Eyebrow Marker: manufacturers, benefits and reviews

Constantly developing beauty industryregularly introduces into the life of cute ladies various novelties, with which daily care for the face and body becomes much easier. Do not depart from them and the manufacturers of decorative cosmetics, continually inviting the girls to try another miracle ink or an amazing lip gloss.

Recently, the means forEyebrows, such as a pencil and paint. But if the first option can not make the line as clear as possible, and the second one is complicated in performance at home, then the producers went further and created something in between. It is called "eyebrow marker". Is it really possible to call it a brilliant invention?

Eyebrow marker

What is such a marker?

The correct shape of the eyebrows will not make it more expressive.only the eyes, but also emphasize the shape of the face, no matter how unusual it may sound. Markers appeared on sale for a long time, just for some reason they were not very popular. At first it was just eyeliner, and now there is also for the eyebrows. If you compare a marker and a pencil, the difference will be obvious. With the help of the first cosmetic means, the eyebrow tattoo effect is easily achieved, and this, perhaps, is one of the best inventions of professional make-up artists. Each hair is clearly drawn, and you can experiment with the shape as the imagination wants.

Usually such markers remind children's -Plastic case and applicator of felt, which can be of several forms depending on the manufacturer. A large selection makes it possible for each girl to choose a convenient option for her.

Marker for eyebrows

Eyebrow Marker: advantages and disadvantages

It is difficult to find the disadvantages of using thismeans, but there are a lot of pluses. First of all, this is an ideal option for those who want to have a clearly defined, ideal eyebrow shape, but for some reason the tattoo does not have a desire. Secondly, it is convenient to use a felt-tip pen: both to hold and draw lines. Among other advantages can be identified:

  • duration of use;
  • a greater palette and the ability to choose a shade in the tone of the hair;
  • affordable price of the product;
  • high resistance - a felt-tip pen will not wash away any rain;
  • the ability to choose the color saturation itself when painting;
  • fast drying.


The most popular manufacturers of markers for eyebrows

To date, many cosmetic brands are engaged in the manufacture of such products. The eyebrow marker can be bought both expensive and cheap. Among the most popular manufacturers:

  • Letoile.
  • Eva Mosaic.
  • The Saem.
  • Luxvisage.
  • PUPA.
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills.

This is only a small list of brands in the rangewhich is a marker for the eyebrows. These brands are the most popular, because this product is famous for its good quality. The difference is only in price.

Eyebrow Marker: reviews

Cost of eye liner

You can find both a budget and an elite option. For example, markers from Eva Mosaic, PUPA and Letoile, about 600 rubles, will be inexpensive, but Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics will cost much more. But this quality will be much better. At least, it looks like eyeliner for the eyebrows from the last brand more natural.

Do you always pay a lot for quality?

Cosmetics need to be able to choose, and a marker forEyebrow is no exception. In the assortment of any budget brand, the specimens are no worse than those that cost several times more. In this case, you need to be guided either by your own opinion, buying each time a marker for the eyebrows of another manufacturer and trying it on yourself, or carefully examining the goods, and then to draw a conclusion from all the information received. To make it easier to navigate, let's have a short overview of the most popular manufacturers.

Eyebrow tattoo effect

Eyebrow Marker: reviews and an overview

  1. Letoile.At the moment in the palette of markers only 3colors. The body is not thick, but not thin, due to which it fits comfortably in the hand. The applicator is designed in such a way that they can make lines of the required saturation. The cost of the product is about 600 rubles. Reviews about him are different, but more positive anyway. The girls who used it do not recommend applying a felt-tip pen to the foundation so that the color does not change.
  2. Eva Mosaic. One of the budget options isa felt-tip pen for brows does not exceed 200 rubles. It is applied easily, clearly delineates lines and makes every hair expressive. The disadvantages about which they write in the reviews - it does not hold well and leaves prints on the eyelids.
  3. The Saem. Korean manufacturer offers the perfectan option to replace tattooing - that's exactly what the ladies who used such a marker believe. Its cost is about 700 rubles, but the price justifies itself. A felt-tip pen is convenient to use, and it lasts long enough.
  4. Luxvisage. Cosmetic for eyebrows Belarusianthe manufacturer is sold in stores at a price slightly more than 200 rubles. The opinion of women who have tested the product merges into a single word - "excellent." Easy and convenient to use, perfectly draws individual hairs, creating eyebrows of the desired shape.
  5. PUPA.For someone - a savior, and to other girls hecategorically did not like. There is such a line for eyebrows in the area of ​​500 rubles. On average, the felt tip is enough for 3 months, if used continuously. Remarkably outlines the lower line of the eyebrow and its tip. The downside is that it's difficult to pick up your tone, and in the reviews often there are comments that the colored eyebrows look unnatural.
  6. Anastasia Beverly Hills. An expensive option for women with an average levelincome - more than 2000 rubles. But with him there is no problem at the time of application, nor during the day. Convenient and easy to use, perfectly stains hairs and keeps from morning to evening.

The marker can become the most loved cosmeticmeans, because he emphasizes his eyebrows as he does not make a pencil. Of course, this is not a tattoo that lasts for a longer time, but a felt-tip pen is an excellent alternative, even though it is necessary to stain eyebrows daily.

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