Dill water for newborns. Instructions for use

Since birth, a baby's life can bemarred by pain in the abdomen, colic and swelling. Pediatricians consider this to be the norm. The gastrointestinal tract of the newborn receives and digests food for the first time. This gives discomfort to the child, and parents have a lot of anxiety. The kid at the same time screaming, blushing, restlessly waving handles and legs. It is very difficult to look at such suffering, and it is quite natural that parents try to find means to alleviate the condition of the baby. There are many drugs that can do this. As a rule, moms and dads try to choose natural and proven recipes. One of the most popular among them is dill water for newborns. The instructions for use describe in detail its healing properties.

dill water for newborns

What's the secret

This wonderful tincture improves digestion,reduces gassing and prevents the appearance of colic. Dill water for newborns (reviews confirm this) helps and facilitates them the first months of life. This product has nothing to do with ordinary garden fennel. It is made from fennel oil or from the fruits of dill pharmacy. A ready-made solution is rarely sold in pharmacies. However, it's easy enough to do it yourself. It does not require a lot of money, effort and does not take much time from you. The result will not take long to wait and will certainly please you.

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How to prepare dill water for newborns

Instructions for preparing tinctures are very simple. First of all, take care of the purity of your hands and wash the dishes carefully, which you will use in the process. Fennel fruits must be crushed thoroughly. A glass of boiling water is taken only two or three grams of raw materials. It is necessary to insist it for half an hour. After that, the liquid is filtered through gauze. Now dill water for newborns is ready. The instruction says that it can be given to children from two weeks of age.

How to use the tincture

The child should be given one spoonful of the remedy beforeeach feeding. If the baby can not drink from a spoon, you can mix the infusion with it into the infant formula. When breast feeding vodichku it is useful to drink mother. Useful substances are transmitted to the child through milk. Dill water for newborns (the instruction does on this special accent) is not stored for a long time. A new portion is prepared for each reception.

dill water for newborns reviews

What can I replace

Indisputable and invaluable is the benefit thatDill water for newborns. The price of the finished product is low (300-350 rubles). Today on the shelves of pharmacies you can find a lot of preparations made on the basis of fennel. All of them have useful properties of this plant. The most popular powder is Plantex. It is enough to dissolve the contents of the sachet in water and the remedy for colic is ready. Perfectly cope with problems in the tummy preparations Espumizan, Bobotik, Bebinos, Beibikalm and others. In order to choose the most suitable means, it is best to contact the pediatrician.

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