Entertainment in Anapa: recommendations and reviews

Summer, vacation, Anapa - this is the best that you can imagine. However, many of those who are going on vacation, seeking to learn more about entertainment in Anapa. Indeed, one must, after all, know what he has to do and what he will do during his entire stay on the Black Sea coast. First of all, we are in a hurry to reassure everyone - there are just options for interesting leisure activities. The problem is to have time during the holidays to visit all the entertainment in Anapa.entertainment in Anapa

Sunny beaches

Of course, for this most tourists come here. Usually, all the entertainment in Anapa fade into the background, the most important thing is to get plenty of sunbathing and lie on the hot sand. At the same time, the choice of beaches is impressive. This is the central beach where most of the guests are going. Here the coast is covered with the softest sand, there are sun loungers and awnings, a huge number of proposals for the rental of various equipment. Small Bay is a small and very cozy pebble beach.It is covered with sun beds and umbrellas, there are toilets and showers. The second pebble beach is called High Beach. Not so long ago it was wild, but today there are also sheds, rentals and other wonders of a beach holiday. But the beaches - this is not all entertainment in Anapa. Judging by the reviews, the most beautiful is the Central Beach.

Cozy cinemas

If you are tired of sun-drenched beaches, then go see a good movie in one of the cinemas. There are a lot of them here. This is a huge center "World of Cinema", where the 3D paintings go, and in the lobby there is a billiards and slot machines. However, this is more leisure for adults, and if you are looking for entertainment in Anapa for children, then welcome to the Motherland culture center. The former cinema has now become a children's world. There are a huge number of different clubs and children's cafes, teachers and animators work, various events are held. Recommendations from tourists tell us that these two large centers will allow all family members to have a great rest.fun in anapa for children

Water fun, water parks

If you are looking for entertainment in Anapa for children, then you can’t walk past aquatic species. Waterparks unite all generations.There is no difference between parents and children here - everyone is happy. The Golden Beach water park is located in front of the Central Beach. This is the largest entertainment center in Russia. Here are dozens of slides, the most different in length, speed of descent, designed for different ages. There are children's islands, playgrounds for teenagers and slides for real extreme sports. Today, another water park called Tiki-Tak is open in Anapa. It is rather small compared to the first, but it has a capacity of 24 slides, and its capacity is about 5,000 people. Judging by the reviews, “Golden Beach” is the most beautiful water park not only in Anapa, but also in all of Russia.Anapa Amusement Park

Cultural holidays

Speaking about what kind of entertainment is in Anapa, it is impossible not to say about the wonderful theater. He is alone here - but what a! It hosts summer tours of all the most famous theaters in Russia. Moscow actors every summer act on his stage. This is one of the most visited theaters in the country. Therefore, leave the children having fun in the park and give yourself a real cultural evening.

Walking and Sports

We go further, and we continue to talk about entertainment in the city of Anapa.This resort is famous for its surfing center. It works all year round. Here you can not only get equipment, but also receive training. However, surfing is not the only local entertainment. Did you try to roll on a board, holding onto the tail of a kite? Do you like water skiing? It offers a huge amount of water entertainment.what kind of entertainment is there in anapa

Diving center

He is a success, despite all the other, no less impressive, entertainment in Anapa. Guest reviews suggest that scuba diving was the strongest impression for them. Experienced instructors arrange real shows, conducting excursions to the sunken ship or plane. In order to dive for the first time, you will have to undergo training. Local diving schools tourists recommend each other, because this is where real professionals work.

Yacht and Boat Rental

Want to feel like a captain taking a ship on an endless journey? Then, specially for you, rental of various sea transport is open. You can take a wonderful boat trip with your family, or hire a captain who will take you to the most beautiful places. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to swim in the open sea.Impressions from such walks will be enough for the whole year.children's entertainment in Anapa

Amusement Park in Anapa

I must say that he is not alone. Together with your children, you can take a real journey into the world of bright colors, amazing rides and entertainment. For boys, an interesting adventure will be an amusement park in Anapa "Extreme". This is a true history museum. Here you can go to the torture chamber or visit the pottery workshop, where you will feel like a medieval master and try to create your own creation. What boy did not dream of becoming Robin Hood? Here and these dreams come true. In the present medieval dash you can shoot a crossbow and a bow. At certain hours here is a bright and spectacular event - the battles of knights. These are horse competitions on swords that take place right before your eyes.

If you want to enjoy plenty of water activities, but the water park is already tired, go to the “Sea of ​​pleasure” water-ski park. Here you can ski and kite, get trained and take the first trip alone, without an instructor. Park staff will arrange for you a real photo hunt, capturing the most interesting moments.

We should also note the beautiful and very interesting park "Byzantium". There are so many attractions here that it’s not boring for children and their parents. All kinds of swings, grand roundabouts, children's cafes and shooting galleries, indoor playrooms - all this makes it possible to spend the day bright and cheerful. All children's entertainment in Anapa is absolutely safe, a special technical service constantly monitors this. Judging by the reviews, tourists are very fond of the park "Byzantium" for the endless possibilities for entertainment.fun in anapa

Joint excursions

After you have paid tribute to the Golden Beach water park, visited the rest of the parks and had a good lunch, it is time for quieter entertainment. Of course, everyone without exception likes the dolphinarium. Grandiose, bright show wins the hearts of large and small. But here you can not only watch. Take a swimsuit and go swimming with these wonderful creatures. If you enjoyed this event, then you love animals. Then you can continue your tour.

Anapa Zoo

This is a huge territory where dozens of animals are located.They live here not in cages, but in fenced areas, spacious enough to feel at ease. Here they play with their relatives and live their normal lives, except that they cannot hunt each other. In the zoo, visitors are introduced to funny ostriches and talking parrots, brisk squirrels and serious kangaroos. Turtles and pheasants live here, as well as dozens of other animals.

Amazing farm

entertainment in anapa reviews

The zoo has many wonders, but there are some very special ones. This is a crocodile farm. In itself, the habitat of these formidable predators is of interest and awe, but the zoo staff turned the excursion here into an amazing game. In addition to the lake with crocodiles, there is also a turtle farm, as well as a huge terrarium full of snakes. A real miracle is the Butterfly Garden, where among the bright flowers live hundreds of species not only of winged beauties, but also other insects. Here you can not only walk, but also participate in amazing shows, such as crocodile and turtle "fishing."

Instead of conclusion

Anapa is a world of sun and sea, summer holidays and endless happiness. Here, everything seems to be created in order to make your vacation the most memorable and fun. Among the abundance of entertainment days of vacation sometimes fly by.However, bright photos will remind for a long time about the days spent on the Cote d'Azur. In addition, the rest here is more affordable than Sochi, although the saturation is no worse than it.

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