English lesson plan. Technological map of the English lesson

Currently, Russian schools are introducing state standards of the second generation. According to the requirements that apply to the academic disciplines of the GEF, the English language should have a strict structure and sequence of steps.

English lesson plan

Features of the requirements of the new standard

To begin with, the lesson of the English language on GEF is aimed at solving the following goals:

  • the formation of communicative foreign language competence in the amount of its components: speech, intercultural, socio-cultural, linguistic, educational, cognitive, compensatory competence;
  • personality development of schoolchildren;
  • improvement of universal learning skills.

English lesson outline

Learning outcomes

The GEF English lesson is associated with the following intended learning outcomes:

  • the development of the motivation to learn a foreign language, the formation of a common cultural and ethnic identity;
  • understanding the ways of self-realization with the help of a foreign language, as well as finding ways for self-development and the formation of speech culture;
  • an understanding of the peculiarities of the culture of their people, a manifestation of tolerance towards the culture of other nations;
  • opportunity and desire to defend their own civil position.

English lesson in fgos

Meta-Subject Results

Technological map of the lesson of the English language should include the development of research and project activities, clearly identifying the areas studied and unexplored, the definition of the tasks that must be achieved during the lesson.

Meta-subject results are also related to the analysis of the lesson’s results, the ability to draw conclusions, think over the results, correct actions, identify new tasks and goals of the lesson based on the results of previous lessons.

Technological map of the lesson of the English language involves self-monitoring, self-observation, self-assessment in the course of communicative work in English.

In addition, new standards suggest socialization, an increase in the linguistic horizon, the formation of emotional, cognitive, volitional spheres.

The development of a lesson in the English language is aimed at acquaintance with the rules of speech behavior, linguistic concepts that are necessary for the assimilation of oral speech in a foreign language.

The teacher pays special attention to the friendly attitude of schoolchildren to native English speakers, introduces his pupils to the life of English schoolchildren.

English lesson plan is made taking into account the individual characteristics of children, includes elements of design and research activities.

Technological map of the English lesson

Technological map of the lesson on "London"

This topic of the English lesson is covered in the course of the sixth grade in the M. Z. program “Happy English”.

Type of occupation: a summary of the material studied.

A short lesson plan for the English language on the subject "London" meets the requirements of the GEF.

English lesson development

Lesson objectives

Educational objectives: a compilation of knowledge about the main attractions of London, improving lexical skills, enhancing oral speech, developing listening skills.

The proposed outline of the lesson in the English language contains elements that allow you to cultivate a culture of behavior in group and frontal work.

Formation of UDD:

  • personal actions: self-organization, independence, self-assessment, skills of joint cognitive work;
  • regulatory actions: forecasting, goal-setting;
  • cognitive actions: broadening the outlook of schoolchildren through linguistic and cultural information.

Subject actions are aimed at acquaintance with the sights of London, the application of the studied vocabulary in English speech.

This English lesson development contains elements of communicative actions related to working in pairs, the ability to express your thoughts in English.

Cognitive actions: structuring, modeling, synthesis of knowledge.

In the lesson plan of the English language include those textbooks, materials that will be required for its implementation. In addition to the book, you need a multimedia projector, a London card, as well as presentations made by the guys, tokens for the auction.

English lesson topic

Stages of

The outline of the lesson in English on the subject "London" consists of nine main stages.

At the first stage, students are motivated to study. Its duration is 5-7 minutes. The teacher immerses the children in the language environment, develops skills in the use of grammatical construction, pronunciation of English sounds.

The guys are involved in phonetic charging and the game "Tell about a friend."

At the second stage, the topic of the lesson is formulated, the objectives of the lesson are set. The peculiarity of the second generation of the GEF is that the teacher does not voice the topic of the lesson, he only brings the students to the point that they could formulate it.

The next stage of the lesson is to check homework, its duration should not exceed 10 minutes. The guys demonstrate their presentations with the sights of London, armed with a multimedia projector. At this stage, the teacher performs the function of a mentor, correcting the mistakes of his students.

At the fourth stage, the country study material and auditing skills are activated. The guys listen to the story, trying to figure out what kind of sights in London we are talking about.

Next comes the improvement of lexical skills.It is intended to read the chain of phrases, translate them into Russian. In the course of the game "Auction" of these phrases guys make up sentences.

In order to conduct training in oral skills, the class is divided into groups of 3-4 people. For three minutes they should remember five nouns, verbs, adjectives related to the theme "London".

Next, each group presents classmates with a complete list of the words they were able to write.

At the next stage, the reflection of the educational activity is carried out. This stage is mandatory by federal standards of the second generation. The guys fill out special forms, evaluating their activities in the classroom.

The brief summary concludes with an explanation of homework.

Features of the outline of the English language

Any analysis of the English lesson is an important and responsible lesson for the teacher. In order to demonstrate his intellectual and communicative skills to his colleagues, the teacher indicates the topic of the lesson, the type of lesson (combined, explanations of the new material, repetition and generalization of the UDD).

The outline of the lesson of the English language can be made for the lesson consolidating skills, repeating and generalizing classes.

Regardless of which type of lesson is chosen, it must contain an educational, developmental, educational task. For example, all skills are divided into concepts, skills, and abilities. Skills are divided into special, general educational types. For example, they include the possession of oral and written speech, methods of working with supplementary and educational literature, building sentences.

English lesson analysis

Educational and educational aspects

Among the main educational tasks that the teacher puts on the English lesson, we note the creation of a full-fledged system of ideology, moral and aesthetic qualities of their pupils. In addition, the teacher during each lesson teaches students the norms of behavior, social activity, value orientation.

Developmental tasks that are relevant to the lessons of the English language, aimed at the development of thinking, speech, motivational, volitional, emotional, mental activity.


In addition to the triune task, in the lesson outline indicate all the equipment necessary for the lesson (TCO). Recording is carried out in a short form, decorated in a table.When preparing an open class, it is necessary to include in a brief summary of the literature that you will use to conduct it.

For example, if the lesson is related to the repetition of the themes “Clothing”, “Appearance”, for the repetition of the material studied, the teacher may invite the children to tell about a fantastic character.

As equipment for such classes, you can use the presentation with fashionable elements of clothing. It is appropriate for such an English lesson and role-playing game in which the children will be able to feel as fashion designers.

With the proper construction of the abstract of the lesson, it will become for the teacher not only the basis for the lesson, but also the basis for self-assessment.

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