the popular Dukan diet, there is even a section "Dietary desserts". Recipes for their preparation are most often used instead of sugar, its natural or artificial substitute.But from this they become no less tasty. For example, many will appreciate this light mousse with lemon zest.

Dietary desserts for weight loss

Soak 2 sheets of gelatin in water. You can use regular, it will take about 5 grams. Leave for swelling. Meanwhile, remove the zest from half a lemon. Better to do it with a special knife. In a bowl with a whisk, mix the yolk of 1 egg, zest, 50 g of cottage cheese, add sweetener to taste. Heat this mixture on low heat for about 2 minutes, then, while stirring, add gelatin to it (it must first be squeezed out of water). Stir until the mass becomes homogeneous. Add 200 g of beaten curd to the lemon mass, mix. Separately, beat the protein and in portions to enter into the curd mass. Put in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

By the way, replacing a lemon with other citrus fruits or coffee, you can prepare dietary desserts of different tastes. They can be served even for guests. No one will guess about the hidden benefits of dishes for the figure.

Chocolate Souffle Ice Cream

Most diets strictly prohibit chocolate and ice cream, of course, mainly because of their high calorie content. But you can cook diet desserts, if you know the correct recipe. For example, like this chocolate souffle-ice cream.

In advance, get 400 g of natural yogurt out of the fridge so that it warms to room temperature. Melt 50 g of bitter chocolate in a water bath (the greater the percentage of cocoa beans, the better). Using a mixer, beat the yogurt, add the melted chocolate with 1 teaspoon of cocoa and stevioside at the tip of the knife. In a water bath, dissolve a teaspoon of gelatin in 50 ml of water. Do not boil. Add to chocolate mass, beat and put in the fridge until it solidifies.

That's all! The next morning you can enjoy a wonderful, to taste not a drop of dietary ice cream souffle. Interestingly, its caloric content per 100 g is just nothing - 130 kilocalories.

Curd diet dessert

Fat-free cottage cheese is one of the few products that many diets recommend. With a minimum content of fats and carbohydrates, it fills the body's need for protein and calcium. True, there is a dry and sour cottage cheese just so few dare. Another thing, if based on it to make a dessert.

Diet recipes for weight loss desserts

In a cup, mix 200 g of soft cottage cheese with 125 ml of natural yogurt. Dilute 15 g of gelatin in 2 tablespoons of warm water, allow to swell, heat in a water bath.After it has cooled to room temperature, add to the curd mass with whipped protein and mix. Clear 1 tangerine or orange, disassembled into slices, put the form on the bottom. Top with curd mass. After 2-3 hours to get it, put the bowl in hot water for 1 minute, put the dessert on the dish.

Using this recipe, you can cook different curd diet desserts, if you use other fruits and berries. You can also separately prepare a fruit smoothie and serve as a sauce to the main dish.

Dietary cake "Potato"

It would seem that slimming ladies should not even think about cakes and pies. But here there are some tricks. In skillful hands, the familiar from childhood cake "Potato" turns into a diet. For its preparation you will need 3/4 cup of oatmeal, 3 tablespoons of fruit mass (you can use an apple, grated on a fine grater), 200 g of cottage cheese, 2 tablespoons of raisin, the same amount of cocoa (plus more will be needed for crumbling), cinnamon to taste .

To the oatmeal add fruit mass, cinnamon, mix well. Put the mixture on a baking sheet and fry in the oven until golden brown (stir occasionally). Cool and grind with a blender. Separately grind raisins with cocoa.Then mix all the ingredients in turn with the cottage cheese. It should make a dense, well-shaped mass. From it to make cakes "Potato", roll in cocoa and put in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Curd diet recipe

Apple diet diet

Apples, by the way, after roasting become only healthier. In this form, they are recommended to be eaten by everyone - from young to old. This is the easiest recipe for a dietary dessert. It is enough to wash the apples, take out the core and bake them in the oven. After 30 minutes, the dish is ready.

But there are other diet recipes for slimming desserts from the same baked apples. So, the most optimal would be to add to them the filling of cottage cheese and dried fruit. To do this, raisins, dried apricots and prunes chop in a blender with cottage cheese. Apple cores, fill the resulting mixture. This dessert is baked in the oven for about 30 minutes at 180 degrees. 4 large apples will require 100 g of cottage cheese and dried fruits. They will eat even faster than they prepare.

Apple diet diet

Dried Fruit Candy

Store chocolates will always be another taboo for all diets. They really have no good. Another thing, if they cook at home. It will turn out both tasty and healthy.For 35 candies with a diameter of about 3-4 cm, you will need 1 glass of raisins and dates, a half cup of walnuts, 4 tablespoons of coconut chips, 35 pieces of dried cherries for the filling and cocoa for sprinkling.

Dried fruits well washed in boiling water. Using a blender, chop together with nuts and coconut flakes. It turns out quite dense mass. From it to form small balls, in the center of each put one dried cherries and roll in cocoa powder. Remove for a couple of hours in the fridge. Then it only remains to prove that they are dietary.

Instead of conclusion

Whatever the diet, it is important to understand that a person needs proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The latter can more than fill the diet desserts. Recipes for various sweet dishes have long been included in cooking books for losing weight and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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