Do you know what they make nasvay?

People have always sought the means to achieve a state of euphoria. And, probably, they will be looking for them in the future. What has not been invented lately: from simple and easily accessible means (like Moment glue) to the most modern chemical developments! We will talk here about a narcotic drug of our time. So what are the nasvays doing, which is now replacing ecstasy and LSD?

what are they doing nasvay

What are they doing nasvay?

Nasvay, or satiate (us), is a drug containing nicotine. These are small green grains or globules, which have not very pleasant smell and taste. Mostly this drug is made at home. Initially, for us, the main component was the plant us. In our time, it was replaced by tobacco or tobacco. In addition, slaked lime is added to the product, and if it is not, then chicken litter or camel dung is well applicable. Components of the most different plants and oil can be used. To improve taste, seasonings are added to nasvay.This drug is easy to prepare, which is why it has a low cost.

How to use nasvay?

The use of nasvai is as simple as its preparation. A ball of narcotic substance is placed under the upper or lower lip. And in order to cause a longer effect, nasvay lay in the nose. Among the lovers of this drug, such actions are called “throwing, throwing nasvay”. It is absolutely impossible to swallow the ball itself or saliva, as this substance can seriously harm the stomach.

what is bad nasvay

Drug action

Looking at what nasvay is made of, it is not difficult to guess that it tastes and smells disgusting. Why, then, among young people, he became so popular? To answer this question, you need to know how nasvay acts. The tool has a rather peculiar effect. After its use appear short-term dizziness, tingling in the limbs. That is what teens like. Nasvay can be bought from seasoning merchants in almost every city. It costs less than a pack of cigarettes, it also contributes to its popularity. There are spice sellers who offer nasvay as a means to combat smoking. However, the effects of drug use may be more than serious.

What are the consequences of "buzz"?

what is the nasvai

Like any other drug, offensive balls affect the human body is not the best way. What is bad nasvay? The use of this drug causes vegetative disturbances, sweating, fainting, diseases of the teeth, stomach and oral mucosa. Nasvay can also provoke infertility in men, and approximately 80% of patients diagnosed with laryngeal cancer or oral cancer have used this narcotic drug. Studies have shown what nasvay consists of - cadmium, lead, mercury, arsenic, dichlorodiphenyltrichloromethylmethane (DDT), and its metabolites, hexachlorocyclohexane. As is known, arsenic and lead are poisons, and cadmium is an extremely toxic metal. Chicken manure may contain intestinal bacteria, and DDT burns mucous membranes. Teenagers who use nasvay, are irritable, nervous, unbalanced. Almost all memory deteriorates, and interest in learning and further development disappears.

While daring to try this drug, think well: is it worth risking your health for a minute sensations? Look at what they do nasvay, what is its composition, after which, probably, other evidence of its harm is no longer required.

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