DIY mowing: drawing, materials, instructions for making

Mechanization of work can simplify the management of a small farming or backyard economy. However, the deterrent is sometimes the high cost of equipment. But you can make many devices yourself, for example, a mower. She will provide green fodder for livestock and will allow to utilize weeds. For work on the manufacture will need parts that can be found in almost any household.

How to determine the design features

DIY mowing machine

The self-made mower can be rotary or segment. The first variety is the most popular and convenient in terms of performance. The working part of the equipment is a disk with floating rotating knives. Such installations are effective for the case when you have to mow high grass.

Movable knives cope with weeds. If you want to make a device from a chainsaw, then you should not hesitate, because the unit is perfect for conversion, in addition, you can transform it back. The petrol mower will have knives, as material for which there are saw blades for wood. You can use and metal sharpened teeth.

Features of the manufacture of segment mowers

hand mower

If we compare the segment devices with rotary devices, then the fastening in these units will be carried out to the motor-block or mini-tractor. The main difference is the principle of the knives. The working part of the equipment consists of long and narrow blades that have teeth, they function according to the principle of translational motion. You can start work by activating the equipment using a drive belt. You can also use a power take-off shaft for this.

These design features depend on the model of the motoblock or the mechanical means that you plan to use.Having executed a segment mowing machine, you will be able to apply it when mowing a lawn grass. Portable modifications provide the ability to handle bushes. With the engine gear wheel mates hard.

Using chainsaw

homemade mower

The petrol mower will be a great help in the economy. But first you need to prepare the tools and parts. Domestic models “Friendship” and “Ural” are suitable for solving the problem. Additionally, you will purchase:

  • metal corner;
  • 2 wheels;
  • pipe cut;
  • metal knives;
  • metal plate;
  • rotor discs;
  • bearing;
  • fittings.

As for the corner, he will go for the manufacture of a rigid frame. But the metal plate is needed for the site. The wheels can not be purchased, but borrow them from a stroller or trolley. A piece of pipe should have a diameter in the range of 5 cm. You will need a gear to mate with the pipe. The self-made mowing machine will be carried out with the use of accessories, namely:

  • nuts;
  • bolts;
  • rivets;
  • staples.

Assembly guide

gasoline mower

If you want to make a mower using a chainsaw, then you will need to insert a pipe into the bearing chute. There must be a gear inside.Ears are welded to one of the pipe ends, the length of each of which will be 2 cm. Holes are drilled in them. Knives you can make from the blade for the saw.

The rail is cut into the desired number of equal bands. Rivets and bolts allow you to lock the knives on the rotor disc. The metal strip can also act as a basis. Choosing the diameter of the rotor, you can prefer the traditional value, which is 39 cm. It will become the best assistant for everyone who decided to make a mowing machine with his own hands, a drawing of such a device. It must be studied first.

From the metal corner you can make a rigid frame, the parameters of which will be equal to the dimensions of the gasoline tool. Inside the structure there will be a rectangular stand, the body rests on it. Connections must be made at right angles, and they must be made as rigid as possible.

Method of work

Bulgarian mowing machine

The frame should be welded attachment for the handle and wheels. Metal rod hooks will play the role of support. At the next stage, you can begin to install the wheels.The chainsaw must be prepared; for this purpose, the blades and the chain are removed from it, and then attached to the frame.

The mowing device will provide for a protective platform in the form of a plate, which is prepared taking into account the correspondence of the contour to the casing. A pipe that will have a working part of the equipment joins the asterisk of the tool. Now you can begin to fix the lever, grip and cable system, the latter of which will be responsible for switching the equipment on and off.

Use of the grinder

mower drawings

If you do not have a rotary mower, but there is an angle grinder available, you can make the equipment from a grinder. The mower is a seasonal tool, so it would be more rational to prepare it for a certain season of the year. For example, you can also convert a grinder into a milling machine, as well as a drilling machine, a chain saw and a lawn mower.

In order to make a mowing machine from a grinder, you will need to cut a car passenger wheel into two parts. Use in the works to be only one part. On the one hand, it should be closed with a sheet of metal.In this case, a metal disk from a circular saw, which has served its time, can be useful. It will allow to receive the case of the equipment. To him by means of electric welding fixed handle and wheels. The grinder is mounted on top.

Fencing cover on the unit must be strengthened as tight as possible. At the next stage, the necessary holes are drilled in the frame and the casing. Fastening is done with bolts. This will fix the grinder on the mower. Collecting a mower with your own hands, you should remember that the working shaft of the main tool does not differ in impressive length, so fixing a knife on it will be problematic.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to screw the nut with an elongated thread onto the shaft, only after that you can proceed to fixing the knives for the mowing machine. With the help of the resulting tool it will be possible to fight with low grass. In the bow of the equipment, you can create a cavity that will be designed for mowing grass. The nose part will not be pressed against the ground by a half-disk. For this, a part of the mower moves forward so that the grass before the cut is not laid on the ground, but has time to rise.

Production of manual segment mowers

spare parts for mowing

If you plan to make a hand mowing machine in the form of a segment device, then you should use metal bars with dimensions of 15x50x120 mm. In each of them, drill holes for the installation of bolts. The guide rail joins the latter, its length should be 90 cm. Knives on it are located on both sides of the beam. Towards the ends of the latter are fixed runners and clamps.

At the bottom of the frame it is necessary to fix the wheel, which you can borrow from a sidecar or a children's bicycle. The cutting part of the manual mower will work from the impact of the motoblock. However, even if you assemble the unit correctly, then in any case, you should follow the recommendations for installing the equipment.

Motoblock must be set to reverse mode. A coupling unit is located in the coupling socket. Using a spring pin, you must fasten the connection, otherwise the trailer mechanism will not work. The mowing knives during installation should be protected with a casing. The loads placed on the wheels should be removed, because they will not be needed for mowing grass.Work should begin with the inclusion of the clutch, setting it to the minimum speed.

Features of the manufacture of a rotary mower

A rotary device is used for grass harvesting and lawn mowing. Small vegetation equipment can grind and mow high under the root. Self-made mowers of this type are attached to the walk-behind tractor, they are simply not suitable for the tractor due to its small size.

Having decided to make a mower with your own hands, you can use the Neva walk-behind tractor or a similar model of such equipment as a base. For the work should prepare two disks, borrowed from the grain planter. You will need a chain and gear from the saw. For each disc, you must prepare four metal knives made of hardened alloy. 6 mm holes are drilled in each disk to install them. The tire will allow to fix the knives on the disks, so that between them there is a gap exceeding in thickness each of the knives by 2 mm.

Method of work

For attaching knives, the axle is made of strong carbon steel. Its diameter should be 8 mm.In order to ensure the free running of the knives when doing the mowing with their own hands, the axle must be tightened with a disk until it stops. The disks are attached to the frame, and after that communication with the drive is provided. The disks should rotate towards each other, this will allow to get the grass that folds in rows.

Cost of spare parts

Before you start making the equipment described in the article, you need to ask what the cost of spare parts is, because you will have to purchase some of them. For example, a carrier sleeve that fits the Virax mower will cost the consumer 50 rubles. But you can buy a drum casing for 1200 rubles.

The rear hinge sleeve costs a penny - 40 rubles. a piece. Such is the price of distance protection. Considering the parts for a mower, you should also pay attention to the drive shaft. Its cost is 500 rubles. The knife holder will cost you 250 rubles. Sleeve drum costs 2400 rubles. The belt pulley, equipped with a latch, will cost 4000 rubles.


Before you make your own mowing machine, you should familiarize yourself with its design features, perhaps, they will allow you to understand what tool should form the basis. A great solution is a chainsaw or an angle grinder.Everything will depend on whether you need the source tool. However, if you study the technology in more detail, it will allow you to understand how to retool the unit back if necessary, which helps to save, because each model of new equipment is expensive.

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