Door for glass oven: do it yourself

A fireplace is a thing, though not the cheapest, but those who have the opportunity and the place to install it do just that. There are several advantages that make this piece of furniture quite popular. Firstly, it is effective as a means of heating. Secondly, the aesthetic appearance of the fireplace can not be underestimated. Thirdly, you can make it yourself.

Glass selection

Before proceeding with the installation or manufacture of a door for a glass oven, it is necessary to become familiar with the requirements it must meet. Immediately it should be said that the production process and raw materials for this part will depend on how you plan to use a fireplace or stove. If, for example, an object will be used as a means of heating, then a minimum of two-layer, and preferably three-layer material is necessary. Apart from this requirement, there are a few that must correspond to furnace doors with glass for a stove, fireplace:

  • First, high resistance to elevated temperatures.
  • Secondly, the service life. Most often, this parameter is defined in hours. That is, indicates the time that the glass can withstand at temperature load.
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to attend to the overall strength of the door with glass. Most often, this parameter is indicated in millimeters and is up to 3 mm.
  • Fourth, the effect of noise isolation. Of course, for some time the noise and the hum of the stove or fireplace will delight, but over time a person will get used to and constant noise will begin to interfere strongly, therefore, providing noise insulation is also an important parameter for the door.

oven door with glass

Materials and glass manufacturing

In order to create a door for the furnace with glass with your own hands, you will need materials such as:

  • silicone sealant;
  • about 4 window panes that fit the screen;
  • stones for decoration;
  • metal mesh or lattice;
  • metal box whose size will match the size of the screen.

The device of the glass screen for the fireplace is quite simple:

  1. Silicone sealant is applied to all 4 glasses at their edges.
  2. All glasses are fixed in such a way that the shape of the parallelepiped is obtained.It is important to observe the right angles.
  3. The planes of the elements are firmly pressed to each other and remain in this position until the sealant completely solidifies.
  4. Residues of substances that have protruded beyond the plane must be cut off.

furnace door with glass for the furnace

In such a simple way you can make a screen for the fireplace.

Glass door

Quite often it happens that people in the house already have a heating facility, but at the same time they cannot use it. Sometimes, fire safety requirements interfere, and sometimes the amount of soot that is created by the fireplace when it is kindled, especially in not too cold weather outside. For these reasons, the object cannot be used. The furnace door with glass for the furnace in that case will be the most irreplaceable assistant.

doors with glass for stove fireplaces

Description of the glass door

Installing the door with glass brings not only the aesthetic diversity of the design, but also allows you to constantly monitor the efficiency of the furnace. However, there are several drawbacks that will have to be taken into account if a decision is made to manufacture such an element by hand.

cast iron doors for glass ovens

The first drawback is low mechanical stability.Of course, during production, high-quality heat-resistant glass with a high protective characteristic will be used, but it can still quite easily break. Because of this, you must be extremely careful when removing soot from it.

The door for the furnace with glass tends to get dirty pretty quickly. However, to eliminate this defect, they often resort to the firing process.

The last drawback is the use of only wood fuel. It will be impossible to use coal as a flue in an oven with such a door.

doors for bath stove with glass

It is worth noting that quite often resort to a combination of several materials in the production. Some elements of casting or forging are often used to decorate and enhance the strength characteristics. It is also worth answering that it is possible to use a cast iron door for a furnace with glass, that is, a combination of cast iron and glass.


The first thing to do before starting work is to create a drawing. The main task in carrying out this item is accuracy. If you make a mistake with the dimensions at this stage, then, most likely, in the end, the object will be smaller or larger than necessary.

The second stage of door manufacturing is the availability of all tools and the purchase of material.In order to assemble such a thing, you will definitely need welding, a Bulgarian, a circle for cleaning, a hammer and a drill. The listed tools will be useful if the door for a bath stove with glass or for a fireplace is made from a combination of glass and cast iron or another metal.

doors for ovens with glass do it yourself

Required materials for the production of the valve: metal, angle, handle, valve or glass. It should be noted that the advantage of manufacturing such a door on your own will be that you can purchase all the components at any store, and their cost is acceptable.

Stages of work

The first thing to do is to cut a corner. And after that, give the desired shape to the structure. In order to carry out this operation, it is necessary to lay a corner on a flat surface, check the correctness of all connections, and then weld all the necessary details. After finishing the work, you need to inspect the door again for correctness and compliance with the form.

Then on the sheet of metal it is necessary to mark the inner contour of the frame. After finishing the markup and getting all the measurements, you need to increase them a little and leave a small allowance on each side.Taking these marks into account, it is necessary to cut the part with a metal grinder. Since the door is planned with glass, it is necessary to have a piece of heat-resistant material that will be mounted.

With the help of the same tool glass is cut with the desired size. Next to the frame you need to weld the veil. After that, you need to grab them to the general frame of the door. When this operation is completed, you need to make sure that nothing prevents the opening and closing of the door. If this condition is met, then you can proceed to the final welding. The handle for the door is attached at the very least.

The advantages of panoramic glass

Most often in such improvised doors it is recommended to use panoramic glass. It has such advantages as: high thermal stability and high degree of refractoriness of the material. Another very convenient feature is safety when used in a bath. Panoramic glass contains crystal ceramics and quartz, which makes them absolutely safe. A mixture of these components eliminates any possibility of material explosion due to overheating.

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