Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems

Fokina Olga Alexandrovna is a Russian poetess,author of several dozen books of poems and poems, dedicated her original great talent to disinterested service to the people and the beloved Northern Territory. Works Fokina permeated with the theme of Russian folklore, incredible love for nature, each her blade, a leaf, a flower.fokina olgaOlga Alexandrovna's works are paintsnative land, its tunes, voices, breathing, heartbeat. Through all his work, the poet carries blood attachment and respect for hard peasant labor, worries about the "dying" village and the fate of his beloved Russia.

Olga Fokina: Biography

Olga was born on September 2, 1937 in thethe village of Artemyevskaya (Arkhangelsk region), in a large family, which lived not richly, but very friendly. Father Alexander Ivanovich and Claudia Andreyevna's mother came from ordinary peasant families. Dad worked as a foreman at the collective farm "New North", with the outbreak of the war went to the front, went to the hospital and a few weeks after discharge died "because of his stay at the front." So it was indicated in the certificate according to which the orphaned family the state allocated a survivor's benefit in the amount of 6 rubles 50 kopecks a month: for five children from infancy to 14 years.

Childhood: Heavy and Military

In a hungry time little Olya, at least somehowhelp hungry relatives, went to a nearby village to beg. The older brothers also tried to earn extra money, in order to somehow help the mother with the baby in her arms. People helped the girl who than they could: breadcrumbs, a hunchback, a potato. It was about these hard times that the first poems of the author were written. Throughout the works of the early period, the echoes of childhood, torn by a terrible war, are traced. It touches the soul of a child who has lost his father. Tremendous first childish joy. Clearly, there is a motive of deep guilt before the mother, from under her wing Olga Fokina fluttered into adulthood. "Snowdrops" is a famous poem about wartime and a simple boy, caught in his millstones, but has not lost the sense of beauty.

It was my mother - Claudia Andreevna, who finished 4class parish school - was a man who was able to lay in the heart of the girl's love of folk art. Her tender lullabies, fascinating tales, poems by Surikov and Nekrasov sowed a grain of love for the literary syllable in the soul of the child.

Years of study

1945 marked the beginning of school life. During the training, the girl showed a talent for writing poetry, which she carefully recorded in a self-made album made from a cut across a notebook. Fokina Olga grew up as a painful girl, often missed school classes, staying alone at home. Communication with oneself and nature aroused in the adolescent an observation and attentiveness to trifles. The impressions and new sensations immediately lay down rhymed lines on a piece of paper. Fokina finished seven classes of school in 1952, with the result "excellent." On the advice of my mother I entered the medical school in Arkhangelsk.fokina olga alexandrovna

First publications

In 1955, the youth newspaper SevernyKomsomolets "were published two poems Fokina Olga with a portrait of the author and a warm farewell from the editorial staff. At the end of her studies, the girl got a job in the Verkhnetoemskii lespromkhoz as the head of the first-aid post. In the process of working, running on calls and winding miles through the forests, Olga was composed even better. The poetess popped up in her head trying to quickly write down a piece of paper or the reverse side of a mustard plaster. For a day could write about a dozen poems. In the writers' organization, where Fokina Olga took her works, her talent was evaluated and published in the almanac "North" by the author's poem.olga fokina snowdrops

In 1957, Olga Fokina made a decisiongo to the capital's literary institute, easily passed the creative competition and after the successful passing of the exams became a student. After completing her studies in 1962, she worked for a while as a junior editor of the publishing house Sovetskaya Rossiya, and in the autumn of 1963 she moved to her permanent residence in Vologda. In the same year, two other significant events happened: the publication of the first book of poems "Syr-bor" and the enrollment of the young poetess in the Writers' Union.

Characteristic features of poetry

Olga Fokina's works leave no oneindifferent: they have an incredible amount of warmth, kindness, sincere love for nature and people. The speech of the rhymed lines is expressive, memorable, often at its core contains the northern dialect. The principle "in day-to-day everyday seeing the beauty and inspiration of the people's soul" in the life of the Russian poet is one of the main.olga fokina biographyOlga Fokina's poems describe attractivepeople - the noble workers of the village, who know what labor is, and who know how to appreciate rest. A characteristic feature of the poetry of Olga Fokina is singing; many songs familiar from childhood are written by a Russian poetess. This is the famous "My Clear Star", performed by Valery Meladze, and "Hello, the River of Palengh" - a song by Lyudmila Senchina.

Creativity of Olga Fokina

Creativity of Olga Alexandrovna Fokina interestingand understandably the younger generation, but especially for the children's audience, the author published a small book for only 32 pages "In the Forest I Was Today", which included primarily poems about nature.

A significant event was the publication in 2002the year of the collection "Pendulum", which included the best poems of Olga Fokina for the period from 1956 to 2012. The foreword was the heartfelt article of the Soviet poet Sergei Vasilievich Vikulov, dedicated to the life and work of Olga Fokina.poems olga fokina

The author of numerous poetry collections,Fokina Olga Alexandrovna, has been awarded state awards many times. The poet often holds literary evenings, meets with readers. Particularly warm Olga received in her native Vologda.

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Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems Fokina Olga Alexandrovna: biography, poems