The film "The Best Offer": feedback from viewers and critics

The film "The Best Offer" in its time made a lot of noise. It was filmed by Italian director Giuseppe Tornatore. The film received two nominations for the Golden Globe award, as well as eleven nominations and thirteen other awards.

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Cast, filming location

Many positive reviews about the movie "Best Offer" are associated primarily with an excellent cast. The main roles are played by Geoffrey Rush, Sylvia Hooks, Jim Sturgess. The movie was shot at a leisurely pace, the viewer has the opportunity to admire each frame. Many film enthusiasts say that the film was shot very nicely and many of the shots have a desire to stop and consider. Filming took place in several cities of Italy, as well as in Vienna and Prague. After the film was released, the little-known Dutch actress Silvia Fuchs was spotted at the Berlin Film Festival.

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Main character

The main character of the film is Vergil Oldman. This is a successful and wealthy director of one of the auction houses, named after him. Oldman is an internationally recognized expert in determining the authenticity of various pieces of art. And it should be noted that he does not always use this skill for noble purposes. Sometimes he gives the original for a fake, and then acquires it at auction for a smaller amount. In this Oldman helps old accomplice Billy Whistler. In the future, he either sells a masterpiece at his real price, or adds to his own collection of unique paintings, which is located in the secret hall of his villa.

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The Oddities of Oldman

In many reviews and reviews of the film "The Best Offer" it is stated: Oldman is a person with very strange habits. He has never been married in his life, his life is full of luxury. Oldman prefers old-fashioned costumes and almost never removes gloves from his hands - the touches of other people are unpleasant to him. In addition, Oldman does not like to use mobile phones. And when you need to talk on a regular phone, he picks up the phone with a special napkin.One day a very excited young person called Up Oldman, who said that she had recently inherited a villa full of objects of art. Parents told her about Oldman, and now she would really like to use his help. At first he refuses, but then interest wins, and Virgil goes to the villa.

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Positive points

Continuing to consider the criticism and reviews of the film "The Best Offer", it should be noted: many of the viewers call this film one of the best that they happened to watch. Motion picture worked out to the smallest detail. There is a well-developed script. In the film there is a kind of mystery. At first, it seems simple, but that’s what attracts moviegoers. Interest is also the details, for example, the process of restoring the paintings shown in the film. Also, film lovers emphasize another plus: popular stars are not involved in the film, which adds extravagance to the film. The unusual atmosphere of the film is fascinating and does not allow to break away from the screen, the director immerses the movie goers in the atmosphere of Prague, and not of Venice.

Other viewers express their sympathy to the protagonist, Mr. Oldman. They are indignant at the fact that youngsters have fooled him. Perhaps, they write such spectators, the main character and could feel that he was being deceived. However, despite the clues of intuition, he went into this trap, hoping to at least for a moment feel the real life.

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Best Offer: Negative Audience Feedback

Some moviegoers call the film overly sentimental. After all, rich old people live in a completely different world. The main character was deceived as a real fool. His disadvantage is that he completely lost his head, ceased to be guided by logic and rational thinking. All his life the main character lived without love, why did he need him at the end of his life? So rightly criticized moviegoers are indignant.

Those who write negative reviews about the movie "The Best Offer" also emphasize: you can not call the main character a brave rescuer. After all, he was no less miserable and lonely than the girl who attracted the old man. Such viewers write that Oldman is punished fairly, because “every vegetable has its time”.Despite this, even leaving negative reviews about the film "Best Offer" celebrate the beauty of the film, intrigue, as well as the fact that the viewer is constantly in suspense.

Also, some viewers say that the film did not cause pleasant feelings from an aesthetic point of view: it is unpleasant for them to watch the old man touch the young body. Also in the film, there are other negative points, such as dwarf. Some do not like the actress who plays the main role. Film lovers also note the predictability of the plot, not very good acting.

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The meaning of the film

Despite the abundance of controversial reviews about the film "The Best Offer", one conclusion can be made: this picture will not leave anyone indifferent. Her motto can be considered the rephrased words of Rene Descartes: "I feel, therefore, I exist." Sterile life of the protagonist did not bring him trouble, pain, suffering. But there was also little room for joy and happiness. It is at this point that the attention of viewers who give feedback on the meaning of the film “The Best Offer” is emphasized. After all, real feelings can be experienced only in real life - where there is no escaping betrayal and disappointment.Film critics say that the film is one paradox. After destroying Oldman, the girl actually revived him.

Questions remaining after viewing

Many viewers who leave feedback on the movie “Best Offer” (2013), after watching a lot of questions arise. For example, by whom was the attack on the main character staged? Was it Billy with his company or ... the hero himself? After all, shortly before the scene, he says that he would like to "lure Claire out of the house." And what was a particle of truth in a fake - the mention of mystical Prague? Or perhaps Claire's love confession? Also, viewers emphasize that this scene is repeated before the end of the film, which can not be an accident.

Music, voice

The film’s voiceover also deserves special attention. The main character, Oldman, is voiced by Boris Klyuev. Robert - Alexander Gavrilin, Claire - Ekaterina Vinogradova. The audience’s attention is also riveted by the film’s musical accompaniment. The last two minutes the sound of Ennio Morricone soundtrack with simultaneous long passage of the camera. Despite the fact that such techniques are considered inappropriate by many professional directors, viewers admit that they were very impressed with this move.

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